A motley gang of heroes stumble into an adventure while aiding their friend, Gundren Rockseeker, who has tasked the party to bring a cart of supplies to the nearby city of Phandalin.

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Sergeant's Log
About a tenday ago, my Cousin Gundren Rockseeker came for dinner. I could tell all evening that something was troubling him. I asked his if there was anything wrong and he told me about a cart that needed delivering to the nearby town of Phandalin. Gundren told me about the group he was putting together and confessed his true intentions of his visit, to invite me to oversee this ragtag, motley group. By my beard I was so happy to accept. I had been waiting for a small taste of my adventuring days for a while now...

Gundren's gang met up on the road. Including me, the company consisted of five. There was little discipline between the ranks and we, even now, have not decided a leader or rank system. Something that this old army man is having difficulty with.

Unfortunately, the mission fell completely apart. About half way to Phandalin, we were almost ambushed by four nasty goblins. There are good and bad consequences of our actions that day. Fortunately, we saw the fallen horses of their previous ambush, which caused us distress. We asked the Halfling, Snarf Halfstick, to look up ahead. As a result, we managed to survive the situation and gain some loot. On the other hand, the riders to the fallen horses seem to have been my cousin Gundred's and his bodyguard's. Although I profusely argued that we should charge in and attempt to save my beloved clan brother, the company reminded me of my duty to protect the goods and my honour. I did not follow easily, they promised to help save my brother as soon as possible.

We reached Phandelin and gave the supplies in to the shopkeeper at the provisions store. For that he payed each of us Ten gold pieces. We stayed the night at Snarf's aunt's. A tremendous lady and wonderful cook. We exchanged recipes. I look forward to trying that pie recipe.

That night, the others agreed in a pact that they would help me and I promised Zena that I would help her in exchange. The next day we searched the town for my other two cousins, but they were no where to be found and no one knew exactly where to find them. While journeying the town the gang was told of many adventures that we could go on, should we decide to stick together after our current journies.

After that, my company and I marched on Craigmaw hideout, following the trail that had once led to my cousin. We were very fortunate to pick up a mighty steed on our journey to the cave. The company cleared the cave after many small goblin skirmishes and a near-death experience with a large pack of very large mutant dire-wolves of extreme strength. Thankfully, the fair warrior Zena was there to save me from death's grip by throwing me forty feet out of the cave. We were able to garnish some fascinating information because of the interrogation skills of Alibree. It would be silly, also, not to mention the skills of Sir Philip III as he managed to hold the goblin chief pinned on the ground for interrogation. We also found Gundren's Bodyguard, Silder Hallwinter, who helped us clear the cave. At the end of the cave we found some supplies that had been stolen on their way to Phandelin. We intend to return them. With some treasure in hand, we flooded the cave and camp outside, tonight, for a rest.

Although it has been quite the unexpected adventure, satisfying my desires, I am filled with emotions. I am scared that we may never find my cousin who is being held captive in Craigmaw Castle. That is, if he wasn't disposable to this Black Spider. I also fear for what may be happening to my other cousins as they camp, anxiously waiting for their brother to return to them. I am concerned for my party, because they all are facing great hardships and losses of their own.

I pray for the health of my Family back in Neverwinter. I pray they are happy and healthy. May the gods be with all of us. It is times like these, where everyone seems lost in hopelessness, that I wonder if the gods are among mortal affairs at all.
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My First Adventure is NOT What I Expected
The day started out like any other day. I awoke, said my prayers, and headed over to the temple. It was early and I was the first one there. The Chief Priest would arrive later, but I would start the day. While lighting the candles of knowledge, a dwarf came into the temple. His name was Gundrun Rockseeker. He sought prayer and protection for the journey he was to be taking. Naturally I did give him the blessing of Oghma, but then asked him about his journey (my thirst for adventure was too much to not ask). He said he had to do some business over in Phandalin and he was worried about his trip. He then expressed his need to protect a delivery to Phandalin that would follow him and his bodyguard. I told him I would love to help protect the goods because I sought adventure outside of the walls of Neverwinter. Delighted, he agreed, and told me where to meet in the morning and where to deliver the goods.

I was ecstatic! Finally, my adventure was here and I could prove myself and learn about the world. When I awoke the next day and went to the meeting point I met my travelling companions.

There were five of us in total for this trip. Myself, of course, the wise wizard, and four others. We were an odd group: high elf (myself), a dwarf, a halfling, a human, and <Gordon>. We are not a talkative bunch as we all have our own motives and they do not bode well with each other. The halfling, Snarf Halfstick, is in it purely for the money, and the apparent women that will come for him after the adventure is over. He really is quite full of himself. The dwarf, Thorgan Rockseeker, is cousin to Gundren, and is helping him for family, and honourable cause. The human, Zena Gritt, is, I believe, in it for the glory (and the money). I can sense she is a tough fighter, but she seems to speak more through her actions than her words. Philip the Third is the same way--a very quiet human fighter, just like Zena.

