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The Merciful Ajora
"This… this couldn’t be… Ajora doing... could it?" Triss Nightshade protested, as she tried to gather her thoughts, disbelieved with the evidences of the brutal annihilation of one religion to another.

"YOU!" said the banshee spitefully, sniffing hideously as she circled Triss. “Yooouuu reeks of her-rrrrrrr ugly sinful stennccccch……….”

"Please forgive her sister of Elhonna! She is but another mindless sheep who have blindly followed the lies of the false one… Let me…" Crownface knew what was coming, but it was too late.

“Yoooou… traitor of the Old Gods... you shall suffer... suffer for eternity as we all did…” An unusual silent filled the cavern they were in, the faint breeze of air currents halted, calm as one would have expected from within the eye of a hurricane.

“WAAAHHHHH-AAAHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” A terrible wail from hell, nova-blasted from the banshee’s deformed mouth, the noise penetrated every single ears at the scene, its awful pitch punctured the heart and soul of the whole party.

Triss fell to the ground almost immediately, her head connected with a boulder next to her, took her out of consciousness for a second, dazed, blood dripped from her temple, then onto the muddy ground, forming a pile of dark red puddle. She couldn’t feel the pain on her head, because her heart was bleeding even more. She instinctively stumbled back on her feet. “So much blood…” she stared at both of her palms which was painted with blood. “Not mine…?”

She tried to take a step back, and tripped over something soft. “A corpse.” Triss said to herself, regaining balance. “Corpses…” as she looked around, shockingly found herself surrounded by mountains of them. Horde of humans nearby were smashing and destroying a building of what seemed to be a church. The terrible smell of flesh and blood burning. A horrible death scream emanated closed by, then another, one by one, she noticed soldiers armed with pikes, searching for survivors amongst the large pile of corpses. She recognized their sigils, Sword of Ajora.

“Burn them all, and leave no statues of their false god standing!” a man commanded.

Another death scream, this time a bloody head landed at her feet. Triss muddled under her breath. “What in the name of…”

“Look what I have found here lads, we have got ourselves a lively one!” said one of the soldiers, grinning maliciously.

“Ohhhhh, no no no brother, this will be my turn remember? You went first last time!” replied another.

“That don’t count, she was already dead!” Their actions did not make any sense to Triss, but she knew exactly where this was going.

“Is this some kind of jest?! Brothers of Ajora! I am Triss Nightshade, third battalion, defender of our holy church of Glabados. I am also a Sword of Ajora like you!” exclaimed Triss, though no voice came out of her mouth as she reached for the hilt of her sword.

Empty. Triss felt a shiver runs down her spine as fear filled her chest. “Shit” she cussed as she padded her body. She realized she was not in her half plate, but in some sort of priest ceremonial gown which she did not recognized.

The two men advance cautiously, circling their prey. Triss lunged out with a straight left, one man fell to the ground, tooth flying. More soldiers nearby joined their hunt. A shield shoved her brutally from her back, knocking her proned on the ground, Triss screamed with terror…

She couldn’t remember how long, she thought at first that the hatred would consumed the pain, but they never stop accumulating, as more follower of Ajora climbed on top of her.

When the last finished, he grabbed a shield nearby, it’s polished surface displayed the emblem of St. Ajora, violently rammed down Triss’s neck and walked away casually. She gasped as she saw the reflection of her face on the polished shield. It was not of her own, but the face of the twisted banshee laughing at her hideously “Nooooow you feel our paaaaaaaaain! WAAAAHHHHAAAAHHAAAA!!!” as Triss choked in her own blood.
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Epic × 3!
Loot descriptions

Sending Stones

Sending stones comes in pairs, with each smooth stone carved to match the other so the pairing is easily recognized. While you touch one stone, you can cast the sending spell from it, The target is the bearer of the other stone. If no creatures bears the other stone, you know that fact as soon as you use the stone and don't cast the spell.

Once sending is cast through the stones, they can't be used again until next dawn. If one of the stones is destroyed the other becomes non-magical.

Potion of Heroism

For 1 hour, you gain 10 temporary hit points, and you are under the effect of the bless spell.

Potion of Invulnerability

When you drink this potion, you have resistance to all damage for 1 minute. The potion is a syrupy liquid that looks like liquid Iron.

Potion of Hill Giants Strength

When you drink this potion, your strength score changes to 21 for 1 hour.

Eyes of Minute Seeing.

These crystal lenses fit over the eyes. While weaing them, you can see much better than normal out to a range of 1 ft. you have advantage on intelligence,(investigation) checks that rely on sight while searching an are or studying an object within range

Shadow Javelin.

