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and the darkness binds me
We venture into the heart of darkness. we return to ravenloft to face strahd and bring him to justice. We scale his walls with magic and venture to the catacombs to look for his casket. tHe place is guarded by animated horrors of great strength. Juana, who is guided by the Raven queen strikes with vengence. Vampires fall before her, strahds personal armor crumples to the ground. i am awe struck by this ancient strength.

Odi leads us past the pit traps and waterways and we arrive at the crypts. A corrupted place that reeks of death. We surprisingly find a sactified space of the holy strength. The place of the old king. I say a prayer and take his gifts, which I will use strike down strahd.

We move forward. the search continues. We will enter the mists soon. I say a prayer of protection... Heikneken guide my blade.
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(from Face-to-Sun) I see the light
I see shadow, the Baron show himself.

I see light, beyond mist.

I become light, burn through shadow.

Save my people I shall.
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Narrating my life Part 1 - live with Malachi Shorin
We are back in Strahd’s castle but this time uninvited. Past the servant’s entrance, there was a book for guests to sign and identify their next of kin. We ignored it and headed on past. We encountered our old companion, Face the Sun whom we doubted at first until we saw him channel the Heileigen’s divine energies – a miracle in this forsaken land. Seeing it as a sign, we took him along as we walked and stumbled past crazed servants, gloomy traps and forgotten tunnels.

All seemed quiet as Odi tried to retrace his steps from memory of the old crypt he found underneath the castle. After breaking down a number of the old tombs, we encountered holy barriers which only Sir Peirce could pass. When he came back to us, he was dressed more regally by a magnificent cap and crown. Next we stumbled into a magical trap which turned Sir Peirce into a zombie. “This is what you would have wanted” I yelled as a divine fired his melting face. When we realised that maybe Sir Peirce was still alive, Qeynos used his magic to locate him and we eventually freed him after a period of time.

Using magic to suppress this magical trap, we reached a quiet tomb where three ladies of the night rose up to give us deathly kisses. Before they could strike however, the Raven Queen’s servant held their mind in place with a powerful magic and we easily slew them. For a moment, I felt jealous that Heileigen did not grant me similar powers but that thought quickly dissipated as I knew this was all part of his divine will.

Thinking that the tomb was Strahd’s we filled it with holy water and attempted to destroy it before we left. Other than that, we left and encountered another body – Strahd’s brother? – but decided to leave his tomb alone given that none of us could make use of his armor. Qeynos, however did decide to taken a souvenir in one of the tombs in the shape of a three faced helmet. “Happy, angry, sad” as we watched his body engulfed in a trap. Finally, we left the crypt having not found our foe and stumbled past a seemingly endless series of stairs until….

we suddenly saw Strahd and I froze.
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Bringing the light to push away the darkness

The long night before the dawn.

The time for running is over. Strahd is more firm than ever in seeing us as a threat. The confrontation in Valacki proves it. He surprised us, it wont happen again. We have done enough preparation these past months. I dont know if we are strong enough to face him, but it is increasingly clear that confrontation is inevitable. The last confrontation was the deadliest yet, and he would have claimed my soul had it not been for my prayer of protection.

I sharpen Dreznas blades in preperation for the horrors of strahds fortress. I say prayer to sharpen my mind and reinforce my faith.

We will free these people from this eternal darkness... or die trying.
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Chapter 10: One last trip
Clouds gathered in the horizon as if sensing the final battle drawing near. As we gathered for the morning breakfast in the town of Barovia, an urgent message came for Sir Peirce and Odie that they were needed in Vallicki. They quickly gathered up their gear and rode away with due haste. “I’ll catch up with you all, I have” *mumble mumble* “to do first.” When they were gone, I sheepishly walked back to my room and reached into the secrets folds of the cloak for the pouch. The door of the room closed and a sickly sweet smell wafted through the narrow halls of the tavern.

First there was nothing. Lying on the hard bed, I could hear occasional rustling from behind the walls and a dead stillness as nothing moved in the enclosed space. But then whisphers began to appear, shapelessly floating across the still seas in the air, appearing only as movements. They danced as the warm wooden walls began to melt slowly but surely with each heavy breath of mine. My heart began to beat faster and I closed my eyes.

The movements followed me there, behind my eyes, drawing nearer. They were lights in the darkness, tiny bulbs delicately flitting against the drowning black. As each one would die out, another would appear, fighting. An eternal struggle against the all consuming stillness of an end until suddenly there was no more night but only light. My eyes opened. I laid there for a while contemplating on my complete lack of thoughts. As if from nowhere, a name appeared. Heilige Ein?

Suddenly, the world came roaring back to me and I jumped up in alarm. Vallicki! My companions! I put on my armor and left through the tavern doors.
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