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    Haluku M/Nano/Tier 1
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    Caret Human/M/Nano/1
    "Mechanical Nano who Creates Unique Objects"
    Description:Tier: 1 Effort: 1 XP: 0 Stats - Might – Pool 8, Edge 0 Speed – Pool 11, Edge 0 Intellect – Pool 17, Edge 1
    Background:Caret is a Mechanical Nano who Crafts Unique Objects Caret has been around complex devices and strange machinery his whole life. As a small child he would watch his mother and father work to fix or craft all sorts of wondrous devices from scraps and junk collected all over the Steadfast. His ...
    Details: Skills - Crafting, Identifying or understanding the numenera, Identifying the function of any kind of device Abilities - Hedge Magic, Numenera Training, Onslaught, Practiced with Light Weapons, Scan, Sense Magic Drawbacks and Inabilities - Tasks involving charm. pers...
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    Chet Human/M/A Learned Jack Who Fuses Flesh And Steel

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