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Finishing up - Copy of Email Sent May 8
Hi all,

Brian – please share with Bob and Christie.

I would like to run a wrap-up/finale for CotCT. We will pick treasure, return to Korvosa, determine the future of Korvosa and your character’s next plans. I don’t want to do this on Steve child weekend, so we are looking at either tomorrow night or May 22. Due to me not getting my act together to announce this, I am leaning towards May 22, and have adjusted the online calendar accordingly.

Comments? Thoughts?

Also, if there is time at the end of the night, we can start the next module – it will take 2 to 6 weeks and uses 6 pre-generated characters. I can add 2 characters if we have more than 6 show up. (One will be a really awesome animal companion and the other is likely to be pixie.) These are the modules I wrote for GenCon based on our memories lost group world, so they will be familiar to some of you.

I am assuming we will have: Brian, Bob, Christie and Laura as core players because they do not know the modules. Then Lindsay, Bill, Lisa, Steve and Todd can fill in where it makes sense on any given night. If all 9 show-up, then someone can help me DM.
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Caelin and I scout ahead to look at the sunkin queen. We see that there are not a lot of creatures in the area. Which means there is a big predator lurking near the pyramid. We find two air vents at the "belly button" level. Since the air vent is small, I decide to try and head down the air vent in the "Belly button" to see what I can discover. The shaft leads me into the great hall. There is a shaft in the center of the room that reeks of swamp water and fish. Ugh! I head up the shaft to investigate the next level. We find a blob of blood floating in the air. Oval window windows (The eyes of the carving. I spot a female form in the lotus position in the blood (I am guessing the queen).

I report back my findings and Caelin goes underwater and investigate to see if there is an underwater entrance. Caelin discovers an entrance with a frog guard. We decide to teleport into the room that I saw the sphere of blood. We are able to make it into the room and the Queen is furious that Desi has interrupted her. Ezern's teleport did not overcome the spell resistance and our group (Ederyn, Caelin, Alberta and I) make it into the room with a reroll.

Wraiths and other foul creatures come out to aid the queen. The queen tries to wear down our will but casting a cloud that lowers our will power. I fly up to confront the queen wielding the Serithtial sword.

When I approach the blood bubble and it drops the Queen. It appears that the bubble has a will of its own and an ancient evil has awaken. Desi closes on the Queen and deals damage. The Queen goes after the electric elemental. Ezern, Caelin and Alberta work on dispatching the wraiths. The Erines pulls copies of the queen out of the blood bubble! The Queen copies can cast spells!! The queen casts confusion and I drop the queen. Trog tries to finish her off.

The pool of blood is growling and we need to dispatch it quickly. Chains of iron start swinging about the room and a dragon claw and a dragon nose appears. I plug the sword, Serithtial, into the blood bubble. The bubble burst and caused blindness on a few of our party members.

Treasure (might be missing a few items):

To be posted
215,000 gps
+2 flaming burst returning trident (2)
Soul trapping gem
12,000 gp in jewelry
Harp of Charming
Pipes of Sounding
+4 Dancing burse Adminitine Dagger
Crown Of Fangs
Amulet of Amour +5
Cloak of Fight
Gloves of Dex +6
Bracers of ?
Ring of spell storing
Ring of splinted security

Contract devil takes the Queens soul.

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After our fierce battle, we decide to loot the castle (see below) and try to find Ishani Dhatri in the castle. We enter a room on the ground floor, we find a priest body nailed to a cross. And of course it is our dead priest. We are attacked by a construct and his underlings (sort of like spiritual weapons). We ignore these and attach the construct directly. Ederyn casts dispel magic and gets rid of the underlings!! Ezren cast blindness and we are able to take down the construct. Thank goodness! This was a soul draining and negative level giving construct. We get the victim off the construct so that the soul of Ishani can move on. We will hand over his body to the temple of Abadarian.

We inform C. Croff and she returns to the castle with her troops and begins to clean the castle.

