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Level Three
The party hit level three just after Stroud's unfortunate death. They were left to navigate Denerim at night, unsure of what to do. They spent the night at the Chantry, where a very paranoid Adran insisted they keep a watch.

In the morning Keran met up with Sera to investigate the Queen's chambers, and the gifts found inside. Three gifts were considered interesting: the map, the music box and the broken mirror. Unfortuantely Keran had no idea how to tell if any of them were involved in the Queen's disappearance, and had to fetch Kat and Four Leaves.

Kat and Four Leaves used their free time to wander through the market and found a stray cat begging for food. They coaxed it in and let it sleep in Kat's pack to be returned to Lila.

The party returned to the palace together to examine the gifts and determined that the mirror was the most likely culprit, as it was definitely magical despite being broken. They arranged for the mirror to be crated up so they could escort it somewhere.

- Mages request help
- Stroud's funeral
- Templars request help
- Players scout meeting area
- The party were attacked by Megan and her cronies from the Crimson Cartel. They had a score to settle with Brandis. The party efficiently dispatched them.
- Players side with templars at meeting, but ask for captured Mages not to be killed.
- PLayers question Tobias about the mirror and Jowan
- Tobias is shown the mirror
- Tobias is conscripted
- Party heads back towards Vigil's keep and are woken by a mysterious visit from Morrigan
- Party saves Tristan from burning Inn. Tristan rewards them with a brooch and signs up to be a Warden.
- Party arrives back at Vigil's Keep with the mirror, two new recruits, information about Stroud's death and a cat.

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Session one
Day one:
Characters arrived at Vigil's Keep one by one.
Four Leaves was first, having been escorted by Mitch from the Amaranthine City Prison.
Kat was second.
Adran and Eldan were third.
Brandis was fourth/
Kieran and Jack were last, arriving just after lunch time. Stroud was waiting for them as they had been expected.
William took notes on all who arrived.

During this wait time Four Leaves decided to investigate what Boomy was up to, and got close to a small explosion.

Characters were divided up into Party One and Party Two and given orders for their entrance test. They left after lunch.

Party One headed north, while Party Two headed south.
Players came across a copse of monstrous spiders but chose not to attack them.
Players were attacked by wolves after Keran failed many Nature checks attempting to collect Elfroot.
Players found a farmstead that had been destroyed by Darkspawn. They killed the Darkspawn responsible and used their camp to sleep for the night, setting appropriate watch.

Day Two:
Players easily found a second Darkspawn gang attacking another farmhouse. They saved the lady living there. They successfully collected the last of the Darkspawn blood and Elfroot required, plus some extra. Keran was most upset at being covered in Darkspawn flesh.
Players headed back to the Keep and arrived in time for lunch.
Party Two arrived back shortly before dinner.

The Joining ritual took place. Annie and Vida died. Adran and Eldan put them out of their misery.

At dinner Keran spoke to Ohgren and drank until he passed out.
Players were then shown to their (segregated) barracks.

Players are now Level 2.
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