The Javelin is Jet black and cold to the touch. There is a some kind of smoky residue surrounding it. It is without any distinctive markings or adornments.
When you hurl it and speak its comman word, it turns into a black bolt of necrotic damage. forming a line 5 ft wide that extends out from you to a target within 120 feet. Each creature in that line must make a DC 13 Dex save or take 4d6 Necrotic damage. and half as much on a successful save.
The Shadow Javelin transforms back into a javelin when it reaches its target. On a hit the target takes damage from the Javalin as well as 4d6 Necrotic damage. The property can't be used again until the next down. In the meantime the javelin can be used as a magic weapon.

Wand of Magic Missile-

The wand has 7 charges. while holding it you can use an action to expend 1 or more charges, to cast magic missile.. For 1 charge you cast the 1st level version of the spell. You can increase the spell slot level by one for each additional charge you expend.
The wand regains 1d6+1 charges daily at dawn. If you use the last charge, roll d20, on a 1 the wand is destroyed.

Corrupted Holy Symbol of Ehlonna

The holy symbol looks like a stag with 5 pronged horns. It is made of some kind of exotic wood you aren't able to identify with brass trimmings. Whatever power it once had is now dimmed as there seems to be some kind of corrosive substance eating away at it. The holy symbol gives +1 to all saves
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Chapter 3: It would be unfortunate
Amidst broken statutes, before a face forgotten and left to dust, she cried. I felt her beckoning sorrow emanating from the hole in the ground. Strangely repeating endlessly without release. It seemed a trap. Yet a kindred sorrow so familiar. Our paladin bravely descended alone first into the darkness.

On rope, we later climbed down to stand on shattered fragments of the past. My companions studied their surroundings. A cavern empty but for a lone ghost. I felt her sorrow swallow me and I fell to my knees clutching the shattered face on the ground. Remains of my holy Ehlonna, This was a place of her worship! The next I knew, someone whispered “Ajora” and then a whirlwind of horror and images of violence. A horrible scream and most of my companions fell to the floor near death. I looked into the face of a dead woman, vengeance in her eyes, I pleaded for my companions’ lives. Mentioned their folly. Sheep they were but not evil. Sheep in need of a better shepherd. She paused her killing stroke. Destroy the traitor. Find the heart. She disappeared before we could ask her to tell us more.

I healed my companions as best I could. My faith renewed. I was not dreaming. Ehlonna indeed has given me a sign, her holy symbol as proof. I tuck it close to my heart, a red smile blossomed across my face. I hope that we will uncover the truth about the betrayal unforgotten.

Some of my companions seem to have awakened, some doubt. But I can’t trust them yet, especially the followers of Ajora who were so easily persuaded by the Wolf’s message and magic. It would be unfortunate if I had to kill all of them. But we must do as we must to cut the weeds to let the roses bloom.
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Session 3 Into the Dungeon of Zeikden
Our brave heroes delved deeper in the bowels of Zeikden, where they narrowly escaped many dangers. Vicious spiders, deadly fungus, metal guardians, and a angry wraiths.

The catacombs of Zeikden were something greater than anyone realized, It had shattered statues of old gods, mysterious machina, and gears and functions that no one can really understand.

After a encounter with a Banshee worshipper of Ehollona, our heroes narrowly escaped with their lives. In exchange they had to strike a bargain with her. They have to strike down the "traitor of the old gods" and crush the "heart". What these things are and where they are require further investigation.

Badly hurt and terribly injured our heroes ventured up to the fortress of Zeikden from above, where they discover the Wolf's actions.

The Wolf had killed the Beoulve knights and used their armor to inflitrate Beoulve manor, where they kidnapped Alma Beoulve and badly injured Dycedarg.

While their wounds were healing the rest of the party ventured on deeper in the labyrinth. They past through the trials and challenges and emerged toward the top of Zeikden Fortress, treasures in hand and enemies vanquished.

However many questions remain? Where is the Wolf? Who is the "Traitor of Old Gods" and what is the Heart, What is the purpose of the Machina?
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Session 3 Into the Dungeon of Zeikden
Total XP 4550
650 XP per person (7 Players)

Manny the Minotaur - CR 3- XP 700
Daniel the Displacer Beast- CR 3- XP 700
Wraith Zalkar-CR 5 XP 1800
Rust Monsters x5. CR 1|2 XP (100x5) 500
Giant Spider x2 CR 1 XP (200x2) 400
Gelatinous Cube CR 2 XP 450

300 GP
5 gems worth 50gp

Magic Items.

Eyes of Minute Seeing
Sending Stones
Wand of Magic Missile
Holy Symbol of Ehollona (+1 to all saves)
Shadow Javelin
Spell Scroll 2nd level Blindness/Deafness
Spell Scroll 1st Level Comprehend Languages

Potion of Heroism
Potion of Invulnerability
Potion of Hill Giants Strength
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