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Carnivàle of Dark Delights
At our first session we decided that all of the player characters would belong to a travelling Carnivàle. Venturing from town to town you are a group of performers who are outcasts from around the world. Currently making your way through Varonne, you have stopped to perform in a small town in the south.

At this point you all need to decide what role you play in the Carnivàle. Are you the bearded lady? Are you the strong man? Fortune teller? Are you part of the "Freaks" act? Perhaps you are a Jester, Acrobat, or Trapeze artist? Do you make a living as a snake Charmer, Lion Tamer, or Flea wrangler? Are you merely a circus roadie who sets up the tents? Or maybe a halfling fire eater? A knife thrower? A juggler? Are you an attractive dancer that sells her body to any who dare enter the "little red tent in the back" of the Carnivàle? Are you a clown or horrid little deformed dwarf?
Session: Character Creation for D&D 5e - Thursday, Jul 03 2014 from 5:15 PM to 10:45 PM
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