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A big risk with big rewards
I was keeping my head low. Real low. Only sticking my neck out in desperation. I didn't want to go back. If I had gotten caught it might be a full on high security ARC facility. Something long term and unpleasant.

But now, there's an offer for something big. Big money, big risk, big con. I'm more of a smash and grab kinda gal, but this? This is keep moving so fast they won't know what hit them kinda deal. I gotta act the part of a Hero. Gotta keep moving so they don't recognize who I am or have time to think about it.

I guess it was a good thing I was considered a second or third stringer. No one will notice that I'm not around. Well almost no one. He'll miss me. At least for a time. I mean, we were good together, mostly. In a way, he's the one who kept me the most honest. I didn't want to disappoint him again. The first time was one time too many. But maybe.. maybe I'm not good for him. I mean I chose this instead of him. I chose the big con and big money over us.

And now, now I have this suit to put on. I've been told that it will help. This Solo guy built me a disguise. Something to help me stay in the fight longer. Something to give me an edge that I never had. I have to say, it is sleek and looks light......

Wow. I can feel it hum. Resonate with me. It's almost like it is a part of me. Stronger, nice heads up screen, even a radio. I wonder if I can run the radio through my output speakers. Not yet, maybe we can modify it. There's this option to tap into my speed to vibrate just right to walk through stuff. And lots of neat little tricks. Wow. Definitely good. I can do a lot with this. Hmmmm....
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Tags: backstory