Welcome to Mhuir, a flooded world, and its only remaining continent, Fearainn. This is a world of high seas fantasy adventures. Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Forgotten Realms. Lots of lost treasure and relics scattered across islands and lost civilizations. Plenty to explore and discover. Black Powder and Magic mixed together!
Where are we?
Mhuir, an Earth-like planet with 2 small moons and a ring. There is a single white sun in the sky by day. It is a world of magic and high seas adventure.

What’s the natural environment like?
Mhuir is nearly 90% water. There is only one major continent (about the size of Australia), Fearainn. Fearainn is mainly a desert basin surrounded on all sides by coastal mountains. The mountain climate ranges from temperate rainforest to the north, thick jungle to the south, and a combination of both on the East and West coasts. Civilization has built up around the mountain edges but only a hardy few have tried to move into the interior of the continent. The rest of the world is made up of mountain islands surrounded by shallow seas. There are also several enormous deep water oceans but they are rarely traversed. Travel is mainly by sea. Most sentient races have formed alliances and work together to survive in a world where land is scarce. Cities use magic and technology together to build their cities vertically or across the water itself since there is so little land mass. It is quite common to see members of multiple races living together in a single seaside colony.

The Technology level of the world has mainly advanced to the equivalent of colonial times. Black powder has been discovered and weapons have advanced to flintlock rifles and pistols. Ships travel with full complements of cannons.

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