The next day Desi and Seadan go to sell our teasure for gold and Desi gets his final dagger. Trog comes back and is de-stupefied.

We rest again and start planning how to catch up to the Queen. We decide to teleport to Greenrust reef. We decide to wind walk and head towards The Sunken Queen. We start seeing statues of frogs, they seem to be trail markers, we follow the markers to the Frog Village (Bogard). We investigate the village and move on (nothing exciting). We work our way up and use the statues to guide us to our destination. We reach a murky pond and see a pyramid that is the sunken queen. The pyramid structure is 150 feet tall and has a naked women carved on the face. Three horns decorate the sides, one is broken off after years of neglect.

{We stop here}

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Blood Mage Spell Book:
Prismatic spray
project image
Greater Dispell Magic
Summon Monster VI
Cloud ball
Cone of Cold
Feeble Mind
Magic Missle
Overland Flight
Dimension Door
Greater Invisibily
Illusion Wall
Dispell Magic
Lighting Bolt
False Life
Non Dedection
Bears Endurance
Glitter Dust
Mirror Image
Scorching Ray
Spider CLimb
Charm Person
Feather Fall
Mage Hand
Touch of Fatigue
Dark Vision
See Invisible

We had back to pick up Aliberta, Calin and Seaden. We decide to go back into the castle and try to find the Blood mage. We are teleporting into the attic. Desi and his group (Ederyn, Seadan, and myself) are teleported to the Queen's Library. Desi summons creatures (invible stalkers) to search the castle for the blood mage. We head to the second floor and found a guard dog. We atempt to slay it before its master returns.

A barbed Devil appears! The guard dog breathes fire!! Ouch. I turn into a bear and jump down gracefully. Seadan jumped down, not as gracefully...

The Blood Mage teleported and casted chain lighting and poofed away. Ugh this blood mage is anoying! I am feared and run into a wall of force. I see Queen Elosa, three grey maidens, the blood mage, and the other barbed devil. Since I am a bear, I could not relay to my comrades what I saw. Blood mage casts cloud kill on the party. Ederyn casts demtiational anchor on the blood mage sucessfully. We are hit with a bunch of spells and try to work on getting the blood mage and the "Queen". Blodod mage casts prismatic spray which kills 2 grey maidens and turns one wolf into a statue. Alberta is poison and falls down. The blood mage is malled by the "bear" and the Earth Elemental. We kill the "Queen".

+1 Returning Dagger
Cloak of CHA +2
Gloves of DEX +2
Ring of Protection +2
Gown (2,500 gold pieces, dyed red)
Non-magical dublic of Crown of Fangs (5,000 gp)
Staff of Evocation - 20 charges
Bracers of Armor +4
Handy Haversak
Headband of INT +4
Necklace of Adpatation
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Keys (not magical, open every lock in castle)
Pouch with 70 platium pieces
Scroll of Greater Teleport

[Everyone needs to be 15th Level next time we play]
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We retrieved the body and explore the dungeon. In the room we teleported in we find a crypt with ancient Kings whose coffin lids had been open. Apparently there is a "Curse of the Crimson Throne". Each King is plagued with troubles and an early death. We move into the next room and do not uncover anything of note. It appears the dungeon was looted of any riches.

We decide to explore the section on our map that was walled off. The reason that this section of the dungeon held our interest is becuase we were told that no one ventured down this path because it was too dangerous. We could not let the opportunity pass us by. Desiterata summons Lyillians to searched the walled off section. We get a report from the Lyillians that there are 4 bodies and a lot of debris. The Lyillians complain that the air is salty and their eyes burn. We see a flash of light and Boatac attack! They are very scary and we flee back to the attic (Venster, the King's Brother’s, room)and leave the Lyillians to their fate. The ghost manifests itself when we brought his bones into the room. He has a desk of taro cards the floats around occasionally. The ghost thanks us and admits to assisting in the plot to kill his older brother. Elsoa convinced Venster to help poison the king. Like all sibling fights, the younger brother wanted to be King and Elosa promised to make Ventser king. We get further confirmation of Elsoa's involvment with the Red Mantis as that is where she got the poison from.

