The Sad Fate of the Noble Paladin Jean Luc Picard and the good Cleric
Ogar at the hands of the evil Vampire, Taryshaen the Brilliant
Between the two kingdoms of Ashbrook and Dee lies a strange foggy mountain with a
reputation for danger and evil. For well over a century, anyone rash enough to try to
climb it never came back. Finally the two kingdoms decided it was time to cleanse this
dark spot and sent their best foes of evil, the Paladin Picard and the Cleric Ogar, to do
the task. The pair set off on horseback to climb the mountain. They started on a sunny
day but soon encountered fog which slowly seem to increase the higher they climbed.
By the end of daylight, they had set up camp on a mostly level spot. They took turns on
During Ogar’s watch, he heard their horses whinny in fear. Ogar woke Picard. The two
soon saw 15 pairs of eyes coming down the trail toward them. The eyes belonged to a
wolf pack and they attacked the two humans. The wolves pressed their attack even
after 7 of them were killed. The humans were taking damage also.
At this point, Picard noticed a strange human like figure coming toward him. Picard
made a good hit on the figure as it approached. Ogar attempted to turn the figure but
his turn failed to help. The humans were beset by the remaining wolves and the
strange figure attacking together. Picard concentrated his attacks on the strange figure.
The paladin’s armor turned the figure’s attacks. After about three attacks without hitting
the paladin (and the death of another wolf), the figure turned into vapor and
The remaining wolves increased the fury of their attacks on the humans. Ogar was
forced to cast Cure Serious Wounds on himself in the middle of the fight. Picard killed
another wolf. The battle continued until the last wolves were finally killed. Ogar cast a
Cure Critical Wounds spell on himself. The humans retreated down the mountain to
heal. Picard thought the figure that attacked them was a low level vampire.
After two days of rest and respelling, the two humans tried again. This time the plan
was to travel at night and camp during the daylight. They left the horses behind and
went on foot. They started at nightfall and made camp at daybreak. The day was foggy
with wind but nothing bothered them. The next night, they continued on the climb.
About in the middle of the night, they noticed a figure ahead of them. The figure looked
like the one they met before. The figure just stood still out of sword range. Suddenly a
magic ray hit Picard from behind! It was a Feeblemind spell cast by another larger

figure behind the humans. Fortunately the paladin (saved) overcame the effects of the
attempted spell. The humans wondered if they had met a spell using vampire.
The figure before them (“Vampire Junior”) moved back from them but the one behind
cast another spell. Sleet and freezing rain suddenly fell on the humans! They took
damage from the ice storm as they struggled with slippery footing. Ogar turned the
“Vampire Junior” while Picard turned the one behind them. Both vampires turned to
vapor and then into bats which flew off into the darkness. The humans continued on up
toward the mountaintop as the path became steeper.
At daybreak, the humans camped and took turns on watch again. During Picard’s
watch, he became sleepy and seemed to dream. A white clad figure appeared before
him. This figure said, “I am an immortal servant of your deity. Your valiant struggles
against the evil one have been noticed. Please use this gift in the service of good”
When Picard came to, he found he was holding a wonderful sword, perhaps even a
Holy Avenger. His spirits rose with this sign of his deity’s favor. He decided to finish the
last section of the climb this night and attack the vampire’s stronghold the following
That night while the humans were closing in on the mountaintop, a magical ray aimed
at Picard suddenly came from behind. The magic ray (Feeblemind spell again) seemed
to dissipate when it got close to Picard. His new sword glowed extra bright as the ray
was defeated. The caster, Taryshaen (who is said to have been a mage before he
became a vampire), immediately understood that the sword was a powerful magic item
that had protected Picard. He began to cast another spell but Ogar was able to cast a
Silence (15’ radius) on Taryshaen before he could complete the spell. Taryshaen
(knowing he couldn’t cast a spell until the Silence spell ran out) turned into vapor and
then flew off as a bat.
The humans arrived at Taryshaen’s stronghold about dawn. The gate was locked and
an attempt to burn it failed. Surprisingly it broke under Ogar’s blows (locked but not
barred?). The humans then entered the outer courtyard which had a fire pit (no fire), a
stable (no horses) and the door to the rest of the place (locked and apparently barred).
Ogar cast find traps but there were not any to be found. An attempt to burn this door
also failed. The humans failed to work out a way to enter the rest of the stronghold
during the day. As night fell they retreated into the stable.
The stable was “L” shaped with a door at each end and another in the middle. The
humans hid in a horse stall near the middle of the stable. The two vampires began

hunting for the humans soon after dark. Ogar (forgetting how well vampires hear) cast
a Pray spell. Taryshaen heard Ogar and quietly moved outside the middle door. When
Taryshaen began to cast a spell, he was heard by Picard who quickly cast Silence
(15’R) on that door which spoiled the vampire’s spell. Ogar cast Silence on the next
closest door. When Taryshaen moved outside that door, he immediately realized the
area around the door was silent. So the vampire moved to the third door. Taryshaen
stood back a distance from this door . That way he would be outside the area of effect if
a silence spell cast on the door. “Vampire Junior” yanked open the door.
The startled humans charged the open door ready to turn the vampires. However
Taryshaen was quicker and cast a fireball at them before they could turn him. A ball of
fire shot from the vampire’s hands and exploded around the humans. Once again
Picard’s Holy Avenger sword protected him from harm. Ogar wasn’t as lucky and lost
about half his hit points (even though he made his save). Surprisingly the stable failed
to catch on fire at this time.
While the humans continued their charge at him, Taryshaen cast a Ring of Fire around
them. The flames leaped up higher than the humans and were all around them. Ogar
managed to counter with a Dispel Magic spell and the flames suddenly disappeared.
Next Taryshaen cast a Mirror Image spell causing his enemies to see 4 Taryshaens.
Picard attacked “Vampire Junior” and told Ogar to do the same. The paladin knew that
finding out which image was the real one would be slow work. Ogar cast a reversed
Raise Dead spell but only caused minor damage to the vampire.
The humans and the vampires exchange attacks with only some damage to “Vampire
Junior”. Taryshaen then cast a Geas spell on Ogar who failed his save. Ogar was
forced to find a new home for Taryshaen and report back. Ogar promptly left the fight
and headed back down the mountain.
Picard and “Vampire Junior” traded attacks. Picard was hit twice and screamed as he
lost 2 levels per hit. However, Picard’s attacks did steadily increasing damage to
“Vampire Junior” and forced him flee the fight. Taryshaen cast a Feeblemind spell for
the third time but the magic sword protected the paladin once again.
Picard hit one false image while Taryshaen missed in return. Then the mirror image
spell ran out. For a while Picard was able to hit Taryshaen while the vampire kept
missing him. Then Picard was hit again and lost 2 more levels. His new (lower) level
lost his multiple attack bonus. Now the vampire’s regeneration ability started off setting
Picard’s attack damage. The battle continued to see who would be the last “man”

standing. Finally Picard fell to level 2. Fearing that he would be turned into a vampire
with the next level drain, the noble paladin fell on his sword. Unfortunately he failed to
enough damage avoid the vampire killing him. The next night he rose as a new vampire
under Taryshaen’s domination.
Some story-tellers add that Ogar returned in about a year to report that he had found a
good place for Taryshaen’s new home. The vampires Taryshaen and Picard insisted
that Ogar join them. That is how Jean Luc Picard and Ogar joined Taryshaen the
Brilliant to become one of the most infamous team of paladin hunters of all times.

Joe Finney

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