A Star Trek game using the Far Trek rules, the voyages of the USS Shran in 2251.

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Using their as-yet-unname...
Using their as-yet-unnamed scout ship, the officers of the Shran's detachment looked around the system.

A rocket came looking for them, an old-style metal-hull chemical-propelled rocket. Its only payload was a sheet of metal, inscribed with a map of the star system. One mark indicated the mothership they had just captured, and another was about 1/3 of the way across the system. Tracks showed the entry path of the detachment's entry into the star system.

A swing by the point tracked back to its launch turned up nothing. A look at the place indicated on the map also showed nothing. Someone thought to re-check the map, and saw that a mathematical discrepancy had been inserted into the map. Adjusting for that brought them to another spot, and there they found a base hidden in an asteroid.

Living there were members of a race calling themselves "Mhemne". These were very human-looking, except for their entire-body covering of reddish-brown fur. Their negotiating style was blunt and unfriendly, but clear. They desired military aid, and offered information on the Sathar who had invaded their homeworlds.

A deal was struck, and with that information, the detachment ran another scouting trip, using the stealthy features of their scoutships. They confirmed that there were Sathar mining robots on the surface of the second world, an icy world with minimal life forms. There were Sathar and many Mhemne on its moon, living in artificial habitats. There were two shipyards in the L4 and L5 positions of the planet. One was building 4 destroyer-class ships, and the other had a pair of cruiser-sized ships under construction. Khgree, their Mhemne guide, said one of those larger ships was to carry single-seat fighter-shuttles.

When the Shran was reported to be ready for action, a plan for a quick surprise strike against the hostile shipyards was quickly assembled.
Session: Episode 6: exploring the system - Saturday, Mar 25 2017 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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Having defeated a pirate ...
Having defeated a pirate ship in the area, Shran took up a patrol around the nearby systems, hoping to catch some sign of a hidden base. Captain Wade then took the ship to follow the next shipment of vaccine to Kantares IV, where the Subjenix Flu continued to spread.

Nothing untoward happened on the way, but the Kantares system traffic-control station was overwhelmed, both from ships trying to get in without quarantine restrictions, and from illness among the station personnel. Shran took up assistance, trying to screen incoming freight traffic. Four ships were inbound, and all were directed to a holding area near one of the moons, despite their captains' verbal protests.

During inspections, one was found to have untaxed Saurian brandy aboard, one needed safety inspections completed. The 3rd powered up hidden weapons and shields rather than undergo inspection, and tried to seize the 4th freighter while the Shran's crew was occupied!

After a brief fight among the Shran's marines and the apparent pirates, the ship ran for it, warming up their warp engines. A short-range firefight ensued, and the Shran took serious damage to her sensors and communications, while the other ship took heavier damage. She blew herself up, rather than be captured, though that explosion added minimal other damage to the battered Shran.

With such heavy damage, and one fatality, the ship had to send a shuttle back to Kantares station, to have them call StarBase 13 for a tow and repair ship.

While her repairs would take some time, volunteers were requested from her crew. Commander Ripley was the first to step up. The mission would be a secret one, an attempt to use the Kzinti-built stealthy ship that they had captured earlier this month. Enough had been recovered from her computers, that a move could be made on whatever bases the pirate network might have in this region of space.
Session: Episode 3: shootout at Kantares - Saturday, Nov 19 2016 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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Once the ship returned to...
Once the ship returned to StarBase Fourteen, several new officers reported aboard the USS Shran, to replace those sacked after "The Event". Captain Jane Wade read her orders and took command. The new chief engineering (Lt. Cmdr. Pollit) and sensor (Lt. Thrax) officers reported aboard, as well.

After a brief tour and some settling in, Shran departed on her interrupted patrols. Commodore _____'s operations staff immediately sent them orders to Nyote-kundu, a system-wide mining operation where something had been discovered at one of the platforms.

On the way there, however, the ship received a distress call from the Melanie Carson, a fast freighter under StarFleet charter. She was en route to the Kantares system, and being pursued by a fast, unidentified, ship. Shran altered course to intercept, and a battle began.

Dropping out of warp at extreme weapons range, Shran began scanning the unknown, finding that it had some kind of protection against scanning or weapons fire. It, meanwhile, began shooting at the Carson, while launching missiles at the Shran. Quickly, the Shran closed the range and fired two volleys that wrecked the unknown vessel. It tried boarding the Carson by transporter, but Shran's Marines quickly subdued them.

In the aftermath, the Carson's sensors had been wrecked, and part of her cargo of vaccine for the Subjenix flu had been destroyed, as well as any vaccine-replicating equipment she had carried. She needed Shran's help to finish the voyage, another 8-hour detour. Engineer Pollit attempted to quickly repair her navigation sensors, but they proved to be too damaged, and Shranhad to bring her all the way in. The still-unidentified raiding ship (a small, fast, stealthy craft, crew of 21) was left under guard with the Kantares system patrol forces, while any prisoners (Kzinti without uniforms) were held aboard the Shran.

