"Storm Kong's thunder"

Storm Kings Thunder is a fifth edition module. This module will not always be verbatim as it is in the published module.

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Storm, Furry, and Rumbling Bells
The caravan awoke to thunder rolling overhead and rain drops pattering off of tent canvas. As they stepped out of the tents and into the downpour. The heavy water proof cloaks that covered them provided little to no protection from the fury of the storm.

As the caravan finally made ready the storm didn't abate. The day soon became a dreary slog to reach the shelter of the village of Nightstone. Fortunately the town laid less than a half day's walk from town. As the caravan marched forward the first hits that things were not right began to be detected. Several found could hear the distant ringing of a large deep toned bell. Macaper and Cloomsey caught a glimpse of a dark green reptilian creature quickly streaking overhead in the lower tree tops. The creature swiftly passed overhead and disappeared into the downpour. Harker didn’t see the creature but once notified of its presence was able to follow its path for a short distance through the low foliage. The creatures passing caused a quarrel of words to break out over the validity of attempting to find and catch the creature. Beorn stood like a stone against the impulsive arguments of the “Young Cubs” and only has their arguments became even more impractical did his ire begin to rise. In the end the argument proved to be more about providing a distraction as the caravan lumbered on.

Finally something truly unusual happened. As more of the caravan began to hear and wonder about the constant rhythmical tolling of the bell, Drephen came bursting out of his personal carriage. With a bellow he immediately ordered a halt of the caravan progress, and demanded to know why he hadn’t yet been notified of the blasted tolling bells. In his own words Drephen asked the people present “What was it he was paying you all for?” And then grumbled about how he sorely missed his normal set of sell swords.

After a brief exchange those individuals assembled nearest him where sent off to scout out the town. The party of scouts was made of Beorn, Cloomsey, Drovar, Harker, Macaper, and Dell. The miserable group spent the next thirty minutes hustling through the fierce thunderstorm to reach the comforts of the town quickly.
As the group finally stumbled out of the forest and into the cleared land around the town. Groups first intuitions where that the villages residence where quietly waiting out the storm. But this proved to be not true as suspicious details began to come to light. The most obvious and first thing detected by the group was that the bridge leading to the motte and bailey was rent in two. The break was through the central span of the bridge. Many more subtle hints could also been noticed by be found. Such as the fact that on a cold wet spring day no smoke rose from any of the chimneys, lack of guards watching the lowered draw bridge leading into town, or the deep foot prints of many running feet all heading north away from town and into the forest.

The first of them to begin to cross over the wooden bridge leading into town began to see the true carnage that laid hidden behind the palisade walls. Within large impact craters could be seen strewn about the village. Resting at the center of each crater was a carved sphere of white stone. The bombardment of large stones has left the village in a bad state. No building appeared to have escaped the bombardment, and several buildings where left with only ruble to mark that a complete structure once stood at that location.

Beorn turned and began inspecting the guard tower overlooking the bridge that laid on the north side. While McCaper moved to explore the south tower guarding the entrance to the village. The north guard tower appeared to have been ransacked, and the ladder leading up was sheared off. Beorn hoping to gain a better vantage by being up high jumped with a mighty leap and grabbed ahold of the mounts for the ladder and used them to lever himself up onto the top of the guard tower. From this vantage Beorn could see into the church bell tower, and could see the rope attached to the bell being jerked erratically as if two forces fought for control of the bell. The bell no longer issued forth in a regular cadence as before, but instead the tolling was erratic creating a cacophony of shill sounds. From his new vantage the true scope of the devastation was revealed. Buildings that seems undamaged from below now are revealed to have huge holes in their roof as the rocks flung from high above crashed through the thin wooded or thatched roofs of the village buildings.

McCaper on the other hand upon entering the south tower, startled and small creature who was rummaging in the remains of the rooms contents. The creature inside was dressed in crude patched rough animal hide clothing, and help a rough burlap bag in one hand. The creature was small, had olive green skin, large pointy ears, a mouth full of sharp yellowed incisors, and yellowish eyes that seems to glow in the dim light of the tower. A crude wooden hefted spear lay on the floor with a simple stone spear tip. In a blink of an eye the creature snatched up its weapon and with a scream of Yeicka!! The creature thrust the weapon at McCaper, buring the spear tip into the man’s leg. Harker upon hearing the creature’s battle cry, understood it to be the language of goblin. Harker screamed in common and goblish tongues to stop. On hearing the words the goblin backed off as McCaper did the same.