After the death of the King. Elsoa then refused to come to see Ventser and make him King. Venster threatened Elsoa saying he would expose her plot if she didn’t keep her promise. Venster was killed by Elsoa to keep the murder of the King a secret. Venster sees the error of his actions and wants to try and gain salvation for his actions against his brother. Venster is able to read the Queen’s thoughts as a ghost and tells us what her ultimate goal is.

The Queen is questing after eternal life. In order to have eternal life, a great sacrifice ,the people of Krovosa, will be need. The Queen has been spending a lot of time in Queen’s study. The pieces are now starting to fall into place. Venster hints that we should look in the Queen's study for more clues.

We dimension door into the second floor of the Queen’s study and find a book on the desk. We carefully bring the book with us. The title iof the book is the Truth of Sihedron. I am not much of a reader so you will have to ask Desi the significance of the book. I searched the shelf and find an invisible scroll. The scroll is proof of the Queen’s involvement with the Devils. It is a contract that explains Elsoa's demon minions. Contract states Krovsa will be given to the devils after she is obtains eternal life.

We go back and get our taro cards. Our Harrowing deck will either grant us good or bad "gifts". Given the unpredictability of the cards, we teleport to the outskirts where the tribes were. We all draw cards.

(I did not get down all the details)
Raina – Draws 5 cards –
The Bear – I am a Werebear. Standard action to shapshift (When transformed -natural armor +8, Turn large -1 to AC and to Hit, +5 to strength, +6 to Con, Damage reduction 10/sliver. Natural Bite and a claw) Lythtrhope, Low light vision (no matter what form). All forms - +@ WIS, -2 CHA , Hbrid (STR 23, CON - 21), Bear (+STR 23, CON -21) .
The Vision (two Vision – One is true and the other is false – TBA).
The Rakhrasa (redrawn For Courtsan) My boots of striding and springing are intelligent. (Intelligent means Lawful Netural and INT 14, WIS 9, CHA 16 Boots can see and hear 30 ft and empathy, +2 luck bonus on Attacks, saves, ability checks – Special Purpose Slaying – Seratioidi. Speaks Common and Elven)
The survivor Card (get out of death free card,
The Theatre – the next time I kill a creature, I get a plus two of top ability

Ezern – The Juggler, Vision, Uprising (redraw Marriage), Marriage (Redraw hidden Truth)
Dax – The Queen Mother (two Forman Warriors, if one dies another will replace it), The Liar (redraw), The snake bite, The winging serpant, The publican. Wishes for permit death ward
Ederyrn – The Tyrant (Redrawn – The Liar), Liar, The Unicorn (Item aliend to his allint, INT10, WIS 13, CHA 10, Speaks Common, Cast 1 spell per day (2lvl –spell), Empathy. Hidden Truth
Desiterata – The Lost (Redraw), the Foreign Trader, The Wander, The idiot, The Surivor, The inquisitor

What we know:
- Bodax – Undead, Immune to Electric, Cold Iron hurts them. Resist Acid and fire. Volunable to sunlight. Sunlight burns them. Drains levels with death gaze (If slain by death gaze – come back as a bodax) 10 Hit Dice.
- "The Worm" is the demon who made the contact with the Queen. He has the goal to be a ruler of Krovsa. He will not stop us as long as we allow him a bid for the throne.
- Blood mage at large, Queen is up to no good (blood syclcraum) and adventure out and follow the map.
We think we need to work on the Blood mage next.

53 Gold Pieces, 23 Platinum Pieces, 3 large Garnets ( Worth 300 Gold Pieces)
Greater Planar Ally
Greater Planar Binding
Plane Shift
-Several fancy decks (Work 3,000 gp for the whole set)

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