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Beginning of the attack
The journey to the goblin's lair was short, they were only 6-7 miles away from Sandpoint, barely 3 hours travel. It's a wonder they'd remained hidden, but after we arrived, it became less of a wonder.

Thistletop had a very very apt named. It was a jutting promontory, basically a small cliff plateau on the coast. And it was covered in thistles. Literally covered. And with the constant sea spray from the coast and cliffs, the area was soaked. So much for having Namid (that's the efreeti) simply torch the whole place the ground.
*sigh*, Nothing is ever easy.

Oh well, simply means it be more fun and I'll get some exercise after spending a week with high strung nerves. We began to move in, through what were basically carved tunnels, short of course, for the goblins. I fit fine, but the others needed to stoop and that's going to cause issues in combat.

Speaking of combat, it didn't take long. Some goblin, using a magic I haven't seen yet, moved through the bushes and thistles like air, stabbing Seraph and hiding again. The little coward refused to come out, so in our attempts to get him out, we basically alerted the entire promontory. Between Seraph's spells, Lumalia's spells, and the efreet's innate magic, we killed several without actually seeing them because of the area of effects, and the rest we either ran down as they tried to escape, or killed as they tried to attack.

Then Seraph, moving to try and get a better angle for different spell, ran right into 5 goblin dogs. That was... and unpleasant adrenaline rush, seeing her surrounded and by herself like that. Thankfully they didn't manage to land their filthy teeth in her and we cut them down quickly.

I believe now we just need to find the little green asshole hiding in the bushes, and we can move on to the actual fortress, if you want to call it that, just on the other side of the thistles.
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The calm before the storm
So after we cleared the Catacombs there were some... interesting after times. For a week we remained in Sandpoint, waiting and guarding. Shalelu had found the goblins main encampment, an old Thassilonian ruin she called Thistletop, though we couldn't attack it yet. Hemlock needed to travel to Magnimar to appropriate a larger defense force so the rest of us could actually assault the goblin lair while the city remained defended.

This worked fine, at least as far as we know. We neither saw heard a single a goblin while we guarded the town during Hemlock's absence. A rather fortuitous boon. We should be well rested and ready to assault the goblins, though it does lead to the obvious thought that they'll be quite ready for us as well. At least, if that's what they're preparing, they are goblins after all.

During that wait, a most curious thing happened. A fishermans' son, one of the locals, came to us with a very very old artifact, a beaten up lamp. For some, I'm guessing he might've gotten a tingle or something when he drew it up from the Varisian bay, he assumed it to be magical and dangerous and gave it to me, both for safekeeping and as a reward for saving Sandpoint. Amusing, truly, but useful. Of course, I took one look at it and indeed it was highly magical. A small amount of experimentation later, and it turned out to shackle a genie, an efreeti to be specific.

This efreeti, a young-appearing female, had angered the ruler of the City of Brass. Like my own kind, the efreet consider females as second class citizens at best, slaves and concubines at worst. Now, she'd been punished by being imprisoned in that lamp, and when I accidentally freed her, it hadn't removed the bondage she was in, merely transferred it from imprisonment to slavery. To me, of all people, her rescuer. The irony is not lost, and quite entertaining.

So, due to seemingly sheer luck, I now have an efreeti slave, and a very beautiful one at that. While this brings my total up to two, the efreeti is not Ameiko. She is neither happy nor ambitious, only desiring freedom and revenge. The first is understandable, the second is a waste. I will have to teach her, which will take quite some time... she is very haughty and arrogant for a female efreeti, normally something broken out of their females at a young age. With that said, it will be quite a bit of work, and difficult, but I will persevere. She could be a very great boon as a willing and ambitious servant, not the recalcitrant slave she is now. She must be taught.

Which, sadly, I have not yet had much time to do, only some, before the week was over and Hemlock had returned. With this, we were now free to assault Thistletop.
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The end of the Catacombs
Not much else to say here. After we finished killing everything in the catacombs, at least everything not behind that door with the powerful wards on it, Lumalia figured out how to destroy the Wrathwell. Turns out that all you need to do is dump in more blood until it's out of magical energy. Spawned more wrathspawn, but those were simple to take care of.

Afterwards she got the bright idea to dump the Lamashtan waters in there... which I suppose succeeded in the goal of destroying the wrathwell (it cracked down the middle), but it also sent out a large wave of transmuting magic. My wings are solid gold now. Thankfully it didn't affect my flying, but it's still somewhat annoying. And very gaudy. I'll need to have a talk with Lumalia.

Once we left the catacombs we met up with Shalelu and got more information on the goblins in the area. Also explained what's been happening in Sandpoint and we saw the Sheriff off to Magnimar to retrieve more men for the defense of Sandpoint. That'll take a week so we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my time with Seraph. I'm going to see if I can get her to enjoy dominating Ameiko... she seems ok with Ameiko being my fucktoy as long my emotions remain hers, which is my intent anyway. Never thought I'd be interested in sharing sex slaves with someone, but here we are, and here I am. I'm just hoping I can draw out her dominant side along with the submissive one she so greatly enjoys. I think I'd massively enjoy watching her dominating Ameiko, or any other slaves I picked up. I think it'll also be helpful in her own domination as with learning both sides of ropes, she'll pick up more tips on what she enjoys in the ropes too.
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So, the Catacombs, once we were prepared, were significantly less dangerous the second time around. We found some mutated goblin with 3 arms, but a couple of bear traps took care of him easily. For some reason they were hoarding a good dozen or so zombies in his room as well.

