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Season Finale - "The Mother Load"
Elanna was contacted by an old "war buddy," Todd Wilkinson. Todd said he had a line on the "Mother Load", a lost convoy of alliance ships that were just sitting abandoned out in the black. Todd needed a ship and pilots to recover the convoy and was willing to cut the crew in on the job. Todd was accompanied by two of his other war buddies, "Ace" an former browncoat sniper and "King" a former browncoat pilot.

The first step was to find out the exact location of the convoy. Normally, this would be nearly impossible as that kind of information is only stored in the alliance databanks. Todd came through on his end though. One of the colony worlds that was bombed by the alliance during the war was recently opened for salvage (looting.) Todd knew of an old alliance outpost on the colony that should have the records the crew needed. The crew was dubious, but Todd offered to pay full passage for him and his buddies if it turned out to be a bust.

The crew set off for the colony. Surprisingly, Todd was true to his word. The alliance outpost was unguarded and even though it had been looted there was still an active connection to the alliance cortex. There was a small misunderstanding with some of the other looters. This was quickly resolved use of overwhelming yet inaccurate firepower. (Jonsey wasn't INTENDING to set the building on fire with his laser.)

The crew and their erstwhile partners now had the coordinates of the convoy in hand, with only one small problem. The convoy was smack in the middle of Reaver territory.

Todd, Ace, and King said they didn't believe in Reavers. The crew, knowing better, prepared the Ring of Fire to repel boarders, "Just in case."

The ships were far out in the black, and it would take a few weeks in space to reach them. Along the way, the crew had to skirt an alliance patrol, fend off an ambush from Reavers, and navigate a treacherous asteroid field. They also discovered an abandoned asteroid outpost. The biodome had been damaged but the facility was otherwise intact. The crew resolved to come back on check it out fully later and headed on to the convoy.

When they reached the convoy, it was the mother-load indeed: 3 alliance patrol ships, an alliance cargo ship, and a huge alliance fleet refueling ship. The fuel alone on the refueler would be worth millions!

Wary of more Reavers, the crew spotted a Reaver skiff attached to the refuler. Using a "crybaby" to lure it out, the Crew was able to ambush the skiff and blow it to pieces.

The crew favored recovering the small ships first. Todd, Ace, and King disagreed, wanting to board the refueler right away. A tense situation followed, but the crew agreed to let Ace, King and Todd take a shuttle over to the refuler while the crew worked on the smaller ships. Todd, Ace, and King boarded the refuler and said they were going to head for the bridge. Shortly afterwards, the crew lost all communication with them.

Investigating the first patrol ship, the crew discovered it ransacked by Reavers and out of fuel. Unfortunately, they did not discover the Reaver booby trap on the airlock and their shuttle was severely damaged when it tried to undock.

With some fancy flyin', the Ring of Fire was able to recover the damaged shuttle (and crew.) The crew decided to look at the cargo ship next, with an eye toward recovering it's shuttle for use in the recovery. The cargo ship was in much the same shape as the patrol ship, ransacked and out of fuel. This time, however, the crew made sure to disable the trapped airlock before docking.

Unable to raise Todd, Ace, or King on the comm, the crew decided it was time to check out the refueler. Upon docking a firefight ensued with a large group of Reavers. The crew won the fight, but not without a few wounds of their own.

Exploring the rest of the ship the crew discovered the reason the convoy had been abandoned. The fuel cells in all the ships had been infected with a biotoxin causing everyone on board to become ill. The convoy crews had been evacuated, but the alliance chose to mothball the ships for later investigation. This meant that all the fuel stored on the ship was probably tainted and unusable. Luckily, the crew discovered a small stash of backup fuel cells that pre-dated the tainted fuel. they now had enough fuel to power the refuler or a few of the smaller ships.

Continuing to investigate the ship, the crew was attacked by Ace and King when they tried to enter the bridge. The two had double crossed Todd and killed him and were now trying to steal the refueler for themselves. In the ensuing firefight, Ace was killed and King was taken into custody.

The crew was about to mete out some frontier justice on King when he made them a more tempting offer. If they would let him live, he would tell them where the bomb was hidden that Ace had planted on board the Ring of Fire. The crew agreed and discovered a bomb in Ace's room that would have easily blown a large hold in the side of the Ring. The crew came to an uneasy truce with King and allowed him to assist with the recovery of the ships. (But without of share of the loot.)

Having secured all the ships, the crew began the laborious task of docking all of the smaller ships with the refuler so they could be moved en masse. Since it would be nearly impossible to sell the alliance ships whole, the crew decided to take them back to the asteroid outpost and store them there until they decided what to do with them.

This adventure was the "Season Finale" for the crew of the Ring Of Fire. The crew is now rich enough not to have to worry about taking day to day jobs to support themselves or the Ring of Fire. Baleeze, Elanna, Jonsey, and Yume will return in Season 2!

