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For a more standard version of what he wears, in the sense of "everyday" attire he wears linen robes with fairly simple patterning, although a few more intricate embellishments are present.Sometimes he will sport an extra wrap and/or sash that can either be worn over she shoulder or used in order to make a cowl around his head.

Sheeko also owns special robes for holidays or ceremonies. As opposed to his more free flowing attire, these robes are more form fitting. These are much more formal and are meant to be dazzling. Their patters are much more intricate than his everyday wear and the craftsmanship shows in them. Their embellishments tend to catch the eye with the materials used; finer silks, beads and other such items are common.

Instead of traditional shoes or sandals he sticks to a foot wrap that is similar in style to a Lyrical sandal, although with slightly more support and protection from the elements while still keeping him nearly barefoot.

Jewelry was not unknown to Sheeko. He had a few rings that he would wear, usually of gold to more highly contrast his skin colour. Most of it was for nothing more than aesthetic value. The only piece that had value beyond monetary would be the necklace he wore. Unlike the other pieces which clearly were for display, his necklace was more often than not tucked into his robes and the only sign of it being a simple leather band that held the blue pendant. Engraved into the stone itself was an Okodee Mmowere, a symbol for bravery. His father gave this to him when he was coming closer to an age that he would be venturing out on his own.

On the topic of adornments the Eshu also had several tattoos. All three were done in a golden-yellow ink to offset his skin tone, Although it was not purely metallic in it's look.
Perhaps the one that stood out most was the one that covered his scalp. Seeing as he had no hair he took the chance to leave something to look at. Settled atop his skull and dipping just into his forehead was the permanent image of a Naynsapo, or more simply known as a Wisdom Knot. It was a symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience. He had two other tattoos. The second being a Mmere Dane which resided on his left inner forearm. This one being a reminder that times will always change. Lastly on his stretching from the back of his right hand, over his wrist and partly up his arm was an ornate symbol that closely resembled the letter S. Although Sheeko didn't know it's precise meaning he had always enjoyed the symbol and associated with it. This last one was more for the look of the symbol instead of holding a meaning with it.

Robes: One
Two Three Four
Shoes: One Two
Necklace: One Two
Tattoos: Nyansapo Mmere Dane Third Tattoo
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