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GM Recap, Session 11 (Partial)

Players: Nymeria, Sullivander, Flint, Vesuvius, Ze

The party travels towards Neria. When they come in sight of the Inn of the Towering Tree, it appears to be a tumbledown ruin. Once one person enters the gate, the illusion vanishes. Upon search, the inn is empty, but the pantry is stocked with fruits and vegetables that Nymeria identifies as Feywild in origin.

At the top of the stairs of the third floor, there is a 'door' carved into the wall. A board was nailed across the top, concealing a double set of indentations. The party surmises that they refer to the cycle of the world's two moons, Luna and Selene. There is a moonstone in the full slot for Luna, but no stone for any of Selene's slots. Nymeria believes that the door leads to the Feywild at the proper cycel of both moons. The question is whether access can be gained the next night, when Selene will be in conjunction with Luna, who is new. The party waits a night, but to no avail. (Vesuvius' fire breath only works in the outdoor fire pit. When the whole party leaves the gate, the tumbledown illusion takes effect again.

As the party nears Neria, they hear the sound of many, many people approaching. The Nerian peasant army tops the rise ahead of them. They don't charge or engage the party. They answers questions without stopping that they are headed for Pine Reach to fight the goblins. The party speaks with Piotr (who is with Rivannus, the dragonborn Kharnassus' son). Piotr is very happy to see the party-- very pleased that the party saved the Temple of Bane from being plundered. (They march to exact revenge on the goblin army.) He rewards the party 450 gold, instead of 150 gold, for excellent service to Bane and Neria. (Rivannus is displeased, but obeys the order to pay the party.)

The party asks Piotr if the army is headed to Pine Reach, how will Neria be defended (if the goblins rub two brain cells together and try to sneak back to attack). Piotr says they could not get through the Forest, as the elves would not allow it, the swamp to the south would be too slow, and if they came by the road, the army will happily stop them.

"What about the Red Scarves?" Sully asks. Piotr sets his jaw and responds that he has his sister's assurance that she is handling the sea; he has the land. Nymeria tells Piotr that the party saw Red Scarves in Pine Reach-- they rode off east. "Openly you saw them?" Piotr asks. The party says yes. "Then we must go, faster even," says Piotr. "But we need you."

Piotr orders Rivannus to give the party an official Writ of Acquisition from the Temple of Bane. Each bearer of the writ can select the item of their choice from the armory at the temple-- but only the Temple in Pine Reach. The party thanks Piotr for the generous reward and wishes him Banespeed.

The party decides to go into Neria to collect on the quest from Ava (Silver Spring Quest). As the party enters Neria proper, a man approaches and pulls out a hand crossbow. As he lowers it at Sully, Vesuvius steps in between and blocks the shot. The string was weakened on purpose, and the shot had no force. A bolt, painted black, drops to the ground. The Neria Thieves Guild has marked Sully for death. Sully tells the messenger "Tell Hughes it's not what it looks like." Sully has 3 days' grace before the Guild begins to hunt him. They will kill all who aid him and none ever have survived. Sully tells the party that he heard from Meander that the Guildmaster had an item that lets him monitor the thoughts of people in Neria.

The party splits up to meet personal contacts, and rejoin at Kharnassus' place, the Inn of the Silver Scale. Nymeria informs everyone that she was beaten unconscious by her contact's defense system. Apparently she is being scried upon.

It's late, but the party presses on to Ava's. The guard at the gate glares at Ze, but allows entry. Nymeria tells the rest of the party to go talk with Ava without her due to the scrying. But Ava sends word that the manse is secure, and Nymeria joins.

-- official notes end --

Summary of rest of session:
- Ava is upset by the news from the Oracle, and pays off the party for the Quest.
- Ze delivers a message. Ze opens her mouth, and a brilliant light erupts from it, a light so blazing and pure that the room contains no shadows. The whole party gasps and steps back. Lady Ava stands unafraid, her hand on the largest of her cats; the others flee. Then Ze begins to sing, but the voice, though beautiful, is not hers: it is a man's mellow baritone, so pure that all weep to hear it. There is no tune, and no rhyme, but the words are filled with an eternal truth and beauty that beggars any music written by mortals.

Your time has come
No more need you suffer under Phrixos
I have come to call him home
Be at peace
The pain can end
Release yourself from your vow
Atraxos will grant you peace

- Ava says she will not rest until the ducal family is destroyed.

