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The Spirit World: Rescuing the Elders Part 3
Bingchuan and Kohna had this map that they were playing with. It was weird because when they went way high up, the world reflected the map and any changes they made, including mistakes really changed the landscape. In the end it really caused more harm that good. But we were able to talk our way across the landscape, avoiding trouble from the spirits here.

Once we got to Air Temple Island in the Spirit World, however, that was a different story. There was this great wind storm surrounding it and trapping one of the great Lion Turtles. After talking with the great spirit, we went inside him, only to appear on top inside the storm. After talking with the Air Nomads inside, we got a bit suspicious of one of them. It turns out he was an agent of the enemy who was here to steal the power of the Lion Turtle. A struggle started and we managed to beat him.

We discussed what we were going to do next. On the map we saw the Great Library of Wan Shi Tong. We decided to ask the Lion Turtle if he'd take us there and he gratefully accepted. However, Mitsuko decided she wanted to spend some time with the nomads, so will be taking them through the portal while some of us travel on.
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