See The Mother Load for details on what the ships are worth.
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Further Adventures
The Ring of Fire crew received their cut of the loot from the corsair crew. Unfortunately, they were paid in cargo rather than hard cash. Setting out for the outer colonies to sell the cargo, the crew managed to rescue a fellow trader ship that had been attacked by pirates. They tracked the pirate ship back to a nearby moon and were able to capture the ship and crew.

Using information from the pirate ship, the crew tracked down the pirate base. They shot down one pirate ship and surprised another one on the ground, easily capturing the crew.

After defeating the pirates, the crew had no trouble selling their cargo among the colonies of the system. The crew made a tidy profit, and for the first time since they got together, they wouldn't have to worry about how they were going to fuel the Ring of Fire for the immediate future.
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Starship combat tweaks.
1. You always add your effect to your damage. (Effect is how much higher than 8 you roll)
2. A roll of 12 always scores 1 hit and by-passes armor.
3. If you roll over than what you need you automatically score at least 1 hit, regardless of armor.
4. Armor is subtracted from the damage of each weapon, but the damage from all weapons is totaled before determining the number of hits.
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The Star Child part 2
The crew searched the Rainbow Sun and found the girl hiding in the maintenance ducts near the ships power plant. She had befriended the chief engineer during her trip to Jae Tallona and returned to him when she had nowhere else to go.

The crew convinced Shaloni and the chief engineer that they were sent by her father and took the girl back to the Ring of Fire. On the way, Baleeze was accosted by a group of "corsairs" who he knew in a past life. The corsairs had located a ship hidden out on the surface of the moon and wanted to offer Baleeze and the crew a share of looting it if they could help break the code locks. Figuring the ship probably belonged to the Specter the crew agreed.

Before any real plans could be made, the specter contacted Jonsey on the bridge and offered a reward if the crew would simply turn the girl over. Jonsey played dumb and the specter and his black-ops team immediately attacked the Ring of Fire.

The specter teleported onto the bridge over-powered Jonsey and injected him with a truth drug to find out the girls location.

Ellanna, Balzeee, and the Corsairs defended the ship against the black ops boarding team who was trying to come in the airlock.

Shalani was hiding with Yume in her medical lab. The specter was unable to teleport to the girl, due to her null psychic ability. He fought his way to the girl only to be killed by a concentrated effort from Yume, Baleeze, and the corsair Captain.

The crew then helped the corsairs break the code locks on the Specter's ship and quickly broke orbit and headed for Osiris.

The girl's brain tumor (which was causing her powers to be uncontrollable) was treated by a specialist on Osiris. Fearing the doctors on Osiris would turn the girl over the government Psion institute, Yume contacted her Psion master, a member if the Psion underground. Yume's master was only too happy to take responsibility for the girl in order to keep her out of both the government's and Blue Sun's hands.

The girl father had passed away not long after hiring the crew and she was now an orphan. Leaving the crew with ownership of the Firefly that he had promised as payment.

The crew now needs to check out the Firefly and find out how much it is worth as well as get thier share of the loot from the corsairs.

The corsair captain and his crew can now be considered contacts, as is Shalani.

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The Star Child
This adventure began on the moon Jae Tallona, a mining colony. It is outside Federal authority and is mostly run by the mining consortium. This makes it a perfect spot for raiders and pirates to come and sell their goods and hire new crews. Baleeze is very familiar with it.

The crew were on the way back to the Ring after delivering some cargo. A young girl, her parents, and 2 obvious undercover agents were also on the train. The train was attacked by black-ops agents, who appeared to be after the girl. Thew crew fought off the black-ops goons, who retreated. The undercover agents and the girls mother were killed in the attack, and the girl managed to slip away. Yume was able to sense that the girl was a very powerful psyker.

Afterwords, at the hospital, the girl's father hired the crew to find her and take her to a medical facility on Osiris. The girl appears to be both a pre-cog, an electrokinetic, and a psi-null who can cancel out other psyker powers.

During the search for the girl the crew discovered:

The black-ops team is mostly likely Blue Sun.
A deep cover Blue Sun operative known as the Specter is after the girl. The Specter is rumored to be invisible, walk through walls, and kill people with his touch.
The girl, named Shalani, came in on the ship the Rainbow Sun. This ship was plagued with electronics problems all during its journey, that stopped once they reached Jae Tallona.

The captain of the Rainbow Sun was killed when his hovercar exploded the day after the ship docked. A close friend of the captains was arrested for the crime and was found hung in his cell the next day.

The crew has gained access to the Rainbow Sun and suspects that Shalani is hiding there, as the electronic problems have returned.

The crew was attacked by the Blue Sun agents and the Specter outside the Rainbow Sun. The Specter is a powerful psyker himself, appearing to be able to teleport. He wears a stealth battle suit that renders him hard to see and carries a very powerful plasma pistol.
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Catching Up
The crew of the Ring of Fire have had many adventures over the last few months.