They killed my family and made me watch, then lived rich and happy for generations. I will have my revenge.

- Ava tells the party that she was aware that the Red Scarves had a base under her cottage, but did not know that they had ties to devils. She gives the party a new quest.

Major Quest
"Devils cannot lie to each other."
Go into the caves under the Zhirkov cottage. Seek out the Red Scarves and determine, however you may, whether they are tainted by Hell.

- Ava also does not recall a wardrobe in the cottage. She gives the party a magic mirror and another quest.

Minor Quest
"It cannot be. It must not be. But I need to know."
Go to the Zhirkov cottage. View the wardrobe in this special mirror. Return to me and tell me what you see.

- Vesuvius is confused by all the possible actions of his boyhood hero Vladimir Zhirkov. He asks Lady Ava to borrow an official biography of Zhirkov, and she agrees.

- The party heads to the cottage. Using the mirror, they can see a nude human figure in the cottage, suspended in space in a fetal position with face hidden in the knees. Before they can look further, they are attacked.

- Globes of water break down the front door. The house begins filling with water. The party fights some kind of dividing elementals, backed up with large crocodiles and swarms of biting fish. When they gain the upper hand, a woman appears upstairs, dressed in a flowing sea-blue cloak. She dominates the party one by one, causing all attacks directed at her to strike another party member. She eventually gets the party to agree to stand down, and they all exit the front door of the cottage.

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GM Recap, Session 10

Players: Nymeria, Sullivander, Flint, Vesuvius, Calminaion, Ze

The party awakens at the East Gate In just before dawn. The Nerian Guard is running through the streets shouting "Awake! Awake! Attack!" The party rushes downstairs to the common room.

In the common room are: two drunken commoners left over from the night before; a half-elf in leather armor (Ze), Vesuvius (!), and a Nerian Guardsman talking to the innkeeper. The Guard orders all able-bodied folk to the South Tower to repel a goblin assault.

The party ignores this at first and clusters around Suvius, who tells a talk of going back to his home village of Acer Galea to seek some Zhirkov lore. He returned to find them gone to Pine Reach, and sought them there.

The party after a brief discussion decide to find Duma instead of going to the South Tower. They want to get the message Duma wanted to send to Piotr in case this was the last chance to send it. The party heads to the East Tower, the HQ of the Guard in Pine Reach, to search for him.

On the way, the party notices a pair of humans walking openly in the streets, wearing Red Scarves. Sully opines that this is Not Good. As the pair turn off onto Market Street, headed for the center of the city, Sully and Orson (Nymeria's familiar) trail the pair. The rest of the party, including Ze and the two drunks, follow at a distance-- except for Nymeria and Calminaion, who dash ahead to the East Tower, but find it empty and run back to the party.

The Red Scarves continue to walk boldly through the streets, until they are joined by another pair, and another. Soon a full dozen walk openly into the deserted Market Square. A human woman with a Red Scarf steps out of a small building; many in the party recognize her as a woman that pulled Sully aside in Fort Hashok before (Mara).

Mara examines the party and clears her throat pointedly. All the Red Scarves turn to face the party. The voice of Phrixos floats out from behind the party, emanating from one of the drunks.

Your meddling ends here.

A wave of nauseating pain crashes over the party.

But before the full ambush is struck, Mara shouts loudly.

Phrixos! We are executing the second option of the contract. The deal is off!

With that, she turns and walks away. As Phrixos screams "You faithless wench!", the rest of the Red Scarves also walk away. "Fine! You will all burn!"

The other drunk materializes a ruby-tipped rod and gestures. A flaming holocaust descends from the sky. Several members of the party are flung into the air, burning, hanging and helpless 10' off the ground.

A nasty battle ensues. The party, with the help of Ze, fight off the Phrixos form, the other possessed fire-wielding form, and more. The imps reappear, blazing merrily and slashing at the party. Hidden commoners are set ablaze and run at the party as well in a fit of possession. Eventually, the party discorporates all the devils, leaving a good bit of the market a smoking ruin.

While resting, Orson is sent to follow the trail of the departed Red Scarves. He returns to indicate that they mounted horses and rode east.

