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I can't believe we've got...
I can't believe we've gotten this far without being noticed until now. Past the first layers of security and into the secret part of the "Secret Base." But from here on out, it will get trickier.

There are a lot of minions, for one thing. Well-trained minions. And who knows what else? More Grond-alikes? The real Grond? And ultimately, scariest of all, Bale himself.

He's got to know we're here. He must be setting us up, or something! We have to be very careful and watch out for each other...

I keep reminding myself that we are the only ones paying attention to whatever Bale is up to. Saving the world from He Who Comes is important, but saving it for Bale to take over would be disasterous. So, here we are. Take Bale out, then save the world. Right?
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The Break out
Princess and Kid Robot were on duty when the alarm went off.

"Gee Wilikers, Princess," Robot shouted. She wished he wouldn't do that, he was only three feet from her. His programming was sometimes a little too on the money. "That's an alarm from Washington ARC Red prison."

There had been a warning sent her way from one the administration there, an old friend, who warned the team about an overcrowding issue. The refit of the ARC Red facility in New Mexico was still underway and the super prison was holding fifteen more inmates than Renegade was comfortable with. Inmates who had worked together.

Worst case scenario, 40 supervillains mostly level 3's and 4's. But among them were monsters like Toyboy and Crush. Couple that with the number of unexplained Villain escapes and vanishings over the last several months... Something bad is coming...

"Call the team Kid, I'll go warm up the jet and let ARCRED002 know we're on the way..."
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"... Could there be trouble for Century City's number one Powers Couple? Dove, the masked avenger, former sidekick, and wife of Champions team leader Impact has yet to be seen in public action with the team, despite reports that she gave birth to the couple's second child over eight months ago. Is she having trouble dropping that baby weight a second time? Or are rumors of problems between the couple over the team's direction and leadership more than just rumors?

"Viewers will recall that twice last year, before she took time off for her pregnancy, Dove was seen in public arguments with Impact over proper response methods during emergencies.

::cut to images of costumed adventurers arguing in the midst of an area of downtown Century City that resembles a Third World warzone. Starstrike and Badger look on, shocked.::

"And this isn't the first time rumors have suggested trouble in parardise for Century City's hometown heroes, eight years ago, rumors were flying about an affair between Dove and J-Pop sensation and superhero, the late Rising Son. Many fans believe that Rising Son's only top ten US hit "Bird of Prey in My Heart" was a public confirmation of the affair.

::Cut to clip of Rising Son performing in Dunk::

"Without Dove, the Champions are still fighting the good fight, but maybe some of the passion has gone out of their never ending battle..."
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Tags: The wind-up
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