Mouth of Hell
The crew tracked the pirates down on Steel. They discovered the pirates had released some kind of bioweapon creature that wiped most of the raiders. After encountering and escaping the creature themselves, the crew overloaded a reactor and killed the creature with a small nuclear explosion.

Things get better with Age
The crew was hired to transport some fine wine to a party on Greenleaf. Turns out the wine contained some smuggled goods, that both the Tongs and the Feds were after. The crew, knowing which side their bread was buttered on, sold the smuggled goods to the Tongs, played dumb with the buyer and evaded the Feds (barely). Baron Otello (the buyer) was able to evade arrest, and is none to happy with the crew. Neither are the Feds, but they consider the crew to small a fish to bother with right now.

The Seven Arks of Cibola
While the Ring of Fire was undergoing some serious upgrades at Eavesdown, the crew was hired by Lou Cabeza. Lou says he had the sourcebox from one of the fabled Seven Arks of Cibola. The arks are mythical colony ships from South America on old earth that were lost in transit to the 'Verse system. The are rumored to contain untold wealth. Lou said that if the crew could help analyze the sourcebox then the location of the arks could be discovered. He also said a local noble had tried to steal the sourcebox from him and was after him and his family.

After dodging the nobles goons and decoding the sourcebox, the crew headed to an asteroid that supposedly contained a shuttle that had the location of the 7 Arks. Turns out Lou stole the box from the local noble and was planning selling it to one of the Tongs. After searching the asteroid and discovering Lou's duplicity, the crew shot up the Tong goons and convinced the Noble to attack the Tong ship. The crew got away clean, and even turned the now worthless sourcebox over to the noble. The sourcebox never really contained the location of the 7 Arks, it had all been a ruse to get the crew to help Lou.

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Range War
The crew of the Ring of Fire, still stuck on the colony world of Steel, continues to do what they can while hoping a supply ship will make it through the raiders blockade.

A month has passed since the battle with the Raiders. In the meantime, the crew is asked to pitch in with work around the colony. A prefab starport, known as Steelport has been constructed and a road is being built to connect Steelport with the initial colony site of Camp Bravo.

At the opening celebration of Steelport, the colony administrator tells the crew that a cache or weapons and starship parts has been discovered near where the battle with the Raiders took place. The administrator asks the crew to take their ATV out and help loot the cache. He would also like them to run a few errands on the way: investigate why one of the outlying homesteads transmitter has gone down, deliver some weapons to another homestead that is having dinosaur problems, and drop off a demolitions expert at the bridge site so she can help construct an approach to the bridge.

Oddly, the homestead with the down transmitter is simply that, no alien invasions or raiders present. The crew then delivers the guns to the other homestead and helps rescue a fellow survey team from the depredations of one of the larger dinosaurs.

At the bridge, the crew encounters the leader of the Sword World mercs. He says that the raiders have destroyed the Amish colony and he and the colonists are making their way to Steelport to seek refuge. He also tells the crew that the raiders are gathering vehicles for an attack on Camp Bravo and Steelport. Before the crew can act, all hell breaks loose.

The crew hears a mayday from an incoming supply ship that is under attack by the raiders. No sooner is the mayday heard than the supply ship explodes. The raiders hit the fusion reactor on the ship, robbing themselves and the colony of the supplies. The raider starship then drops into the atmosphere, obviously damaged from the fight with the supply ship. It launches its pinnace and both begin an attack run on Steelport. Steelport fires a volley of missiles striking the raider starship and the pinnace. The starship retreats over the horizon but the pinnace crash lands near Camp Bravo.

Realizing the the Ring of Fire is the most tempting target for the raiders, the crew rushes to Camp Bravo.

At Camp Bravo, the crew successfully repels the Raiders from taking the Ring of Fire. There are too many raiders to stop them all though and a convoy of vehicles and ATVs loaded with Raiders rolls out from Camp Bravo toward Steelport.

The crew piles into their shuttle and takes to the air to beat the raiders back to the bridge. The work crew is struggling to demolish the bridge they have just completed in order to slow down the raiders. A group of raiders on a grav-raft is harassing them and pinning them down. Using the shuttle the crew boards and takes control of the raft and assists in blowing up the bridge with only minutes before the Raider convoy arrives.

Racing back to Steelport to help defend it the crew discovers that the colony administrator has placed the Sword-world mercs under arrest. He can't negotiate an agreement with them while the raiders are baring down. Cecelia intercedes and negotiates an agreement with the mercs to help defend the colony.

The crew then leads the rag-tag colonists in a defense of the port. They are able to turn back the main raider force but a group has managed to gain access to the colony control center. If they get control of the colony missile batteries, no one will be able to stop them.

The crew attacks the raiders from behind while the Sword-worlders defend the main control room. After room to room fighting the crew defeats the raiders. The colony administrator honors Cecelia's deal with the mercs and grants colony membership to them and the Amish settlers.

The administrator also tells the crew that the raider spaceship was shot down as well. It made it all the way to the other continent before it landed though. He gives the crew its exact location, and points out that they are the only ones with a ship that can reach the other continent....

