• Snow_doggie_thumb
    Jonesy White Guy (that takes no crap)/M/Pilot (and barfer)/Low
    "Like a Leaf On the Wind"
  • No_img_thumb
    Baleeze Suvudu Cracka/M/Engineer/Broker
    "I can fix that. No problem."
  • Elfen-lied-5_thumb
    Yume Human/F/Psion / Medic
    "Can I hurt something now?"
    Description:Yume is a 30 year old female with no family. She has basic training as a medic and has strong psionic abilities. She is incredibly smart and has extensive knowledge in most of the sciences. She is good with computers but not good in most social situations. Her weapon of choice is a mono-filam...
    Background:Born to two insanely smart scientists, she grew up on a high tech research facility located on a large asteroid. She was individually tutored and did not attend any public education with kids her own age. She was being groomed by her parents to follow in their footsteps and continue their resear...
    Details:Complications: Sadistic - Never passes up an opportunity to hurt people. She may heal you up but don't expect it to be painless. Hooked - Hooked on various substances. One of the reasons she decided to become a physician. Traumatic Flashes - Constant nightmares where she wakes up screaming. ...

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