Then, Gregor hears voices shouting "They're raiding the temple!" Just off the Market Square is the imposing Temple of Bane. As the party approaches, two goblins duck out the side door and try to flee, carrying enormous sacks of loot. The party slays them both, and enters the temple to find a full-scale raid force of goblins looting the place. A short pitched battle ensues; the goblins are using bulldogs and bugbears, but to no avail. None escape.

As the day fully dawns, the party finds Duma in the confusion of the city. Duma tells them that the attack to the south was a ruse; a large armed force of goblins slipped into the city from the forest to the north. Instead of slaughter, however, they plundered as much of the city as they could, focusing on wealth-- coins, jewelry, expensive goods. They tried to plunder Bane's temple, but were stopped by the party. They left the Temple of Pelor alone.

Duma says this is very unusual behavior for goblins. He also tells the party he has nothing to give them to take to Piotr, but that they should let him know what happened. The party resolves to make for Neria immediately. Ze has business of her own in the city, and resolves to accompany them.
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GM Recap, Session 9

Players: Nymeria, Sullivander, Gregor, Calminaion, Flint, Cyrrio

So the party asks: "Who or what is the anchor of Phrixos?"

Oracle of the Silver Spring
Phrixos is anchored badly to this plane by Lady Ava.

After debate, the party asks: "Where is Vladimir Zhirkov?"

Oracle of the Silver Spring
That question has been asked and answered.

So then the party asks: "How can we free Vladimir Zhirkov?"

Oracle of the Silver Spring
He can only be freed as he was bound-- by the tears of a succubus.

The Oracle will allow the party to stay until dawn. She asks Flint for a freely given task, which he agrees to-- to destroy the stone spear from the hobgoblin commander. She tells Flint to take it to the halfling.

The halfling turns out to be Meander. Meander's reaction to Nymeria: "You're not a cold one. Ooh! Get me a stepladder, I got some wooing to do!" Nymeria is thrilled by the attention.

First Meander takes care of the stone spear. He takes it to destroy and reforge it overnight, telling Flint to return in the morning.

Then he answers questions from Nymeria and Sullivander openly, while hitting on Nymeria without respite or any kind of success. Nymeria asks him about the silver circlets, and he said that he did forge them, at Lady Ava's request. He specializes in all kinds of scrying equipment. He's made remote viewing pebbles, necklace beacons, wands, brooches, daggers, hats... all kinds of things to track and find others. He made a mirror that lets the user know the location of anyone in Neria, made it specially for Vausk, the Guildmaster of Neria. But when the Red Cloaks wanted one too, Meander made one for them too-- which make Vausk order Meander's death. So he skipped to Pine Reach. When he was attacked by the spine devil, he figured the Red Scarves were pissed too. So he paid Tasty a big chunk of money to tell people that he had taken Meander into the Feywild, but meanwhile snuck off here to the Slver Spring, since it blocks all divination magic in the area. He's working for the Oracle in exchange for room and board until things calm down. Now, realizing the party may not keep this secret as close as he would like, he tries to bribe them, giving Sully a nice set of Deathcut armor in exchage for not telling people where Meander is.

At dawn, the party prepares to leave. Meander gives Flint the spear, reforged into a hammer without the anti-Primal taint. The Oracle tells Flint that he can use the hammer freely, but that he will use it for two telling blows: one for duty, and one for vengeance. As the party leaves, the Oracle also tells them:

Oracle of the Silver Spring
You will return seeking shelter, but it will not avail you.

The party heads back down to Pine Reach to collect the return message from Sir Duma and to see if Tasty is back. However, the forest and the land seem to fight the party, leading them westward, almost to the outskirts of the forest. The party approaches a bramble-choked ravine. From within, they hear an old lady calling out to Flint by name.

Cautiously, they enter the ravine to see the old lady and a pair of cats. She offers to sell the party Goodberries, but when they refuse to come any closer, she reveals herself as a hag and attacks. Her cats prove to be fey panthers, who can feystep around the nasty venomous thorns. During the battle, the hag kept taunting Flint, telling him that lots of people knew that a big shiny warrior named Flint was causing all kinds of trouble for the forest. A shadow also appeared and did heavy damage to the party, but the party eventually prevailed. They recovered some Goodberries from the hag, as well as a Shadowberry and a Robe of Contingency. The hag was also carrying 23 small silver bells, which Nymeria recignized as money from the Feywild.