Further on in, there was a rather strange room with a permanent levitate effect and multiple things floating around in it. Not really dangerous, but odd. It was also the first bit of real information on the place as there were words written in the room's walls in Thassilonian, a language I picked up from my first Mistress, a sin magic specialist. Probably indicates that statue in the front hall was of the Runelord of Wrath, though I don't recall what her name was.

There was another door there as well... a door with a very powerful enchantment on it to protect it from being opened. A door with Lamashtu's signs on it and one we wisely avoided for now. Still, making a note of it as though it obviously hasn't been opened in millenia, not even by the quasit or others down here, it's still probably dangerous.

Backtracking to the double doors, we found the aforementioned quasit inside, along with a large magically glowing well that she spilt blood into. Which rapidly spawned another wrathspawn and lustspawn. We took care of those quickly, and the quasit took a bit of work, but I managed to use the very tactics the lustspawn used against me the day before to put her out of commission in the end.

Having beaten them, we now have to decide what to do with the Runewell, and Lamashtu's altar outside this almost chapel like area.
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A wake up call
After the amazing hours in the jail cell with Seraph, and once we'd managed to get our emotions and arousal a bit more under control, we stopped. What an experience... I'll have to detail it more later though, I'm afraid. As it is we needed to go counsel the Mayor, Sheriff and Shalelu about these goblins, Nualia, whatever Malfeshnekor is, and the assault.

Or we wanted to. Apparently the elf needs some time to arrive first. So instead we went to finish clearing out the Glassworks, or more accurately, clearing out the warrens underneath it.

Traveling down there it turns out it isn't just some natural caverns leading to the coast. There's worked stone and an underground complex. The first thing we ran into looked almost like a cross between a human with some insect jaws. Nobody knew it was, but we didn't much difficulty killing it. Though it's bite did manage to actually hurt me enough to get through my Hell-granted defenses.

Realizing this place is certainly more dangerous than goblins, I took point, knowing the fetchling was less adept at taking damage. And doesn't heal naturally as I do. Still, we were more than confident as other than the one bite (which healed quickly of course), the thing hadn't done anything but blow a horn before it was dead.

We came upon an odd statue, one of some beautiful, if very angry, woman, that again no one could identify. I'm not sure what this place is yet, but it's clearly very very old. Significantly older than I and probably most of the devils I've met in fact. Continuing on, we went up some stairs, right into a room with what Lumalia told us after was a Vargoiulle. Apparently it's bite was poisonous and annoyingly, it bit the fetchling instead of me. Wonderful. Still, we slaughtered it in short order and the stairs continued to a blocked passage.

So we went back and took the other door in the statue's room. This lead to what looks like a miniature jail, or perhaps slave cells. Here I was attacked again by another of the human insect mouths. Two of them. And then, something else. This one looked like a rather beautiful naked woman, excepting her erect cock and tentacles instead of hands. Honestly I could see Lumalia making something like that as her magic gets stronger and it could actually be a lot of fun. Then it's mouth opened. And by opened I mean the lower jaw split in half and spread wide, revealing a gigantic fleshy maw with an enormously long tongue.

It was quite a sight. And while I have no idea who or what created it, they were certainly a kinky bastard. Or bitch, it honestly looked more designed to please a female. Or that was my first guess as it immediately ran straight to me. While I didn't think I'd have much trouble with it as I'm quite hard to hit, let alone hurt, it didn't try that. No, no it grabbed me. And it was very good at grappling with those tentacle hands and my size didn't help for once.

This was annoying. I was fearing a sort of impasse as I wasn't going to be likely to break free of it's grasp and it was unlikely to be able to actually hurt me enough to get through my defenses and healing. That annoyance quickly turned to trepidation as it didn't bite me. It kissed me. It forced that massive tongue right down my throat and clamped most of my head in that writhing, warm fleshy maw, practically sucking on my face while it started caressing my form.

This was a new and totally different form of assault that I haven't experienced before. And it was startlingly effective. Though I squirmed and struggled I couldn't break free of it's grasp and I grew very aroused, very quickly and I was nearly beyond my breaking pointing before it made a mistake, or apparently didn't like my taste (I'm not sure which and honestly I don't care), and threw me from it bodily.

Though the impact wasn't very painful, the pain was still welcome after the near whitewash of my mind to lust. Now that I could see, I noticed Lumalia, Seraph and Drosil had not been faring much better. I realized things actually looked rather grim and it was... unnerving. Though, whether through luck or chance, Alu and Hemlock arrived, their axe and sword arms helping to make short work of the aberrations.

This fight... it was a wake up call. This place is far more dangerous than simple goblins. I called a halt to our progress and said we'd be going back up to Sandpoint to rest and prepare. And that's exactly what we did. We sold what we could and bought more. And I discussed things with Seraph. Apparently what that creature did was precisely what I thought it did. It was driving me to a helpless state of arousal in much the same way that Seraph had done to Tsuto, though I wasn't there to witness it.

This revelation... I'll most certainly be using it and learning that technique myself. It would seem to extremely beneficial to know how to do that and I intend to use it myself. I also brought up the worry about whether that type of effect can be reduced with magic, in the same way wounds can be as masturbating in combat doesn't exactly help the situation. Apparently it can, using metamagic, but Seraph currently doesn't know how.
This... could be an issue. If there are more of those creatures down there, or the one that created them, they could have other ways to cause this and we would be woefully unprepared for it.

Will need to check out other possible alternatives while Lumalia rests to recover her magic.
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