The female human fights with her great sword and crossbow and seems very mighty, and the male fights with a great axe and a javelin. The little one fights and shoots as well, quite well too for his size. The dwarf fights with a hammer and can cast some magic. I see most potential in liking him as we both share magical roots.

The day started simple as we made the trek with the cart and oxen towards Phandalin. We conversed a little while I drove the cart, Snarf rode and watched our rear, Thorgan and Zena taking either side. We were stopped by two dead horses. Snarf, being small and extremely sneaky, snooped around in the thickets to try and determine the cause. He saw two goblins nearby, returned with his findings, and checked the other side. When he returned, we decided that I should try and speak with them, as I am fluent in Goblin. When I approached them with Zena, they did not want to chat and started to attack. I used my magic to slay them with the help of the others. I was pleased with my magic--I've never casted it on a living being before, and hopefully my comrades never learn of this. I am well practiced in the art of magic, but I've only ever practiced on dummies and targets.

After we slew the group, we noticed a small trail that looked goblin used and we noticed drag marks--one the size of a human, on the size of a dwarf. Thorgan was deeply concerned for his cousin, but we could not leave the cart and oxen to try and find him that day. We said we would examine the trail when we finished the job.

We made it to town and Snarf got really shady. He said it was best he didn't do into town with us, but to collect his money and he was going to wait on the outskirts. I now question the tiny one and his motives. I must keep a closer eye on him.

We went to the owner of Barthen's Provisions, gave him the cart, collected our coin, geared up as it appeared we would be having more adventures together. Barthen said he never saw Gundren arrive, but gave us some information on how we may go about looking for him.

We went back to Snarf, gave him his coin, and visited his aunt's house. She was a kind halfling who offered us food and lodgings--even if it was in the barn. Thank Oghma for my powers of magic, I could clear the stench from that building.

The next day after being fed by Snarf's aunt, we set out into town to gather as much information as we could about the area, where to find Gundren, and even gathered other missions from the townsfolk. We then discovered Snarf's shady background and the reason he hides all the time here--he used to be a member of the Redbrands and they seek some vengeance on him. I want to trust him, but he makes it difficult. For now I will just keep a watch on him, but we need him with us for our adventures.

We made it back to the path where we saw the drag marks and the dead horses. Thorgan is extremely worried for the sake of his cousin and I feel bad for him. Our group had a small dispute when Snarf said he would help for some possible reward. I lost my temper--how could he ask for money when Thorgan's cousin was in danger? It was apparently a miscommunicates, but Thorgan and Snarf then started attacking me for being so aggressive. Doesn't Thorgan see I was on his side? Doesn't Snarf see I was mistaken? Oh well, they are just blind to my wisdom. I did not pursue the argument further.

Despite this, I thought we got along quite well for a newly founded group... Until we stumbled along the mule. What a dumb creature to have crossed our path, and what a dumb group of adventures to spend so much time with it. Thorgan, all concerned for the life of his cousin, always saying we did not have enough time, decided he wanted the mule. Snarf agreed, then Zena and Philip followed suit. They all wanted to tame this dumb creature. I said it would be a waste of our time--we can carry the things we need, why bring another mouth to feed? But they insisted. So the dwarf, blinded by fear for his cousin, tried to tame the beast with the help of Zena... For four hours. I lost my patience, conjured a snake in an attempt to spook the beast, but when Snarf tried to attack it they saw it was nothing but magic. Thorgan turned to me, darkened his eyes, thunder erupted behind him, and shouted at me to stop. I knew the spell, but it caught me off guard. I realized we needed to avoid confrontation to work well together, so I stopped the spell. I disagree with the whole group of them, and I believe the only benefit to the creature would be to feed it to a dragon, but I am outnumbered and they will not listen to my reason. I gave up the fight.

The mule follows us now. They've even named the dumb thing "Blessing." He's been nothing but a curse as he has slowed us down. I am starting to wonder how much Thorgan really wants to find his cousin.

We have made it to the entrance of a cave where the path leads to. The mule we have spent so long with will now have to wait outside. Who knows how long it will be waiting for us to return. I hope it is dead when we get out.

For now, we need to learn to work together. I must try to assert my knowledge more upon the group and have them all work coherently. We shall see how well we work together in this goblin infested cave.

- Alibree Silverleaf

Session: Game Session - Saturday, May 02 2015 from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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