An exploration of The Crystal Marshes.

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Reports of the Iron Wind passing through Crystal Marsh
Reports have come in that the Iron wind has blown across the Crystal Marsh. Songspire was reported to have grown 6 massive legs and thousands of pinkish tentacles. It then seems to have walked almost a mile across the river and crashed into Javor.

Javor has become a toxic mountain of irradiated stone that oozes a deadly green slime.

The River in the area has been transmuted to yellowish slime and become filled with jagged razors. The fields of the region turned to ash.

Yavannah's entire body has been blighted and only the cortial growth remains pure. The rest of the massive plant-entity has become poisonous and rampant.

Multitudinous herds of never before seen crystal beast with 6 legs and a massive cranial horn now roam throughout the countryside ravaging the ecosystem.

Warn travelers in the region and anyone you may know who is heading in that direction.
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