Mechwarrior 2nd edition campaign. Players are a small House Regular lance garrisoning a small agricultural world in the Lyran portion of the Federated Commonwealth at the start of play (~3050).

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Shortly after the last en...
Shortly after the last enemy Mech disappears in a fireball under the withering barrage of laser fire, the dropship that disgorged the assault force lifts off, leaving the survivors to examine the battlefield and the fallen Mechs of allies and enemies alike. The preliminary examinations reveal highly advanced systems in use in all of the fallen enemy Mechs; the lighter Mech utilized advanced composites for both structure and armor, as well as employing sophisticated pulse laser technology, while the heavier mech armed with gauss rifles employed the composites as armor only. Incompatibilities between avionics prevent your techs from replacing the destroyed cockpits to return either Mech to servicable condition in the field; the armor and structural damage is beyond the capabilities of any of the technicians to repair without matching components, and the quality of the materials is beyond anything any of the technicians have ever seen.

Your own casualties, while blessedly light in consideration of the firepower arrayed against you, are still significant. It is shortly apparent that the enemy dropship is en route to Freyja, the sister world in this system. As your technicians work feverishly to repair the battle damage to the operable Mechs in your company, preliminary reports come in from Freyja of the battle there. Two lances of the invaders dropped in separate but coordinated attacks on the spaceport and a monorail hub in the highlands; Commonwealth forces and local militia counter-attacked the rail hub but were driven off with heavy damage.

Over the next few days, your surviving Mechs are returned to operational status, and additional information comes in from Freyja. An ambush, making good use of minefields, succeeded in destroying three enemy Mechs (2 medium, 1 light), but the remaining enemy units shattered the FC forces formation; in the aftermath, with the arrival of the enemy reinforcements that left the battlefield on Frey, the evacuation order was given, but only three light mechs and less than 10 percent of civilian authority were able to reach the evacuation zone. Enemy forces employed are confirmed to include at least one heavy, two medium, two light, and five ultra-light Mechs; the 'ultra-light' are small (less than 10 tons), extremely maneuverable combat units not previously seen, and apparently employ armaments comparable to the old style Wasp or Stinger battlemech (small SRM packs and lasers).

Communications with high command confirm your standing orders; further, the captured enemy equipment is to be loaded for evacuation to the maintenance depot on Strom for further evaluation by top FC researchers. Your superiors are very pleased with your performance thus far.
Session: Game Session - Friday, May 20 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Speech at the awards ceremony
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today to honor the selfless dedication and courage of these men of the Commonwealth Guard. These men, like thousands of other men and women of the Commonwealth, have chosen and volunteered to put themselves in harms way to protect the rest of us. We cannot truly understand the horror and fear that they must face in combat, nor appreciate the courage they must possess, and yet we can choose to honor them when they have shown that courage, and respect them for the sacrifice they have chosen to offer should it become necessary.

25 days ago, this unit confronted an armed force that had already slaughtered dozens of unarmed people, and was in the process of repeating that slaughter aimed at the entire village of Todaiji. Nearly 200 soldiers, well-armed and earnest in taking the lives and livelihood of an entire village of innocents... but for the intervention of these members of the Guard. And intervene they did. Over half of the murderous men were killed or captured, and the band itself shattered, by these men.... and they did not rest on their laurels, like any of us might have been tempted to. No, a mere 10 days ago, the damage from the prior fight just barely repaired, the intercession of this unit saved hundreds more lives by finding and rescuing the victims of the disastrous series of avalanches along the Atiron range. Hundreds of lives saved by these men, that otherwise would have been wasted... that is the truest measure of these men, and a debt that we as a society can not hope to repay. And so it is that we gather today, not to repay the debt of honor, for those lives are beyond measure or repayment. Instead, we come to formally acknowledge that our debt, society's debt, towards the men and women in uniform is beyond our ability to repay in kind, but something for which we are forever grateful.

Leftenant Alder-Singhal, Leftnant Draco, Leftnant Lynx, Leftnant Wilson, Sergean Major Kharaghee, Corporal Chi, Astech Lynx... please stand forward to receive this commendation in recognition of your selfless service to the Commonwealth, and the people of Coldbrook. We thank you, and are proud and honored to be here with you today.
Session: Resolutions - Friday, Apr 03 2015 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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SBBS News Update
Good evening, and welcome to South Beach Broadcasting Service's News at Nine. I'm Sandy Bachmeir, and our headline story tonight is the devastating bandit attack on Todaiji earlier today. We go now to our field correspondent, Chris Himmelman, live at Todaiji. Chris?

Good evening, Sandy. I'm standing here in front of the Last Lizard stables, and as you can see, the building took heavy damage in the fighting. Reports from eyewitnesses are that over 100 soldiers armed with military grade support weapons invaded the village while most of the inhabitants were engaged in loading the merchant dropship Golden Mariposa. Fortunately, a group of our own Commonwealth Guard were in the area on training maneuvers, and were able to engage the bandits, killing or capturing the majority of the force in several minutes of heavy fighting while the civilians and merchant crew took cover. I'm told that the building behind me is the only one to take significant damage in the battle, although four other structures were hit by military grade weaponry during the fight; preliminary casualty reports are saying that only a dozen civilians were killed or injured during the fighting; next of kin are still being notified, and the entire incident is under official review. Local authorities have declined to comment on whether any of the attackers remain at large; we have confirmed that over two dozen men surrendered and are being interrogated by authorities, presumably to determine the threat any survivors may continue to pose to the community. For now, though, and uneasy peace has settled over the community, and I would describe the mood as watchfully tense... but not violent. Back to you, Sandy.

Thanks, Chris. Although there has been no official commentary on the attack, anonymous sources in the government indicate that this band may well be responsible for over two score civilian deaths in similar raids near Port Austin last week... if so, those spirits must be resting a bit easier tonight now that justice has come to their murderers. We'll continue to bring you bulletins as more information becomes available. And now, here's Bill Johnson with the weather...
Session: Eat at ... - Friday, Mar 13 2015 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Dinner Call - September 22nd, 3048.
Come and get it, folks. Dinner tonight is an ancient lostech recipe Brother Jacob found and passed along to me yesterday, dating back to the days before the Star League when mankind was still bound to holy Terra. I've had to make one ingredient substitution, but I think the recipe came out rather well.... so, what does everyone think of the ancient delicacy known as Murloco Tacos?
Session: Arrivals and Settling In - Friday, Jan 30 2015 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Not to worry, boss. I've spoken with Doc Chi, and he says you don't have nearly as nasty a case of whatever it is as Mission does. Since he's saying even Mission is going to be back on the job in a couple of weeks, you ought to be climbing back into your Mech any day now, praise God from Whom electrons flow. I'll make sure the rest of the boys stay in line and keep on top of things, don't you worry your head none about that. Oh, and I'll bring in the paperwork you've got to sign in a day or so,soon as I figure out which password prayer is used for the local admangel.
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