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The Dwarves take a hit! But we ain't down for long!
Why did it have to be ORCS??? I was out on a patrol, with my unit, in an area not normally patrolled by my clan... I only had another month until my military conscription would be up, and I could finally leave, and follow my passion... the Clergy. I got nothing but respect for the fightin' types, but when the Goddess calls, ya gotta listen.

But, I went to sleep early, as I was to be on the last watch of the night. Well, I woke to a rustling at my tent, and to the right fist of an loathsome orc right between the eyes. Now I find myself trussed up and heading somewhere that I think I might be better off not knowing about in the first place. I can't take them out by myself... hopefully, I can find some others that are like minded about getting out of this predicament.
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Tags: backstory
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