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Southern Air Temple - pt 1
I am not sure when anyone will get this, so I don't know how much of it will be relevant. We sailed to the Southern Air Temple for a visit before going off to the Desert. When we go there we found that a fleet of ships was laying devastated in the waters around the island. The designs didn't appear immediately familiar to anyone other than they were fast ships and not heavy warships. We landed without major incident and made our way up the temple path. We found clothing and weapons indicating that Earth Nation benders and warriors had been assaulting the island. Curiously we found no bodies.

When we got to the top, we found a survivor, unconscious. We made him comfortable and keep an eye on him while we explored further. We explored the first tower and found some papers indicating that Varrick Corp had a representative here looking to buy the Mineral Rights of the Island. He was gone though, no sign of him. We also found a meditation and observation room. It is dedicated to the Avatar.

We went down stairs and the survivor woke up. We ask him to explain what happened. Apparently the Kyoshi Warriors, including Earthbenders came to the Island and attacked, looking for something. One of them is a very powerful bender, she ripped one of the Temple Towers in half. No one knows why they attacked or what they were looking for. We still don't know where anyone else is.

One of my group suggested that someone is setting up the Kyoshi warriors for the attack. Leaving behind a lone survivor would tend to support that idea. Someone had to live to tell the tale. I think the rest of the Temple inhabitants may be conscripted into mining. If a faction of the Earth Nation is involved, the ones involved with Project Yuae, then they are going to need people to mine the iron for whatever ti is they are doing. I think the Varrick Corp representative was looking for the same thing the attackers were and he got here first. Maybe I'll get the chance to ask him. Hopefully not as a conscripted miner.....
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Aug 23 2016 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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