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The Tomb of Amber
Made it through the tomb.
Freed Stephen.
Gifted 9000 GP necklaces and magic items.
Stephen resurrects Boy, Gurben, The half-elf, and Thack Attack Burrfoot. (add these characters to epic words)

The party hears the braying of Ass 2.5 down by the river at their campsite.
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Leaving Averoigne
Following Kuona down the trail to Périgon, the party encounter the Enchantress who offered to create the potion of Time Travel they needed. In return she asked them to take her with them when they left so she would once again be free to use her magic.

They made their way under the cover of darkness, entering the village at night.. Suddenly a blood red comet crossed the sky and the village was abuzz with activity, another gruesome murder.

The greedy thief Scorpion scoured the shops for items to steal but was caught red handed.

The Dragi used the sword to fly to the Abbey, but was attacked and crash landed.

Luc was healed by Kuona just as the party saw the Beast scurry into the Abbot's room high in the tower.

They raced up to save the Abbot from the beast, but he was unharmed.

But when he crossed the comets red light he transformed into the beast.
Wisely Gilganthos cast a Web spell, And Kuona Hold Person.

Xi jumped on and was stuck int the web, followed by the Scorpion.

Kuona cut off the ring of Eibon. and the party fled to the road. They followed the instructions they had been given to call forth the Tomb of Stephen Amber.

But the enchantress was delayed - chased by an army of soldiers she screamed "wait!"
just as the forest of Averoigne faded away and they found themselves standing before the dreaded Tomb.
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I'm rrrready to kiiiiiiilllll...
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Escape from the Statues
Discover strange secret door.
Meet other adventurers.
Escape the statues.
Destroy Silver Key.
Murder old moon man.
Call upon the Floor Gods.
Curiosity kills the cat.
Run away.
Try to rest.
Door scoots across floor...
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