The party rests for the night and head out, aiming to stay west to avoid the hills north of Pine Reach and enter the city by the West Gate. At nearly dusk, the party hears hoofbeats behind them, and scatter and hide. Eventually Sir Duma appears, alone and oddly enough on foot. He appears to be hunting something or someone. Sully follows in stealth, and eventually the rest of the party follows too.

They catch up to Duma and Sully (still stealthed) standing on a low ridge overlooking a goblin army encampment. The army is huge, maybe 15000 goblins, plus bugbears, drakes, flying things, wolves, etc. The army does not appear to be ready to move out. Duma notices Sully and says "I thought you were meeting me back in town." Sully says that they spotted Duma and wanted to see what he was up to. Duma says there were rumors of goblins massing west of Pine Reach, so he came to see it. As the rest of the party approaches, cries go up from the goblin camp, screaming about elves. Duma says "I'll race you back to the East Gate inn." As the party flees, they are overtaken by some goblins and bugbears, with the latter flinging giant spiders at the party to slow or bind them. The party and Duma slay many goblins in a running battle, but get close to being overwhelmed. Duma tells them to get out of there, and that he'll hold them off. Eventually, as Duma's armor begins to emit a toxic cloud of acid, they go. A few minutes later, Duma catches up to them, riding a black spectral steed with blazing hooves. 'Race still on to the Inn?" he cries, and the party follow him (much more slowly) to the East Gate inn.
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GM Recap, Session 8


Players: Nymeria, Sullivander, Gregor, Calminaion, Flint; joined by Cyrrio and Artan shortly

Waking up in the East Gate inn in Pine Reach for his daily dawn prayer, Calminaion is startled to see a large bugbear leaning over Cal's bed, about to put its hands around Cal's neck. Cal sits up a screams. The bugbear pulls back its hands, gives Cal a smile and a double-thumbs-up, and disappears. Cal discovers a heavy object on his neck, which proves to be a magical holy symbol of Hruggek, one of the Gods of the Goblins. Caln converts the symbol to Pelor.

The party heads downstairs to breakfast with Dowling, who has had the wicker loot appraised fully. He is heading into Neria with the next wagon train to try to set up a business there.

During this meeting, Mona comes in and joins the party for a second breakfast. She has confirmed the identity of the pain devil: Phrixos.

Phrixos is a Pain Devil, and a great one, at least an officer and possibly a noble. He is far too powerful to appear in the world without consequences, but his anchor is adulterated in some way. He is trapped in a weak state, only able to possess and influence. His anchor needs to be found, but then handled carefully. Done the right way, he is dismissed--the wrong way, and he is freed fully incarnate.

Without the proof the party brought her, in the form of a recent possession of Phrixos, she could never have confirmed the identity. He does not set off the usual alarms, since his anchor is damaged or adulterated in some way. She urgers the party to find his anchor and destroy it, as that might keep him out of the world for a century or more. However, there is no good way to find an anchor, as devils guard this info closely. Another devil might be able to find out the details, but that would involve dealing with another devil. The party decides that dealing with Niqos to get the information is too dangerous, and wants to find someone else with a diabolic connection to discover the information.

The party heads west through the Pine Reach forest, bound for the Silver Spring. The first day and a half pass without incident. Midway through the second day, the party hears sounds of fighting a short distance to the north. Nymeria sends Orson to scout, and he returns and says that orange pointy people (hobgoblins) and fighting green long-haired people (elves). The party moves in to investigate.

A half-elf and a wild elf with twin scimitars are making a last stand amidst a pile of dead elves against a tightly organized force of hobgoblins that includes a trained spittig drake, a red-robed caster and a hobgoblin officer. It's a tough battle, but the party prevails with the aid of new allies Cyrrio and Artan, even taking one of the hobgoblin soldiers captive.

Upon searching them, the bodies of the hobgoblins yield odd loot. The caster was carrying more than 200 gp worth of Divine ritual components. The force as a whole was carrying about 2 weeks worth of food, and were already 4 days or so out of goblin territory. The leader was carrying a nasty stone spear that Flint and Artan can barely stand the sight of; it is anathema to Primal power. Flint is unable to destroy it with his hammer. Also on the leader was the Iron Key, of strange appearance and always cold to the touch.

