Across the town of Guerndell, a number of posters have been found plastered across the walls of its buildings seemingly over night. Curious about these posters, you decide to read one of them:


Do you want to visit exotic locales? Do you seek treasures from lost civilisations? Does the idea of fame excite you?

Then perhaps the life of an adventurer is ideal for you!

For a limited time, we are offering FREE our NEW and EXCITING adventuring training program! Perfect for both those who have never experienced adventuring and also lapsed adventurers who want more practise before heading off again, we will prepare you for what dangers an adventurer might expect through the use of our NEW "ADVENTURE SIMULATOR"!!

DON'T DELAY! We will only be offering this service FREE only for a LIMITED TIME!!! Just head south of Guerndell until you reach the blue caravan and go inside for your FREE adventurer training!!!!!


For one reason or another, you decide to check out this strange new enterprise. Whether you are a plucky young adventurer-to-be who wants to use this as something to cut their teeth on, a grizzled sceptic wary of this strange service, or maybe something else in between, it's time to get prepared for your adventure

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