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    Kohna South-eastern Water Tribe/M/Sea-bending Swashbuckler
    Description:Kohna is a fairly typical water tribal. He's dark-skinned and blue eyed, and kind of unshaven. Kohna wears his shoulder-length hair in a messy pony tail.. He's dressed in a blue shirt with the sleeves torn off, and wears a multi-colored sash.
    Background:Kohna was born to a pirate clan in the islands near the pirate town of Haven. He was raised as a raider and a smuggler. Clan politics meant that his family (father, mother, and brothers and sisters) are near the bottom rung, though their skills are too useful to be ignored.
    Details:Name: Kohna Age: 17 Aspects: High Concept: Sea-Bending Swashbuckler, Trouble: Don't look, leap!, Fight smart, not fair, Freedom above all., I probably know the way! Skills: Athletics (+4); Rapport (+3); Water Bending (+3); Deceive (+2); Drive (+2); Notice (+2); Burglary (+1); Machinery (+...
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    Zorren Human/M/Earth Bender Prodigy/Refresh:4/Stunts:4
    "Jealous of sibling/Avatar"
    Description:He's a young man, about 13 years old. He started out early with his Earthbending skill and succeeded (and often exceeded) at all endeavors he tried with it. He was often praised so highly by his trainers and other adults that they would say "You might be the next Avatar!" and this tended to infla...
    Background:Aspects: High Concept: Earthbending Prodigy Trouble: It Should Be Me! 1: Sibling Rivalry (Brother is Avatar) 2: Pay It Forward (Kevin's Chr quick escape) 3: Nothing Is Impossible (Found 2nd Avatar) Earth bending: 2 Refresh, 2 stunt (att, def, overcome, CrAdv) Tremor Sense: 1 Refresh, 1...

Retired Characters

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    Singehn (Retired) Human/M/Corporate Spy
    Details:HeroLab Portfolio Character PDF Avatar/OOB Campaign Data File High Concept: Corporate Spy in Training Trouble: Leading a Double Life Aspects An Honest Face Don't be where they expect you Life of Shared Excitement Skills: Deceive (+4) Rapport (+3); Stealth (+3) Burglary (+2); ...
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    Mitsuko (Retired) F

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