The party tries to interrogate the captured hobgoblin. He says only that they were mustered by the leader and given orders to march, but not where they were marching to. When shown the Iron Key, he gasped and was surprised. He says it is the key to the Tomb of Artubo. He does not know much about Artubo, as speaking of him is taboo; he knows only that Artubo died tried to do something hobgoblins should not do. He doesn't know where the Tomb is, or why they would be going there. The party heals him and allows him to die fighting.

Cyrrio and Artan are the only survivors of a group of elves sent by the Wild Elf King Feoras to bear tribute to the Silver Spring. Cyrrio and Flint recognize each other a bit from their wanderings around the Black Pine forest. Both parties agree to join forces, and camp for the night.

The next morning, the party draws near the Silver Spring. Flint and Artan can feel the earth singing, and a tremendous surge of primal power. But as they are about to enter the archway, a voice cries out: "Wait! You don't know what you're doing!" Niqos appears on a tree branch nearby. "You're wasting a fortune on asking them what I can tell you. Find out from me, and ask them something else!"

Flint says "Fine. Where is the anchor of Phrixos?" Niqos is impressed. "Well, let's start right at the top of the list, then! In exchange, tell me what question she wants to ask the Oracle."

Nymeria argues that since the party doesn't know what Ava is asking, and it's not their payment anyway, so it's not a fortune to them. Ava also doesn't want the party to traffic with devils, so Nymeria says teh party should just ignore Niqos. It sighs and says "I just hate to see people waste stuff like this."

The party enters the Silver Spring. It is an otherworldly glade pierced by a bubbling spring that tumbles down a rocky wall and turns into a stream of pure water that shines silver in the light. Several wild-looking elves and docile-looking animals stand around the spring as a court. The Oracle herself rises from the water and stares blindly at the party.

Artan goes first, delivering the yearly tribute from King Feoras. The Oracle instructs him to dump the pouch into the water at her feet. The bag is filled with objects of great spirit power: the first flower of spring, the last snowflake of winter, and the first song of a robin in the new year. The Oracle declares that this tribute is lacking, so she accepts Artan's indefinite servitude until Feoras makes up the missing tribute.

Then the party takes its turn. The Oracle instructs them to throw their payment into the water. They pull out the nasty old velvet bag, feeling it writhe, and hurl it into the water. There is a distant sound as of a baby crying, and the Oracle is pleased. "That was a kingly gift!" For the question, the party takes out and smashes the silver shell. Ava's voice rings through the dell:

Ava's Voice
Where is my brother?

Silver Spring Oracle
Your trickery still avails you nothing. The one is dead, and by the oldest rules we cannot answer for him. Your other brother lies asleep O these many years, imprisoned within living wood. Dare you wake him and tell him what you have done?

Then the Oracle says that Ava, in her effort to deceive, has overpaid. The price has been paid, and the party can ask two more questions which she will answer. While they ponder this, the party also notices a halfling who clearly doesn't belong here, trying to act nonchalant back by the waterfall.
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GM Recap, Session 7

Players: Nymeria, Sullivander, Gregor, Calminaion, Flint

The party beds down for the night. Around midnight, a horde of goblins shows up outside the walls and begin an attack. A large bonfire is built up against the west wall, and the party can see large dark shadows moving among the goblins, some moving on four feet and howling. Sully starts skulking around in the yard inside the wall. The goblins hurl torches over the wall, which snuff when they cross the top of the wall. They also toss small ragged bundles over the wall, which prove to be severed heads wrapped with bones carved with runes; Sully brings one to Nymeria, who discovers intense necromatic magic on the heads, held in abeyance somehow. Sully goes back outside and throws the head back over the wall. It explodes on the other side of the wall, and goblins run screaming and abandon their pointless attack.

The next day, the party offers to buy the Inn of the Towering Tree from Dowling, in exchange for the Centaur pottery they recovered from the goblins. The party travels most of the day back to the cart, uncover it, stay the night there, and travel back to the Inn the next day, all without incident. Upon inspection of the goods, Dowling agrees to the deal. The deed can be settled in Pine Reach, where it is currently filed. The original deed, with any reference to the original Eladrin owner, would be somewhere in Neria.

