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Name: Valrune Meltor, Warden of the Eastmarch*
Race: Human/Silver Dragon
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Level: Druid-Thief 7/8 (Effectie Level 8)
Languages: Common, Druidic, Fey, Auran
Deity: Liela (The Raiser) Symbol: Blazing Hearth, Church of the Lifes Fire, Sickle
Description: Silver-White Hair, Silver Iris', very pale grey-white (Silver) skin, very tall and very thin. Reptile like facial features, but no scales.
Height: 86 Inches (7 ft, 2 Inches)
Weight: 178 LBS
From: VoldorWoods, North of Cosdol, Brandobian accent

DEX:17 (Prime)
WIS:18 (Prime)

AC: 18 (Laminar Leather, expert, Green Dragon, Acid Resistance 5, Extends my fear by 15 feet) 17 LBS)+ Magical +1 Wooden Buckler
BtH: 2
# Atts: 1
Speed: 30
Size: M
Fate: 1D8+3+6

Racial Traits: 2 Primes. Various Fixed and Variable Abilities, +1 to Hide and Find Traps.

Immune to Cold based attacks
Frightful Presence: This ability takes effect automatically whenever a half-dragon
attacks or charges. Creatures within a radius of 30 feet are subject to the effect if they
have fewer HD than the half-dragon. Creatures subject to the effect must make a
Charisma save to avoid the consequences; if successful, will remain immune to the
half-dragon's frightful presence for 24 hours. On a failure, creatures with 4 or less HD
become panicked (treat as the effects of the fear spell) for 4d6 rounds and creatures
with 5 or more HD become shaken (suffering a -2 on all attack, damage, attribute, and
saving throw rolls) for 4d6 rounds. Half-dragons ignore the frightful presence of other
half-dragons (but not dragons).
90 foot Darkvision

Class Abilities: Nature Lore (Wis), Spells, Resist Elements (Level 2), Woodland Stride (Level 3), Totem Shape (Huh, didn't know they completely rewrote this until now.) Rogue/Thief: Special (about wearing various armors), Back Attack, Cant, Climb (DEX), Decipher Script (INT), Hide (DEX), Listen (WIS), Move Silent (DEX), Open Locks (DEX), Pick Pockets (DEX), Traps (INT), Sneak Attack (4th level),
Ditch Medicine: The druid is able to use his knowledge of herbs and plants to make effective poultices. The druid is able to heal 1d6+Wis mod hit points of damage once per day per person (a recipient can only benefit from one use per day). At 6th level and every 6th level, the number of dice healed increases by 1 (2d6 at 6th, 3d6 at 12th, etc).

Weapons: Long Bow, Expert Dagger (+1/+1), Short Sword, Sling, SYLVAN (Expert Ammo, +1/+1 x20), Spear, lots more usable.
+1 Expert Long Sword, +1 to hit only.
-1 Magic Stone
Claw Attacks, x2: 1d4+1

Hydra Poison, CL 5, Sleep for 1 day, 5 doses.

Magic Items: Magical Wooden Buckler
Helm of Telepathy
Ring of Sustenance (2 hours of sleep=8 hours, gives nourishment)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
2 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds

Animal Companion: Wolf, 2 HD, HP 11, AC 13.
Boar, Hammie.

0 Level: 4 per day.
1st Level: 4
Animal Friendshipx1
Calm Animals

2nd Level: 3
Speak With Animals
Summon Swarmx2

3rd Level: 2

Neutralize Poison
Wind Wall

Equip: Pack 1, Delvers bundle

Backpack 2g
Bedroll 1s
Belt pouch large 1g
Blanket, winter 5s
Bulls Eye Lantern
Canteen ½ gallon 2g
Flint and steel 1g
Hammer small 1g
Lantern hooded 7g
Oil 6 flasks 6g
Pitons / spikes 10 1g
Rope 50’ hemp 1g
Grappling Hook
2 Man Tent
Sack large 2 1s
Torch 5 5c
Whetstone/weapon kit 1g

Candle 5 sticks 5c
Holy symbol wood 1g
Incense sticks 6 6g
Prayer beads 2g
Wolves bane 2g

Total 10 gold

Belt pouch small 2 1g
Case scroll or map 1g
Chalk 3 pieces 3c
Chisel 1g
Cord 50’ 5g
Crowbar 2g
Dust bag of 3 -
File metal 1g
Mirror, Small steel
Pitons/spikes 10 1g
Rogues tools 30g
Sack small 1s
String 50’ 4s
Vial 4 4s

Total 40 gold
(Just a rough list for now, will decide upon specifics later)
4 Winter Wolf pelts


Identify Fund: 328 GP, 200 used
Mule, Pack

Notes: Valrune comes from a long tradition of Druids who are also thieves. In fact he is the 4th generation in his family to be a part of this Druidic circle. They primarily use their thieving abilities to go into civilized settlements to rob and sow discord among the population to disrupt logging and other incursions into the natural lands surrounding them. They find this to be a better alternative to bloody conflicts. This Druidic Circle has also garnered enough favor from the gods of nature to have been granted a number of Divine spells specifically aimed at aiding in these "thief" activities. Such as a 2nd level prayer called "Stealth of the Deer" that gives a +5 Bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks for 1 Minute per level to the Druid/Thief, only. There may be higher level versions that give the bonus to others, and maybe even a whole group, much like a Mass Invisibility Spell (Depending on what Rigon approves), as well as a range of other prayers this Circle uses.

This Circle is also only committed to being Reincarnated when they die an early, unnatural death. Which is typically from being killed in battle. As such they are also rumored (Again, dependent upon Rigon's approval) to be able to enable such reincarnated Druids to keep performing as Druids in their new forms via prayers similar to Awakened and other means.

*Warden of the Eastmarch, can command any of the troops, can seek rest, healing and mundane gear in any of the fortifications. Prices are now normal in Yeldon. We have Medallions to prove our status.
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