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Call of the Wild
Having acquired some ship weapons the crew set about getting them installed on the Ring of Fire. In order to avoid any "Alliance entanglements," what the crew really needed was a pop up turret, so the guns would be hidden.

This led them to be put in touch with everyone's "friend", Badger. After some careful negotiations, Badger agreed to swap the laser weapon and turrets the crew had for a pop up turret that could have the auto-cannon installed in it. As part of the deal, the crew also agreed to take a load of colonists and supplies to the newly opened colony world of Steel.

Steel is a "lost" colony world. It was terraformed by automation when the ships from earth arrived. Its location was lost over the intervening time and only recently rediscovered. For some unknown reason, the planet has developed wild life resembling dinosaurs.

Arriving at Steel, the Ring of Fire was set upon by raiders. The crew put up a valiant defense, but ended up with one engine destroyed and one disabled. Crash landing near the colony settlement, the crew discovered that they were the first ship to make it down to the planet in months, the raiders had destroyed or taken all the rest. The colonists were ecstatic to have what little supplies the crew had brought with them.

Since the crew were now stuck on Steel till their ship could be repaired, the colony leader offered the crew some scouting and survey jobs that needed to be done.

During one of the survey jobs, the crew discovered a group of "wildcat" colonists who had been living on Steel since before the end of the war. The colonists are peaceful Amish, but they are protected by a group of ex-mercenaries known as the Sword-Worlders. There were some tense moments between the mercs and the crew. The mercs didn't want their secret to get out but didn't want to kill the crew either.

The stand off was interrupted by a distress call from another survey team nearby that has come under attack from the raiders. The crew rushes to the scene and is pinned down by fire from the raiders. The crew is unable to rescue the colonists until the mercs ram their truck into the raiders barricade. This provides enough distraction for the crew to extract the colonists.

The mercs agree that there is no point in keeping the Amish colonists a secret any longer. The raiders are the common enemy. The crew returns to Camp Bravo with the wounded colonists and news of the wildcatters.
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Arming the Ring of Fire
The Ring of Fire currently has 2 triple mount turrets with no weapons and 2 torpedo launchers with one torpedoes each. The launchers are hidden underneath the wings. The torpedo launchers are special made single torpedo launchers. Normally only a Capital Ship carries torpedoes

Up to 6 weapons can be placed pretty easily in the turrets. Military weapons are surprisingly "plug and play." They are very obvious though so you will probably want to replace them with "pop-up" turrets.

You've got 1 pulse laser and 1 autocannon in the cargo bay from the last adventure.

The Launchers are worth about 500k credits total and the torpedoes themselves are worth about 15k each. The turrets themselves are worth 1 Mcr each. The autocannon is worth 250k and the pulse laser about 500k.

(1 Mcr = 1,000,000 Credits)

The Ring of Fire's power plant is to small to support any kind of laser weapon. You're best bet is to probably try and make a deal where you swap the turrets, laser, and torps that you have for some pop up turrets. You can also keep the torpedoes but they are expensive to reload.

Gamewise there is no difference between the Autocannon and the Pulse Laser. The Autocannon just needs ammo and the pulse laser doesn't.

Pop up Turrets cost this much:

Single Weapon = 1.2 Mcr
Double Weapon = 1.5 Mcr
Triple Weapon = 2 Mcr

The autocannon does 1d6 damage to a spaceship and the torps do 4d6 damage. For a frame of reference your ship can take about 16 damage before becoming crippled. The autocannons shoot bursts but the rules don't get into how many bullets per burst. One ton of autocannon ammo gives you 12 shots and it costs 15k for a ton of normal ammo. HEAP ammo for an autocannon costs 45k per ton but does 2d6 damage.

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Ghosts of the Rebellion
The crew was hired to deliver a load of livestock to a rancher named Safarina on Whitefall. Thinking the livestock would be cows the crew is surprised to find out that it's actually a load of greyhound racing dogs. It seems that Safarina wants to start his own race track and needs the dogs to get started.

On the way to Whitefall, the crew discovers that some of the dogs are sick, luckily Yume is able to separate and treat the sick dogs.

Arriving on Whitefall, The Ring of Fire decides to drop and entire piece of hull plating nearly opening the ship to vacuum. Some fast flying and damage control keep everyone safe but the ship will need some repairs before it can leave Whitefall. Baleeze also discovers that the fuel gauge has been malfunctioning and the ship has a whole lot less fuel, than they thought. The crew will need to find some fuel.

Since Constance Patience is notorious for charging exorbitant port and docking fees at the spaceport on Whitefall, the crew lands out on the plains near Safarina's ranch.

The crew explains to Safarina about the sick dogs and that he might want to contact the seller. Safarina appreciates the info and tells the crew that they can probably find fuel, parts and maybe even some passengers in the nearby spaceport.