The party escorts Dowling and family to Pine Reach without incident. They drop Dowling off at the large East Gate inn, and go find Duma. Sir Duma is headquatered at the Nerian Guard outpost in one of the southern watch towers. They deliver the package to a gruff, hideously burned dwarf with impressive black hide-over-plate armor. Duma is disturbed by the wild elf behaviour and doesn't know what to make of it. He offers the party free lodging in private rooms at the East Gate inn.

Nymeria and Sullivander decide to hunt down Tasty. They head to an upscale bar in Market Square and dig around.

Streetwise for Tasty in Pine Reach
You looking for Tasty? Keep it quiet. There's not much law in Pine Reach, but what there is pays a lot of attention to Tasty. He runs a little shop called Whispers, and he can get. . . special things. Things from the Feywild. He also can make things disappear, forever. To find the shop, just keep walking west till the city stops. It's in the shadow of the west tower, with a green shingled roof.

Sully and Nymeria head towards Whispers, which is a small, well-appointed shop that is closed. Sully decides to pick the lock and go in, but his lockpicks break off in the front door, and Nymeria detects a magical beacon going off, so they scamper away. On the way back, they check out the West Gate inn, which is a little nicer than the East Gate, and has a larger and more open floor plan to accomodate Centaur guests.

The next day, the party accompanies Dowling to the Hall Of Records to transfer the deed to the Inn of the Towering Tree.

Also, they look into where Meander might be.

Streetwise for Meander in Pine Reach
That little guy was crazy. Apparently he was on the run from somebody and tried to hide out here. Broad daylight, middle of the street, this freaking spiny devil pops in and starts attacking him. Meander hits him with more lightning than I've ever seen before and legs it out of there. Not been seen since. He must be trying to REALLY hide.

The party heads over to Whispers, but on the way a small halfling teenager tugs on Sully's arm and says "I know what you're looking for! I can take you there!" The party, suspicious, follows the halfling teen into the Dregs down a dark alley. Sully will have no more of this and demands to know what it is he's looking for.

"This," says the teen in a deep inhuman voice, and a wave of pain so intense it's nauseating washes over the party. It's the same pain as from the fight under the Zhirkov Tower ruins, and indeed the teen is wielding a ghostly flail. A spined devil rises out of the well in the alley, and a pair of imps decloak by stinging Nymeria and Calminaion. It's a tough battle, but eventually the devils are defeated. Just as the fatal blow was struck on the halfling teen, a ball of orange light leaves the kid, who dies looking very confused.

A heated moral argument breaks out amongst the party about the right thing to do with the halfling teen. Eventually Nymeria convinces the party to cover the kid in a cloak and take him to the Temple of Pelor. The priestess (a halfling named Mona) is able to determine that a pain devil was possessing the kid, and a particularly powerful one at that. She is deeply disturbed by all this, and wants to get word back to the main temple in Neria. Devil's don't just show up in Neria.

Mona thinks that if the spine devil (normally used as assassins) is the same one that attacked Meander, it must be because it can't find Meander-- which is odd, since you would normally have to leave the plane to hide. (Nymeria thinks Meander may have gone to the Feywild, which increases the urgency to talk to Tasty.) Since the spine devil is still on the plane, its anchor must still be around. The anchor is usually a mortal soul, a spellcaster trying to gain more power, perhaps, though anchors can also be objects. (Nymeria: can't be the object in the courier pouch from Piotr to Duma, because Meander was attacked by the spine devil before the party got the object.) Mona says that devils can remain in the world indefinitely as long as their anchor exists.

The party leaves the body with Mona and heads to Whispers. A female gnome is running the shop, and cattily suggests that the party is better off trying to shop in the daytime. The party shops; Nymeria buys a Scroll of Seek Rumor, and the gnome offers Sully an exotic poison for his blades, but he turns her down due to the price.

The gnome says that the master of the shop is really named Tasteil, which means Traveler on Elvish, but most people call him Tasty. He's away on a trip to the Feywild. She says that Whispers has sold Revel Cloaks in the past, but don't sell them anymore because the last guys who bought some asked them not to sell any more-- and the reason why goes 'clink' when you drop it. She also mentions that a certain desperate halfling left for the Feywild with Tasty, but do NOT spread that around. Tasty is expected to be back within the week.

The party decides to check back in to Whispers on their way back from the Silver Spring. First, they head back to the East Gate inn to rest a night on Duma's tab.
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