Returning to her mission to Nyote-kundu, Captain Wade was quickly briefed over subspace. The tantalum mines on Inferno (Nyote-kundu I, licensed to the Aberdeen Mining Exploration Company) needed water, which was provided by an orbital platform in the ice rings of the super-gas giant Nyote-kundu VI. The platform Carnegie had reported first, "something interesting" found in the rings, then several communications failures, then a garbled distress call. System Director Drake was displeased that Shran had taken so long to get here.

It took only minutes for the Shran to approach the Carnegie, which was already out of position. Several maintenance 'bots were seen crawling about its outer hull, at work on something. Many of the crew members were located inside, and quickly beamed out, as the last message had described the life support systems as failing. The station's engineer was delirious, and had to be restrained by Security Chief Shad.

Hurriedly, the crew was questioned, and it turned out that Engineer Berghoffer had been driven somewhat insane shortly after an alien pod had been brought aboard. He wanted to modify the station into a sublight vessel, capable of taking it to relativistic speeds, aimed for somewhere near the core of the galaxy. Further questioning brought out that some other crewmembers reported dreams of being on an alien ship, which seems to have been how Berghoffer was affected, although he was most affected.

The alien artifacts brought aboard were determined (mostly by station doctor Krueger) to have been a survival pod and body of an unknown alien, nicknamed the Medusa, and an odd plant form. The plant was examined and determined to be a sort of telepathic notebook, which the dying alien captain had left to tell his people of the tantalum deposits on Inferno, and of his ship's destruction by "the Enemy" in the system.

The alien elements were taken to StarBase Fourteen, along with Dr. Krueger and engineer Berghoffer. The former wanted very badly to follow up "his" discovery, seeking a research grant. His wife would return to the station, for now, to get it into working order again. Berghoffer was in need of psychiatric assistance. Starfleet would hold on to the alien artifacts, in a place away from minds easily influenced by its psychic power.

{One Year Later} Dr.Krueger's paper on the "Medusae" unveiled what could be revealed about the alien. He was once the captain of an exploring vessel for his species of telepaths. His ship was destroyed by "the Enemy", shortly after discovering the tantalum on Inferno. As yet, no one knows what happened to "the Race" or "the Enemy" or their war, thousands of years ago.
Session: Episode 2 - Saturday, Oct 22 2016 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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Words are not deeds
USS Shran (NCC-519) sat at Border Station 43, awaiting her new commanding officer. The engineering and sensor chief officers had been taken to StarBase Fourteen for questioning when a priority call came. Something was crossing the Kzinti frontier, while message traffic on the Kzinti side was up 300%. Shran, though short-handed, was ordered to investigate as the closest ship to the disturbance. Two cruisers were on the way.

There was some difficulty getting a good course, and then more when the warp drive started to overheat. Getting closer to the object, sensors were able to make out its size and mass as roughly the same as the ship. It was moving at Warp 2, on a course that would take it directly to the Gamma Evangeline system, specifically its 3rd planet, which held a colony of nearly 9000 souls. A closer approach determined that it had a crystalline structure, some of its petals had some disruptor damage, and it was generating its own energy. Approaching more closely, it sent a small wave that seemed to be a communication wave, followed by a blast that could have ripped through the Shran's shields!

As the ship withdrew, the Universal Translator thought that the first beam may have been a warning? Some fast work by Sir'ok set up a hailing frequency, and communications were begun. The alien, or aliens, since the message spoke as "we". It was distrustful, having been fired on by the Kzinti.

Researching the records of the ship that first surveyed Gamma Evangeline III (USS Soleta), LCdr Sumner found that there were thousands of craters around the world, and that traces of chemicals and crystals on those craters were similar to those on the object. First Officer Ripley ordered the ship to race ahead to the colony, to see what could be learned there.

The colony administration staff was understandably upset that their world might be visited by something alien. Geologist Quentin Stone had examined several of the craters. He also expounded on his other discovery, that the planet had experienced many mass extinctions in its past. The size and shape of the craters also matched a protrusion on the object's surface. The connection might be that the object slammed into the planet at regular intervals of roughly 500 years.

Shran warped back to the alien, and tried to re-open communications. As they approached, they spotted a Kzinti ship approaching at high warp speed from the direction of the border. Ripley ordered the Shran to get between the alien and the Kzinti. Both ships closed to short range, and the Kzinti's first shot hit the Shran instead, damaging the communications array. The alien's first burst did not miss, blasting the Kzinti ship's sensors to scrap. As the alien pursued the fleeing Kzinti, it fried the shield generators with another blast. Sir'ok overcame the damage to the subspace radio, and Ripley called to the alien. He overcame its desire to finish off the frigate.

The next communications took a while longer, but they convinced the alien, calling itself "Nali", to take itself to the fourth planet instead to lay its eggs. It promised to talk further with the incoming starships, whose staff were more experienced that the Shran's pickup team.

There was a brief bit of interference when Dr. Adam Sandhurst appeared, flying the colony's lone shuttle. It was charged as a suicide bomb and flying directly at the Nali. Swift action with the tractor and transporter beams brought him on board for a strong reprimand. After returning him and the shuttle to the colony, Shran set up for observation of the Nali's reproduction on the fourth planet.
Session: Episode 1: Words are not deeds - Saturday, Aug 27 2016 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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