The crew heads into to town. Yume, Elanna, Cruxian, and Cecelia head to the local saloon, which is also the town's slaughterhouse. Baleeze and Jonsey head over to the scrapyard to try and find parts and fuel.

Cruxian and Cecelia participate in some gambling and find out that one of he ranchers might need some (actual) livestock transported off-world, but it won't be for a few weeks.

Elanna is approached by Saul Potter, he knows her from the war. She does not recognize him but remembers his name. He was a fleet commander for the Browncoats during the war. Potter was one of the officers who came over to the Browncoats side when Admiral Roland Sharpe switched sides at the start of the war. Saul says that he and 3 of his companions would like to get passage to Bellerophon.

Cecelia negotiates a price with him which includes some fuel for the Ring of Fire. They agree to meet here at the bar the next day and pick them up.

In the meantime, Jonsey and Baleeze are able to locate a suitable piece of hull plating and help themselves to some of the parts located in some locked sheds. Unfortunately, they are discovered by the scrapyard workers and have to leave hastily without their "looted" parts.

When the rest of the crew heads back to the ship they are accosted by a group of Patience's Deputies. They inform the crew that they have landed illegally and they need to pay the port fees plus a fine. Cruxian, having no love lost for Patience or her goons, draws and shoots one of the deputies. Everyone scrambles for cover. Elanna attempts to get Cruxian to stop shooting, while Yume scares off their horse so they can't get away. Baleeze eventually gets everyone to stop firing and the deputies become "guests" of the crew for the night.

Balezee gets them drinking and Yume spikes the liquor so they all pass out. The crew leaves them tied to a tree a few miles from the ship.

The next morning Balezee heads into town early to get the hull plating. Lucky for him its a different scrap yard crew than from the night before and he is able to get it back to the ship and begin installing it.

Jonsey, Cruxian, and Cecelia go to pick up their passengers, which goes without incident. There is one small hitch with the fuel that the passengers were providing. They have hidden it in one of the old wrecks in the scrapyard and they need to go get it.

Jonsey accompanies the two former marines, Brutus and Gerome, to get the fuel. They are accosted by 2 deputies while loading the fuel, but Jonsey tries to distract them (badly) but he does confuse them enough that they are able to speed away with the fuel.

Everyone makes it back to the ship and it prepares to take off. Unfortunately, the port control has issued a "land lock" on the Ring of Fire. This means that the engines won't fire up unless they can get it released. Luckily, the Ring is a former military ship and the landlock was installed separate from the main computer. Yume is able to temporarily bypass the landlock and allow the ship to take off.

The crew isn't out of the woods yet though. When breaking atmo, one of the engines flames out. Jonsey and Elanna fight to keep the ship in the air while Baleeze and Cruxian struggle to get the engine going again. The engine is brought back to life and the crew escapes with Patience's patrol craft hot on their tail.

Once they are out in the black, one of their passengers explains that he is actually Admiral Roland Sharpe, the famous outlaw Admiral. He says that he was declared an outlaw when he didn't show up to sign the armistice at the end of the war. He was to busy escaping with his life from an Alliance hit squad that had come to "purge" his officers.

He tells the crew that his old flagship, the Freedom's Glory is scheduled for destruction at a scrapyard on Pegasus, a moon of Bellerphon. He wants to stick his thumb in the eye of the Alliance one more time by stealing his old ship and asks the crew to help.

Between Baleeze and Jonesy arguing over who gets to fly the warship, he also manages to mention that he has 10k in Platinum stashed away aboard that the crew is welcome to as payment.

Yume determines that there is a large transport in bound for the scrapyard. Elanna, Cruxian are able to fake the sensor signature of the transport and the Ring of Fire sets down right next to Freedom's Glory on the landing pad.

The Blue Sun security team notices immediately that it is not the right ship. Yume, Cecelia, Cruxian, and Elanna attempt to distract the guards while Jonsey, Baleeze, and Sharpe's group make a break for the Freedom's Glory.

The crew isn't very successful at fooling the guards and a firefight breaks out on the landing pad. The Ring of Fire lifts off before the port can issue a ground lock but Freedom's Glory is in no shape to fly. Baleeze is able to get the engines, computer, and one of the turrets up and running but the ground lock is preventing them from taking off.

Cecelia and Yume try to jam the scrapyard from calling for reinforcements, but Yume has to break the landlock on the Glory. She is able to break it and the Glory lifts off, but not before two fighters get into intercept range.

Both the Glory and the Ring of Fire have some trouble breaking atmo but they eventually make it. The fighters close in and fire on both ships but Baleeze is able to drive them off with the one working weapon on the Glory.

The crew can now consider Roland Sharpe and his accomplices as contacts. Sharpe paid you the 10k in platinum as well as letting you salvage a beam laser and an auto-cannon from the Glory.

I wouldn't plan on going back to Whitefall anytime soon.

