Vodacce, center of culture and faith on Thea'. It is to here that you are called. Invitations to the workshop of Benito Caspardo, student of the great Leotano Vinchetti. Such a famed reputation as his transcends rank and family. What can he want with such a diverse gathering...?

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1. The duck that Oleg borrowed the skin from. Or one that looks like it. (Animals from the USSR have a closer relationship with grandmother winter and tend to have a higher level of intelligence than others, that is if I remember this correctly).

2. A young girl orphaned by the fire that put Oleg on his journey. She has been following him since she saw him speak with the duck that gave him the aforementioned skin.

The two have teamed up and gone on a slew of adventures attempting to reunite with Oleg, though they always just barely miss him (or secretly help him on his quest).
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The Tale of Alistair MacIntyre
Alistair MacIntyre is an enigma amongst Highlanders: he has travelled the world. The MacIntyre Clan is an inward-looking family amongst the Highland Marches. Most Highlanders will never meet a MacIntyre, let alone anyone meet a MacIntyre anywhere else on Theah.

Alistair is the exception to that rule. He struck-out on his own just as he came in to his prime, and has been traveling the world for over three decades. This is not to say he is forthcoming with details about himself; Alistair is still a MacIntyre. He is sparing with personal details, but there are sailors who have known Mac (as he has begrudgingly become known) for a long time, and can tell you a thing or two about him.

Mac claims to having just wanted to see the world. He left the MacIntyre Clan Valley 37 years ago, and was promptly hired as a guard aboard a Castillian Merchant Guild ship (being 6-foot-5 and wielding a claymore with arms like small trees has it's uses). This is where he developed his love of the sea.

For almost 3 decades he sailed for the Castillians, climbing through the ranks to become boatswain and becoming one of the most highly sought-after crewmen in the Merchant fleet. His ability to keep the men in line was unparalleled, as was his prowess with the cat-o-nine-tails, but he truly shined when faced with an enemy boarding party. He wields the claymore with blinding speed and near-surgical precision. Most men are cowed just by his approaching with the sword drawn.

That didn't stop the ne'er-do-well Pirate Captain Jeremiah Berek and the crew of the Black Dawn from storming the decks of the Soledad del Mar and plundering her holds. Mac fought fiercely, but was ultimately overwhelmed by Berek's superior tactical position.

Berek, upon seeing this kilted giant never relent, offered him a choice: leave his Castillian masters and come fight for a proper cause, or be brought home to Avalon in chains. Berek bore a Letetr of Marque from Avalon's newly installed Queen Elaine, allowing him and his crew protection under Avalon law to protect the Queen's interests at sea.

Castille was planning an invasion of Avalon, and these newly created Privateers were to be her first line of defense. Alistair, normally stubborn and unwilling to change his point-of-view, felt the betrayal keenly. He signed on with the Sea Dogs (Berek's crew), swore his allegiance to Elaine and the newly-unified Avalon, and set sail for home waters for the first time in a long time.

Repelling the Castillian invasion is all well and truly documented in history, and Alistair thrived under the command of Berek, sailing the territorial waters of Avalon for ten years, protecting her from enemies foreign and domestic (although, strangely, he has never returned to his home in the Highland Marches), and amassing a good deal of trust and respect with his fellow Dogs.

And so, it was all the more peculiar when he up and disappeared one day after receiving a letter from the Vodacce academic Benito Caspardo.
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Oleg was once a cook at a remote Inn (escorts and gambling included) in Ussura. During off time Oleg would hunt train in hand to hand combat. While in the woods he discovered the gift of Grandmother Winter, his ability to speak with animals (and ultimately to earn permission to transform into them). As time went on Oleg would spend more time in the woods (training/hunting/communicating with animals) and less time working/being responsible (though he still retains his love of cooking), and taking on a more carefree existence like many of the animals he spoke to. Despite his growing carefree nature and love of the pleasurable activities of life (eating, fighting, lovemaking) He still performed his duties admirably (though distractions often caused him to forget them fairly frequently).

One evening during storm at the Inn Oleg finished his duties and engaged in song and dance with the patrons drinking and singing songs about keeping warm in winter storms. Dancing on the bar Oleg and the patrons finished the final verse of a song. At the last word Oleg and the patrons raised their tankards to the sky in a cheer. At this moment lightning struck through the roof of the Inn hit Olegs tankard and ran through his right arm and leg. The bolt started a fire at the bar of the Inn that quickly went out of control. The owner of the Inn was able to usher the patrons and a dazed oleg out of the inn before the entrance was blocked. No fatalities occurred but Oleg, the owner and the frightened patrons watched as the heavy rain and snowfall extinguish the fire, but not before the interior burned the supports and the roof collapsed.

No Longer dazed Oleg took the group to a nearby clearing/camp where he spent much time meditating and training. It was a tough night but the Ussurans are a hearty people and most of the patrons were experienced hunters and travelers who despite having lost much of their equipment were able to care for themselves and those who were less experience until the storm passed and were able to travel to the closest town.

Feeling free from his duties Oleg set off on a journey to discover why he was struck!
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