A ragtag group of adventurers in the Hillsfar region of the Forgotten Realms.

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Session 6 - Scarecrow, Father Clayton and the Battle Below
Returning to Hillsfar the party manages to smuggle everyone into the city and takes Rei to the Temple of Tempus. Father Craig (Joe Pesci) greets the group and says that Father Clayton is the one who might be able to help them. He is able to restore Rei for all the money the party has and it seems that all is fine with Rei.

The party rests for the night before returning to the last farm and following the tracks to the cavern from which the goblin attacks seem to be originating. Climbing down into the crevasse the party soon finds a larger cave opening with a goblin dressed in makeshift armor riding on a death dog along with a regular goblin acting as his aide. They are both guarding the tunnel entrance as well as keeping an eye on a pair of strange creatures that look like giant bugs with feather-like antenna.

Rei spies a leather strap that is holding the pen door housing these strange creatures prisoner and shoots an arrow to sever it, hoping the caged creatures will attack their captors. Unfortunately, the creatures are rust monsters and they are much more interested in attacking the party for their tasty metal instead. A battle ensues where the party manages to prevent their weapons and armor from being destroyed by the rust monsters and is also able to defeat the goblin knight and his squire.

Quite wounded and spent from the battle the party decides to retreat for the night and recoup and heal before heading further into the complex. The next morning they enter the cave again but find the bodies of the slain goblins, dogs and rust monsters have been taken away. Heading down the passageway the party is separated as the tunnel collapses in two places trapping some inside. Water begins to pour into the trapped area and the party is forced to use a stick of Victormite to blow a hole into the rock and make their escape. The party travels for quite some time before they finally have a choice of direction and choose to follow the eastern most tunnel until it ends. Once the determine its ending point, they backtrack to the first northern tunnel and follow it. It is a short tunnel that opens up into a large cavern filled with makeshift goblin hovels.
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Session 5 - Farm Attacks
Death and hay!
Get all the money up front! Dying can be expensive.
Choices were made, but ultimately they brought me back. So can they be trusted? Did they just want my share of the loot? Hay is not a good alternative to a blanket.
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Session 4 - Evil Elven Temple and the Beast
Pay attention to everything.
This group of people gets into a lot of trouble 'helping' others. So far the coin has been slow coming and the treasure less so.
I feel a strange desire to get some sort of tactics set up, due to our error we set loose an evil upon the realm and it doesn't feel right.
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Session 3 - Zook and the Jackalweres
Don't kill the taking creatures?
Sometimes it leads to treasure, oh and I guess helping others feels good as well.
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Session 2 - Electric Boo-ga-loo
Out of obligation once I discovered the package was going to my sister so I temporarily put aside the search for wealth, to relieved it as it was meant to arrive.
Attachments will get you killed as Mem discovered, the delivery would have been better handled quietly and alone.
And the Red Plumes are as big a bunch of cocks as ever.
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