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Out in the Black Session 3
Setting out for the planet of Beylix with thier passengers onboard, the Ring of Fire managed to both take off and land without falling apart. Arriving at Beylix, Chad Sloat headed off to have his votes counted, Jimmy Blake went to do whatever it was he came to do, and the town council headed out to find themselves a new Sheriff. Yume and Cecelia headed off to find Benny Xiau, who has a "package" that the Tong leader back in Frisco wants.

At the city jail, the Sheriff of Newhouse was spectacularly unhelpful until it was mentioned that the group wanted to hire his deputy Luke Pearson, as the Sheriff of Frisco. He then fell all over himself to be helpful. Meeting Luke himself the town council was impressed by his credentials, while the crew was somewhat suspicious.

Meanwhile, Yume and Cecelia found Benny Xiau only to discover that Jimmy Blake is also trying to get the package. He wants to get it for Bridget, not the Tong though. Through the use of some clever distractions and the threat of violence they are able to obtain the package and keep Jimmy Blake in the dark about whats going on. The package turns out to be a special game piece.

Cruxain goes with Chad Sloat so the Miner's guild votes can be turned in. Unfortunately for Chad, the votes have been tampered with and show him as the winner. The Miner's guild officers move to arrest him and he bolts out across town. The guild guards give chase shouting for him to stop.

Back at the jail, the Sheriff and his deputies hear the ruckus and go to check it out. Without so much as a word, Luke Pearson draws his gun and shoots Chad in the back twice, killing him. This convinces the town council that he really is the man to clean up Frisco and makes the crew even more suspicious.

Having finished what they came to do on Beylix, the crew heads back into the black bound for Regina, without Chad Sloat, but with the new Sheriff. There's not enough time to go back to the comet and pick up more ice and drop the passengers off at Frisco, so the crew allows the passengers to take them shuttle down as they pass by Regina.

Cecelia tries to warn the town council that their new sheriff may be unstable but they don't seem to keen on listening.

Arriving at the comet, the crew is greeted by Sam Hawkes, who does not shoot at them this time. After explaining to Sam about Bridget and the Lucios Newberry, he says he does know her, but she always went by the name Saffron back then.

*Collective groans when the crew realizes who they are working for.*

Turns out the the Lucious Newberry is the ship that stranded Cruxian and his squad back in the war. Sam tells him that not long after that the crew of the ship mutinied and made off with the cargo that Colonel Maddox and Saffron had stashed aboard it. He didn't know what the cargo was.

The crew helps to cut and load the ice and Sam agrees to come back with them to Frisco, just to see what Saffron is up to now.

Arriving back at Frisco, the crew finds the blockade has been lifted and the town seems to be deserted. On investigating, it seems that the "Sheriff" was a little to diligent in his job, shooting or arresting almost everyone in town. The townsfolk are all in hiding. It seems that Bridget and the new Sheriff were last seen headed for the mine outside town.

It's snowing now and when the crew reaches the mine, they are told by the mine foreman that the mine is in serious danger of collapse due to the weight of all the snow. He also tells them to the lift has been used twice today but he doesn't know who is in the mine.

The crew enters the mine and first encounters Lau Tsu, the tong leader. He tells them that Bridget and the Sheriff are there searching for the lost cargo of the Lucious Newberry. The pilot hid it there many years ago and said it was cursed. The tong leader is planning to kill Bridget and the Sheriff to keep them from getting it.
The crew convinces Lau Tsu to withdraw and let them handle it.

The crew finds Bridget on the lowest level of the mine searching in ankle deep water for the entrance to a vault that holds the cargo, which she says is a fortune in platinum coins. The crew quickly disables her and prepares to leave the mine when they come under fire from the Sheriff. He is using explosive ammo, causing the mine to become even less stable.

After a running gunfight through the mine, the crew captures the sheriff and emerges from the mine before it collapses. They turn the sheriff over to the tong leader while they throw "Bridget" in the town jail. The 10,000 promised for the new load of ice was a lie of course. The town is so happy to be rid of the sheriff though they offer the crew a substantial amount for the ice and the Tong rewards them as well.

Both the Town of Frisco and the 14k Tong can now be considered contacts.

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Xp and Stuff
Increasing Skills

The first time you use a skill successfully in an adventure it gets a "check."

You can earn second check on the skill if you roll a 12 on the skill roll.

If you succeed at an unskilled rollyou earn a check in the skill even though you don't have it. You may be able to learn the skill at the end of the adventure.

At the end of an adventure you can roll once for each skill that you has a check.

To increase a skill roll 2d6 + checks - current skill level >=14

If you succeed, your skill goes up by 1 and all your checks are wiped out.

Experience Points

At the end of every session, you will receive experience points. These can be spent as follows:

1 point = Give yourself a check in any skill, even one you don't know.

