• Classportavenger_thumb
    Killwreck Kundair/M/Def/Swordmage/14
  • Arkona_thumb
    Davi (Zanne) Deva/F/Stkr/Fighter/15
    "Only YOU can choose your destiny."
  • Eragon-20061115031400988_640w_thumb
    Nevitash Kundair/M/Invoker/16
    "What will i change now"
    Description:Hes young and brash, but don't let his age fool you. He is smart enough to survive.
    Background:When i awoke, all that was left from the githyanki attack was nothing but rubble. My family and friends dead or taken, which i do not know, but none remain. As i pulled myself from the broken stone wall I began to remmber some of the events that transpired here. When the githyanki attacked i was ...
    Details:as he grows with experience from traveling he has become wiser but has chosen to cast aside he new found skill to keep at peace with his prior ways..... the hand my be more of a curse then a blessing, but the power it brings will stay the thought of that for now.... i must find the eye.... ...
  • Pzo9013drowdb2_thumb
    Mist Dark Vrolfin/F/Stkr
    "Beware my music in the darkness"
    Background:My first memory is of red eyes. Red eyes in the dark, and a bloody hand lying in the gutter, the rest of the owner lying in shadow. The hand, is young, female, and has a large gold ring on it. On the ring is a scarab that has jewels for eyes, they wink in the light. The blood drips slowly ont...
  • Trueblood___sun_priest_by_cashong_thumb
    Argyle Kundair/M/Ldr/Cleric/16

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