• Adelaide_thumb
    Adelaide Vampire/F
    Description:Tall, well dressed, with dark hair and an Egyptian complexion. She has a surprisingly soothing voice, and is normally more than willing to tell tales or sing songs for anyone who asks. In a fight, she is not content to sit in the corner and watch, and is often the first to jump in and aid somebod...
    Background:Currently, she works at Rollins College, often teaching classes online or giving night lectures, but she does also assist in the library when they need the extra hand. Within vampire society, she does not have an official position in any city, but she seems to be on a first name basis with many ...
  • 2edb858f79a7df9757f5b7f17a42d289_thumb
    Caoimhe Brujah/F/Brawler
    "Ya like dags?"
    Description:A whole 110 pounds of spice, 5 foot 2 inches of attitude, and a heart bigger than the Sun (er... So to speak.) Caoimhe's got a shock of flaming red hair in a jagged pixie cut which she keeps under an ivy cap a good majority of the time, and a smattering of dark freckles on her otherwise alabaster...
    Background:Caoimhe grew up as a gypsy in northern Ireland. She was one of the few lucky enough to keep her parents who instilled loyalty and a the importance of familial love. She can be prickly but overall, she's got an open heart and mind, and her home is generally filled with vampires she's picked up off...
  • Apollo_thumb
    Apollo Travers Vampire/M/Ventruet
    Description:Efficiency, Etiquette, and Aesthetic are all things that could describe Apollo Travers. He's the kind of man that is more comfortable in a three piece tailored suit than he would be in sweats and a t-shirt. Everything about his unlife is about details. He's always impeccably dressed down to the m...
  • Quinn_thumb
    Quinn Newport Vampire/F/Ventrue
    "Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it."
  • Thad_thumb
    Thaddeus Marlowe Vampire/M/Tremere
    Description:Having the ability to see Spirits during his life had lead Thaddeus Marlowe down a path of major interest in the occult. He studied where he could in Victorian London, traveling to the seedy underbelly of the city. That was how he found out Vampires were real. It took the boy a long while to conv...
  • Aurelia_1_thumb
    Aurelia Vampire/F/Malkavian
    ""Somewhere between desperate and divine""
    Description:Physical Characteristics Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 150 lbs Nationality/Species: Roman Skin/Fur Color: Ivory Hair Color: Pumpkin Hair Length: The ends of her mane hover just above the natural waist Eye Color: Blue Handicaps: Legally blind (Non-total darkness)
    Background:She was the unwanted daughter of a well-to-do family. Instead of selling her into slavery, they consulted with an oracle who saw promised in the girl and took her on as a future prophetess. When her eyesight was still good, she would devour texts until she couldn’t keep her eyes open or the day b...
    Details:Religion: Roman Pantheon (Polytheistic) Superstitions: Respect the Gods, never defy their words as they flow through you. Crossing thresholds with left foot, wearing amulets for luck. Likes:Reading, Learning, Knitting, Listening to/ making music, chatting with the dead. Dislikes: Being forced...

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