1 point = gain an additional roll to increase a skill

5 Points = Add 1 to a stat that is 1-7

10 points = Add 1 to stat that is 8-10

20 Points = Add 1 to a Stat that is 11-13

30 Points = Raise a Stat from 14 to 15.

10 Points = Get rid of a Minor complication, or downgrade a Major complication to a Minor

10 Points = Gain a new minor asset or upgrade a Minor Asset to a Major.

20 Points = Get rid of a Major complication or gain a Major asset

You can only carry over 6 plot points from once adventure to the next so each plot point in excess of 6 becomes an experience point. If you have less than 6 plot points you can trade 1 experience point for a plot point until you have 6.

Improving Your Ship

Your ship is as much a character as your crew, you can also spend experience points to improve your ship. Characters may pool their xp to improve the ship.

20 points = Give the ship a +1 bonus to a specific skill. +1 to Pilot might be installing better controls, while +1 to Medical could be a fully stocked trauma unit.

30 Points = Increase the bonus to +2.

40 Points = Increase the bonus to +3.

20 Points = Get rid of a Minor complication

20 Points = Gain a new minor asset

40 Points = Get rid of a Major complication or gain a Major asset

You can also improve your ship by spending money to upgrade it.
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Out in the Black Session 2
In this session the crew continued to look for work in the town of Frisco while waiting for "the next job" from Bridget. I neglected to mention last time that when the Ring of Fire landed on Regina, a sensor pod blew off (or fell off), luckily thanks to the Mary Celeste, Baleeze has plenty of spare parts to fix it.

Cecelia, already having worked her own job distracting the alliance commander, set out to investigate the shops in town with Cruxian in tow. Baleeze set out to do the same, though he was looking for guns and ammo. Jonsey went to one of the local saloons to see if he could find any work. No one had seen Yume lately, and Elanna decided to stay and work on the ship. It always needs work.

Cecelia was approached by a woman known as Madam Electra, a former companion herself. She asked if Cecelia could fill in for her at her show tonight. She had had an "accident" at the last show and couldn't perform. All of her hair appeared to have been burned off. They agreed to meet later in the day.

Jonsey spotted some cheating going on at a Faro game and was able to stop the situation from coming to gunplay. He also got a heads up that a man named Chad Sloat, the local mine organizer needed to go to Beylix and that he might want to hire the ship.

Baleeze got caught up in a bar fight but was able extricate himself without too much trouble thanks to some quick sword play.

Cruxian was approached by Balley Sacket and asked to guard the payroll shipment the next morning.

Meeting Madame Electra at a saloon later, Cecelia found out that she performs a show where she dances while electricity from a Telsa coil pulses around her. She explained that it was completely safe, as long as no one touched her. This happened during the last show, which is why she has no hair. She offered Cecelia the take from tonight's show if she would perform in her place. Cecelia agreed to perform the show for her.

In the meantime, Ellana had been working on the ship and discovered that the 2 non-functional sensor pods concealed 2 ship to ship missiles. She informed Balzee and they both proceeded to look a the missiles in-depth, which turned out to be fully functional and could be fired from the control panel on the bridge.

Cecelia performed a very successful Tesla show. One drunken patron did try and touch her but Cruxian quickly wrestled him to the ground so no harm was caused. At the show, Jonsey found out about another possible passenger for Beylix, Jimmy Blake, who wants to go just to check out the bars.

The next morning, Cruxian and Ellana set out to pick up the payroll and deliver it to the bank. After picking up the strongbox, about half way to town,a group of outlaws surrounded them. The outlaws also had taken Yume hostage! Cruxian and Ellana received a telepathic message from Yume. She had been kidnapped but a group of outlaws, but they were somewhat inept so she was just playing along to see what they were up to. Cruxian and Elanna dove for cover and radioed the ship for backup. Yume brain-blasted the outlaw who had her captive and a shootout ensued. Cruxian and Ellana exhanged fire with the outlaws while Balezee and Jonsey jumped in the ground car and raced to the scene. Balezee used his autoshotgun to plaster one of the horses. The gory scene was too much for Jonsey, who barfed all over the car and himself. Faced with more opposition than they had planned, half the outlaws rode off and the others were either wounded or surrendered. The pay roll was successfully delivered.

Later that day, Bridget informed the crew that they should attend the town meeting that evening as it would lead to work for them.

At the town meeting, the discussion centered around the lawlessness of the town. Some favored hiring a sheriff from off-world while others favored asking for the alliance military to step in. The town is currently under blockade by the alliance military. The Conroe mining consortium wants to buy the Frisco mine and had arranged for the blockade. This meant that not many folks favored asking the Alliance for help. Jimmy Blake said he knew of a law-man for hire on Beylix and Bridget suggested that the Ring of Fire could take the town council there to interview the Sheriff.

The crew now had five passengers for Beylix. Preparing to head out, Bridget also asked them to stop by the comet and pick up another load of ice. She paid the crew what she owed them for the first load of ice, and offered double for the next load. However, she wants the ice back here on Regina in two weeks. She also asked if they would convince Sam Hawkes to come back with them and said to tell him that he knows her from the Lucius Newberry. A ship they were on together during the war. Cruxian recognized that ship name but can't place how he knows it.