Harker and the goblin soon began to converse back and forth. Harker learned that the goblin was scared and was just here to scavenge, and that the goblin knows nothing of what happened here at the village other than the villagers are not here. The goblin also just wants to escape with his life, and escape with his treasure. Harker explains that it must pay recompense to the big man that he stabbed, that is letting him go free. The goblin agrees to give up his treasure and depart with its life. Inside the goblins loot sack was a small silver locket on a chain with the locket in the shape of a jumping trout, two vials of perfume, and a simple wooden hair brush with four strands of hair.

As the party of scouts make their way into the center court yard, Beorn leaves his perch to join the others. As he catches up with them he spots a large canine head with a set of glowing red eyes glaring at him from around a building across the square. Beorn estimated it to be about one hundred feet away, and as the wolf like creature realizes that Beorn has spotted it, it pulls its head back to disappear from sight behind the building. While Beorn is sharing a moment with the wolf like creature the rest of the group is moving to investigate incessant ringing of the bell.

The first members of the group pull open the front doors of the temple to reveal a plain room with wooden walls and floors. The room purpose appears to be a simple greeting room. The room also has two entryways on the far wall that both lead to the room of worship. The room of warship contains a pulpit, six wooden benches, and numerous prayer rugs. The most striking feature of the room is the ornate stain glass. Each window depicts the sun over a pristine scene of nature. The most elaborate of which depicts a unicorn grazing in a deep forest meadow with the sun just cresting the tree tops. Behind the pulpit is also a closed door. As McCaper approaches the door Beorn moves into the temple worship area.

McCaper yanks the door open. A comical screen unfolds before the group with two goblins having a furious game of tug of war over the bell rope. The goblins immediately panic with one falling to the ground while attempting to pull out his scimitar. The other run to the bed and snatched up a simple sack made from the torn remains of a blanket. The group of scouts stood slack jawed for a few moments giving the standing goblin a chance to rush forward and attack the group. Harker took a small slash from the goblins blade before he and McCaper together skewered the goblin. Their strikes spilled the stinking guts of the goblin all over the room. The dying goblin feel across the back of the one already lying prone. Vark, the prone goblin, in goblin cryed out “Blark, Blark, Blaaarrrkkkk!” meaning I surrender in its harsh goblin speech. Harker set about interrogating this goblin. Harker got out of the goblin that the villagers were last seen by Vark fleeing north. Harker finally agrees to let the clumsy goblin go, but the group once again confiscates the goblins loot.

The group begins to search the room and the goblins loot bag. The loot bag contained a silver holy symbol in the shape of a majestic unicorn, a wood and golden holy symbol depicting the morning sun raising, three empty vials with small golden sun’s imprinted on the outsides of each, and a small bag of ritual incents. McCaper also spotted that one of the beds legs was actually the temple poor box. It contained a smattering of silver and copper, but the adventures decided to leave the poor box alone.

As the party rummaged around in the temple Cloomsey heads outside to keep watch. He peers around and at first spots nothing, so he steps outside. As he steps outside two large black wolves leap out from behind the side of a nearby building. Cloomsey on seeing them grabs ahold of the magical around him and begins to weave it into a spell. Rather than meticulously threading and sculpting the strands Cloomsey just mashes them together into a chaotic ball of raw magic. As he pushes the spell forth he pushes his fear, anger, and his exhilaration from touching the magic. The spell zooms forth strait toward the alpha leading the charge, but the dark wolf leaps to the side just in time causing the bolt of magic to detonate harmlessly behind it. Cloomsey in a panic doesn’t run back into the temple but flees around the temple screaming in fear. The two wolves quickly overtake him and pull him to the ground. Cloomsey passes out as the two bite rip and tear his flesh apart.

Before the wolves can gorge themselves on the helpless Cloomsey. The rest of the group hears Cloomsey’s yells of terror and pain. Beorn and Drovar come rushing outside to see the wolves playing tug of war with Cloomsey’s body. Beorn lets forth a bellow and rushes at the wolves. Swinging wildly at the first he reaches attempting to distract them from the tasty morsel that the two wolves had just been fighting over. The unengaged wolf charges at Drovar leaping to bite at his throat, and succeeding. Drovar being still injured from the goblin, succumbs to his injuries and collapses with the wolf atop it. The other wolf taunts Beorn saying “Tonight he and his mate will feast on his bones and lick each bone clean of marrow.” The worg then bites Beorn in the leg causing a small injure that hardly hampers the enraged Beorn. Beorn taken by battle furry has just enough presence to step over his fallen companion. Finally Beorn manages to wear down the alpha worg enough to land a serious blow with his mighty great axe. The axe blade lands atop the worg’s front shoulders hammering it to the ground and severing one of it’s legs. The worg no moves no more.

