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Story So Far continued
The next day the group went in search of the burial mound. They encountered more kobolds and defeated them. You found a necklace on a kobold wyrmpriest, on which dangles a dragon figurine carved of obsidian. On the bottom of the figure is etched the outline of a skull with ram’s horns. Braden identified it as a representation of the demon lord of the undead Orcus.

You found the Dragon Burial site and after a scirmish with a gnome, 2 drakes, a halfling and 4 humans, you find Douven. After freeing him he explains that someone named Kalarel sent the cultist to the site to find an ancient relic, which you now have. A small wooden crate contains the relic from the dragon’s treasure hoard that Kalarel sent Agrid to recover. It is an ancient mirror that belonged to one of the Nerath wizards who set the seal. It isn’t magical.
Douven goes home but he leaves his amulet with you after removing his wife's picture. Before he sets off, he tasks the group with the job of exploring the Keep for treasure and seeing what this Kalarel is up to.
You head back in to Winterhaven.
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