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Games session 12
We open at the tavern in Torien's Watch. Our group of heroes is planning their next foray to the Caves.

-- Linna asks Joseth for a quiet word. "You and your group have been pretty successful at getting things from the monsters, and we've been generous at buying the valuables from you. If you ever happen to run across a magic-user's spellbook, and you can get it to me without anyone else knowing about it? I would make sure to reward you most handsomely."

-- Tannen the friendly druid asks Maggie and Raven if he can come along on their next foray. "I've been cooped up in here too long. The numbers of goblins and undead that you report sound like a serious threat. I really must insist on helping all of you to wipe out this threat." Hearing about their actions, a Rjurik warrior named Eidrik asked to be allowed to contribute his two swords to their party. If a druid of Erik thought it so important, then he should go, too.

Gavin and Landen were unable to go along on this trip, there was some kind of temple thing they needed to attend. Fortunately, Deloran was able to go along, so there would be some clerical support with them.

Hawkeye, Reginald, and Boren all agreed to follow them, once they had gotten their weapons ready. Boren had none, so he was very pleased when Joseth bought him a coat of chain-mail and a shield, while Raven donated to him her curved short-sword.

The short walk down the road was uneventful, and they passed down the now-familiar trail to the ravine that held all of the caves. Everyone shuddered when they passed by the cave that used to hold Boren's tribe-- the mouth of the cave was now occupied by a statue that looked amazingly like the clan's late chief Gerthak. Speculation abounded about how the gnolls or the undead-raisers could have turned him to stone?

They decided this time, to enter the Cave noted as "K", where they many zombies had been seen before. They noted its foul, death-like smell and the now-familiar eerie blood-red strata in the walls. Beyond the entrance lay the wide hall, its floors and walls smooth and polished black. Turning to the south, they entered a chamber they had not been in before. Raven and Maggie led as a silent scouting team. There was a throne on a raised dais, surrounded by a dozen skeletons, all armed and in positions of attention.

Raven started shooting at the skeletons, knocking one down, while Maggie ran to summon the rest of the group. The skeletons quickly swarmed around the group, moving and striking faster than anyone had seen before-- was there magical assistance? Tannen surprised everyone by turning on them and striking at the party members! He had armor under his druid's robes, and kept Deloran at bay while shouting for assistance from someone. Between him and the very speedy skeletons, the group's numbers were whittled down, and they fell under the hacking blows. Only Joseth, fleet of foot, was still upright, and he ran for the exit!


An unknown amount of time later, most of the party awoke, tied to chairs in a different room. The center of the room was filled with torture implements, and Deloran was being worked over by a human. The chairs were around the walls, so that everyone could see and hear his pain. Boren and Hawkeye were not among them. When the torturer had had enough with the priest, he grinned and ordered two zombies to untie Eidrik and bring him to the rack for his turn. Imagine his surprise when the burly northerner transformed into a bear and crushed his zombie servants in its paws! The bear turned on him and he fled. Eidrik cut everyone's bonds with his claws and teeth, and everyone fled the room. Their weapons and armor were gone, so they had to navigate in the darkness wearing only their underclothes.

Fortunately, Maggie was able to remember the map that the other adventuring group had sketched from their foray into this same cavern, and she led them through the storage room down a hidden passage and into the gnoll's caverns. While running through this now-abandoned cave, they met Joseth, who had brought Gavin, Roy, and Landen as a rescue party. They all beat feet back to the Watch.

After some food, baths, and re-arming from the guild store, they resolved to try again as soon as they had healed. Adrin, Gavin, and Landen's healing spells were very welcome to the battered group.
Session: Game Session 12 - Friday, Feb 05 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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