Harker and McCaper attempt to save Drovar by attacking the warg from ambush from the temple. The warg and Harker engage briefly and Harker is left lying unconscious in the temple doorway. Beorn still hearing battle raging in the temple picks up Cloomsey’s body and fireman carries him to the temple doorway. Upon seeing McCaper is a dire fight for his life, Beorn drops Cloomsey off of his back causing his friends body to splat in the muddy street. With his body no longer burdened. Beorn moves in and flanks the female worg. The worg turns on the new threat nearly dragging Beorn off his feet. As the worg takes its attention off of McCaper he jambs his dagger deep into the warg’s belly.

The silencing of the bell and the sounds of battle has drawn the attention of the rest of the goblin foraging party. The last two of the party soon find themselves outnumbered as many goblins come pouring out of the building with loot in hands and weapons in the other. As arrows whip overhead Beorn and McCaper drag the bodies of their companions into the temple and barricade themselves in.

Inside the barricaded temple the group triages the dying and in time all wake up. After hours have passed the group hears excited talk and relieved laughter. When Beorn breaks a window out he notices eight people staring at him. Seven are dressed in long black cloaks and brown leather armor. Each mounted man carries a Crossbow or bow, melee weapon, and several knives. Their mounts all have full saddle bags and traveling gear. One of them stands out. He is a tall stocky man with sun darkened skin, short cropped hair, slightly pointed ears, and has a small tattoo of a slithering snake below his right ear. Before Beorn started breaking out the window he was leaning down embracing with a woman. The striking blond woman appears to be dress in simple robes that conceal her hide and leather armor. She has no other discernable features but looks to be a simple traveling monk.

The two groups soon begin to engage in conversation at a distance. The woman introduces herself as Kella, and the man as Xolkin. Xolkin is the clear leader of the group. All of the other men defer to him and are quite unless spoken too directly. The group thinks that the seven men are a mercenary group known as the Seven Snakes. Kella and Xolkin appear to be romantic partners and as they convers with the group Xolkin regularly puts his hands possessively around Kella. One such time Cloomey spots Kella lean into Xolkin and put her hand behind his saddle. As she does this the green serpent that they saw before slithers from its hiding place and quickly up her sleeve and into her robes.

Kella explains that she has been her hiding ever since the attack this morning. She was sleeping on the second story of the inn. A large bolder smashed through the Inns roof, her rooms floor, and into the inn common room. She remained hidden for the most part, but did see the villagers heading north with Morak, the Inns proprietor, leading them into the forest. Kella states that she was too scared to move and follow the rest of the villagers, especially after seeing Semile Southwell get smashed while fleeing with the other villagers. She points to a bolder near a few pigs that are grazing happily by the north wall.

Xolkin heads to the inn and begins making himself at home. His men find out that all of the food has been either taken or despoiled by the goblins. Beorn and two of Xolkins men, Richard and Benjamin, gather up the two hogs setting aside one to be butchered. The rest of the group begins to search the town. McCaper finds a building with a sign post outside. The sign has a stylized golden lion painted on it with the words Lionshield Coster trading company on it. Inside the building it has been ransacked, with most of the goods thrown broken to the floor. McCaper finds some climbing equipment, a crowbar, rope, and a few daggers.

Drover goes up to investigate the keep. He finds that the bridge is shattered and that at least one keep guard is still alive. The guard explains that he and the other are trapped up there, and that they cannot leave. The guard also says that the village was first bombarded with stones. The stones seemed to just fall strait out of the storm and onto the village. They had no defense to such an attack, but once the village was emptied something amazing happened. A large white keep descended out of the sky to float above the village. Four huge white skinned men descended and two wrestled the Nightstone right out of the ground, while the other two helped support it. Once they had the stone they left and the castle once again disappeared into the raging storm. He also shares that the villagers fled north to the bat infested caves north of here. The guards were trapped and could not flee, plus they couldn’t abandon lady Nardar.

Harker looks for ale or drink of any kind. The goblins broke each cask and bottle trying to get to the drink. With no drink available Harker leaves the inn to meet up with Drover. Drover wants to help the guards and reach the keep by repairing the bridge. The two scourer the town in search of suitable building materials.

On their journey the two come across the only unspoiled building in the town. The small simple home has only one distinguishing feature. The door inside has two lines of runes or characters to an unknown language scrawled across it. Hacker spends a great deal of time and finally begins to understand a bit of the language. Hacker can only translates three words enter, burn, and freeze. The two leave the cottage alone and find materials and fix the bridge.

Finally as one of the hogs is done being butcher, the bridge is repaired, and the others return form their investigations of town does the group once again meet up to discuss what to do. They realize that the extra guard that came with them from the caravan is gone, and that they sent him back at the very beginning to report what they had found so far.
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