In the world of Jianghu your character wanders the land, fights injustice, punishes the wicked and protects the weak.

You live under the Sung Dynasty. The Empire has become corrupt. The Emperor is seldom seen these days leaving most tasks to his chief advisor, the sinister and ever scheming eunuch Du Dai. If you have interactions with law officials it will be limited to underlings or the very few officials who are not corrupt.

You have been in Wujing Province for the past few months. Wujing is a wild country with steep hills, hidden valleys and small villages. It is far from the Imperial City. Wujing was once the main province of the ancient Wu Dynasty. The province is littered with ruins and old tombs and shrines. Even in this far flung province the shadow of corruption has extended its dark reach. Even here your blade has been needed. Your travels today led you to the small village of Willow Bridge.

Willow Bridge is a small fishing town situated on the shores of Green Blossom Lake. The Willow River marks the Eastern border of the town. The Green Lily, the local tea house right at the foot of the bridge, is a welcome rest stop for weary travelers.

The food at the Green Lily and it’s plump elderly proprietress Mother Chong are pleasant enough to let you forget the recent dangers you faced in your wanderings. That is until a group of young toughs entered and started breaking things and intimidating the locals. As you stand you notice several others push back their chairs and put hands to weapons. A mutual quick glance and you know that today, you will not fight alone.

Willow City (Liushih)

Shoudo Port City

Bowing Dragon Temple

Laojing City - Capital of the Sung Empire

Wodan Mountain Temple

Wodan Swordsman

Golden Sparrow Pei

Willow Bridge Fisherman on Green Blossom Lake

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Possible Artist
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Renwei Reflections
A journal for Renwei has been posted in the Character files, Visions in the Dark.
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Epic × 2!
The only true weapon for a One Weapon Wonder
Falcon's Final Whisper: a longbow made for Wang Tengfei by his father, General Wang Lei Longwei, as a gift for his graduation from military academy. It was commissioned by his father from the Imperial Grand Master Weapon Smith Woon Qingshan. It bore the family crest...a diving falcon. It was given to Tengfei by his father on the day of his exile. "May you one day be worthy of it." Tengfei was ashamed and chose not to wield such a gift, so he made his own longbow. Due to his "reliance and need" to fortune telling, he sells the longbow from his father to Madam "Winds of Change" Sun Yubi in Willow City. He continues to wield the longbow he made until its destruction during a Final Perry against Last Laugh You Lan. Upon returning to Willow City, he decides to retrieve the longbow given to him by his father. He spends 350 taels and gets a lecture from Madam "Winds of Change" Sun Yubi about his reliance on fortune telling. He takes the box to a small beautiful secluded lake. He stares at the box for some time. Cut scene- He remembers a time when he was 8 years old and had just finished making incredible longbow shots. His father tells him how proud he was and calls him “my Little Falcon". Present- He opens the box and removes the green silk sleeve the longbow is in. He proceeds to tie a blue ribbon with hair from Morning Sun Warms the Dew onto Falcon's Final Whisper. He then attempts "Chasing the Skipping Stone" three times and fails at each to catch the stone. A breeze causes the ribbon and hair to move across his arm. Cut scene- Morning Dew and Tengfei are walking along a beautiful lake when he asks her about how she moved and attacked so fast (Multiple Attacks). She demonstrates by throwing a rock against an Oak tree. With the blinding flash of her two swords, she proceeds to cut many acorns in half as they fall. In order to apply the technique to archery, she suggested chasing a skipping stone. "You must seek where the stone was in order to strike where it will be on its fifth touch.” In disbelief, Tengfei says, "I will never be able to do that!" Morning Sun replies, “You will if you want to be as fast as me." After many attempts, he manages three perfectly placed arrows, though fails to catch the stone. On his next attempt, Morning Sun blows into his ear and his shot goes way off course. "Oh my! Is the great archer so easily distracted by a gentle morning breeze?" She turns on the spot laughing, allowing her hair to brush Tengfei across his face as she skips away. Present- After centering his thoughts and chi, Tengfei once again attempts "Chasing the Skipping Stone." With tremendous speed and agility, he succeeds on catching the stone on its fifth touch! He has done it. He has now mastered Multiple Attacks. As he walks away from the lake and towards Willow City, he looks to the sky and says, "I am unsure if I am truly worthy of this father. But I hope that through my deeds and actions, I can restore the honor of our family I shamefully stained. May I one day earn your forgiveness and make you proud of your son once again."
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Sect Costumes Revisited
An idea I had about sect costumes.

Wodan Sect Costumes
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RE: A Dark Figure
Well ... dang! He's just too clever.

A little cut scene...[/QUOTE]
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