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Caius is gone. Both physically, and mentally. A beast awoke in him during the battle, an eerie presence... It's as if he had died, and been replaced. It wasn't him succumbing to the dark side... no, that boat had longed sailed. More like- becoming the dark side. Does that make sense? Maybe. I barely knew him at all, and yet I haven't hated myself this much in years. Memories are floating the surface that I wish would remain buried.

Krata is my last hope, before I simply give up. I'm so sorry. I'm not a teacher, I never even finished my training. Being self taught only goes so far... how am I supposed to guide him along his path?

Every time I run my hand across the handle of your saber, it's as if I can still feel you... almost like I hear you whispering. Next to me. Every time the necklace you gave me slides across my chest, I picture you, reaching around my neck. I don't know what to do, and I wish you were still here. Look at me, a grown man who is unable to get over the loss of a loved one. Pathetic.
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Trouble from Within
The group has taken a hit, as Andren, a force sensitive individual... was killed whilst on a mission. It was a disturbing sight for his friends, as the young man lay in a pool of blood, covered by his entrails. This is certainly troubling for Caius... He has been slipping further and further, and this experience doesn't help in the slightest. I must act quickly if I'm to guide him along a better path, as toying with his mind can't sustain him forever.

What am I to do? There is not one, but two. I sense it. Krata. I'm afraid the man might be corrupted by the ever growing darkness within Caius. He keeps making promises of power... and I cannot let Krata suffer the same fate as my current apprentice.

Apprentice. Such a superficial title that bears no meaning what so ever. Simply makes me feel better I suppose. I must do better, not for me, or even them, but for you.
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A promising apprentice
I've found the individual. I'm sure of it. Caius, a young man currently associated with the rebels. I sense... a darkness within him, but I hope to cure it, or at least help him handle his emotions much like my former master did with me. There's a few others among him... one of which being quite naive. They seem quite trusting of me, thanks to Admiral Akbar's word. After many years of being alone, hidden and secluded... I've found another.

Our current objective is to travel to Hoth. A lovely, bone chilling barren planet. Perfect for training.
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New Hope
It's been so many years. So many grueling years since I've lost you. I still remember it, the daunting and dreadful feeling I got as I searched- and then the utter disappearance.
The disintegration. The loss. The hole that opened up. And then the rage as I saw you lying there. I slaughtered all that I could, though it wasn't as many as I had wanted.
They put me on the run, and I sat in the cargo hold of a cruiser, flying off into the void of space.

I've been lost for years; filled with regret, pain, and self-loathing on how I could not save you. I couldn't. I was a broken man, and I believe that won't ever change... but, I-I have to try and fix things... and that's why I'm here. I sense a presence, a faint one, but its there. I've had re-occurring dreams, and I must search for the meaning behind it all. I meet up with an old rebel contact tomorrow; we'll see where this leads.
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