The problem now is that it is physically impossible to get the passengers to Beylix, spend a few days there, fly them back here and then turn around and go get the ice, within the 2 week time limit. The only way to manage it will be to pass close to Regina on the way to the comet and send the passengers down on the shuttle. With this plan in mind the crew heads out for Beylix.

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Out in the Black Session 1
Elanna was contacted by a ship captain named Griffith. He had been offered a job to go and pick up some ice from the Lulabelle Mine situated on a comet. Unfortunately, his ship is out of commission so he passed the job on to the crew.

Setting out towards the comet, the crew detected a second ship also headed for the comet. Deciding that they probably should get their first, Jonsey put the Ring into a hard burn. The ship didn't handle this too well, the hard burn caused the ships computer to go offline. Dodging chucks of ice and the second ship the crew was able to recover the computer land on the comet first.

The mine operators were expecting to see Griffiths ship and not the Ring of Fire. One of them took a shot at the crew as they were exiting the ship. Cecelia was able to calm the situation down and explain that they were just here to pick up the ice. The mine operators introduced themselves as Sam Hawkes and Jim Ryan.

At this point, Cruxian realized that he knew Sam Hawkes. Sam had been a sergeant in the war and was part of a squad that had abandoned Cruxian and his marine squad on a deserted moon. Sam explained that he didn't think it was right that Cruxian's squad was left on that moon but that he was just following the Colonels orders. He also told Cruxian not to feel bad cause the crew of the transport mutinied and left them all at the next stop in any case, taking off with the ship and the cargo.

The second ship that had been racing the crew to the comet landed. A group of armed men immediately got off the ship and said they were here to take the ice and Sam Hawkes back to Regina. Cecelia tried to calm the situation down before it came to gunplay. Luckily for Cecelia, Cruxian noticed that one of the bushwhackers was about to shoot her in the head and shot him first. The bullets started flying in earnest at that point. Baleeze had been able to sneak up toward the bushwhackers ship and got the drop on them with his auto-shotgun. Elanna and Cruxian exchanged shots with the bushwhackers while Yume hacked their ships computer and locked all the doors. Faced with a locked down ship and 4 of their companions now wounded or dying, the bushwhackers surrendered.

The bushwhackers turned out to be the crew of the Mary Celeste. They had heard about the job for the ice from a woman named "Bridget" in Frisco, who had asked them to bring back the ice and Sam Hawkes. Sam had no idea who this Bridget was and wasn't about to go to Frisco with anyone. He also said the buskwhackers were morons, cause they didn't need to steal the ice. He isn't selling it, he just takes a cut when the ice is sold on Regina.

Sam provided the crew a cargo-hold full of ice and Baleeze negotiated a deal with the Mary Celetse's crew. The crew would let the bushwhackers go if they provided some spare sensor parts, "donated" from the Mary Celetse.

Sam also explained that Regina and therefore the town of Frisco, was under an alliance blockade and comet ice was one of the banned substances. The crew would need to run the blockade in order to get the ice to Frisco.

Cecelia arranged a "meeting" with the alliance commander, who allowed the Ring of Fire to land at Frisco without being searched.

Landing at Frisco, the crew was greeted by nearly the whole town including a band. Jonesy managed to land the ship without knocking everyone over and the crew discovered that the greeting party wasn't for them but for JW McLarin who was expected to come in on his own ship sometime this week.

The crew was instructed to contact Balley Sacket, the town engineer, about off loading the ice. Balley said he was the guy that would receive their "cargo" but that Bridget, the local school teacher and fiancee of JM McLarin had actually arranged for the payment and they would have to speak with her about the money.

Bridget explained that she could only pay the crew 2000 of what she owed them now but if they could hang around town for a few days, she could hook them up with some more work.

The crew decided to spend a few days in town and see if they could pick up some more work on their own.

One such opportunity presented itself right away. Yume , while exploring the less reputable parts of town, was taken to the local tong boss, Lau Tsu. He said that if the crew happened to go to Beylix, that he had a package that needed to be picked up. He would gladly pay 500 credit for this job.
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Goin Strapped
A little something to keep in mind when your buying your gear. Out in the black almost everyone goes around armed and no one really notices folks with a handgun strapped to their thigh. I's like wearing shoes. If you are wearing them no one really pays attention, but if you are walking around barefoot, people think you are a little strange. There are a few unspoken rules. A handgun in your holster may go unnoticed but if you are walking around with a rifle, especially a military or laser rifle, people are going to assume you are out for trouble.

So you might want to purchase some kind of handgun even if its not your main fighting skill. The way the skills work if you have any Gun Combat skill at all you automatically have a Zero skill with all other guns. So if you have Gun Combat (energy rifle)-1 then you also have Gun Combat (pistol)-0.

Of course if your just to inept to use a gun (Jonsey) or just too darn cute to shoot at (Cecelia) then you probably don't need to worry about it all.
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