The universe has written you off.

From the seats of power to the most backwater of worlds, your names are spoken with derision and scorn (if indeed they are ever spoken at all).

One, last chance - a berth on the Archer's Folly and a new life in space.

It will be dangerous. You may die. But before that, you will live.

Or not, because, you know, it's up to you.

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It was just an evening out and a night in, not that beginning of a romance. I don't think that either of us were thinking it was more than that. Which is why it was fun, once we got started. The Colloseum wasn't exactly what I expected, but neither was he.

He was really interested in our culture, and had a passing familiarity, but so many Galactics come just close enough to show off their inability to REALLY get it.

--When I went to the front, we all got those contraceptive implants. Apparently it was unthinkable that a group of soldiers could fight a contracted battle and not fuck like rabbits.
I say "apparently" because I know it's true. None of us read too much into the sex, it was just for blowing off steam. Just like last night was.

I wasn't worried about the others, I didn't feel like they were in danger if I wasn't standing behind them.

For a night I was only concerned with me and my good time, and that has't happened since before the war, before father...

I'll have to track down the seller of that family armor, and possibly see if someone bought any here...
I cannot permit this to stand.
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And no one seemed to have an issue with bringing along a telepathic, alien, computer hacking device. And!3 just blindly assumes that a plastic screw top tube will prevent any trouble it might cause. I won't let that thing endanger us.

This Forrester person we're following spent weeks examining it and still underestimated its abilities. Not one of us seems to have the tech savvy that he does. Leaving it at the hidden base on Nirvana 1 seems much safer to me, where it isn't connected to any network and there isn't any living mind to interact with seems the safest path.

And!3 has been warned about it. I'll do what has to be done, when I'm proven correct.
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A knock at the door...
The battery crews proved little threat once the distraction got really underway, but the door and the men beyond it were something more. They refused surrender and one even killed himself rather than be taken. Is it the implants, or something else? The twins said something about her having more people like them.

Perhaps ones that could control others?

I find it difficult to believe that this woman living on a rock in the middle of nowhere could engender the kind of loyalty my father always seemed to inspire. It has to be something else...

And we'll find out what that is and end her little power play.
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Horning in on her business...
This is how it ought to be. Battle sings in my veins and I want to laugh. The beast under me, his fellows behind us, we are, for this short time, one being, massive and unstoppable.

Thunder is the sound of our voice and the earth trembles at our coming. The MacRory croft will break under our storm and fury. They will be laid low and the land will be watered with their blood.

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