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Hail Hydra
Session: Game Session - Friday, Feb 05 2016 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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A quick warning before you leave...
I offered some information about your "friend" Golaanis, as a show of good faith before we began negotiations but we both forgot about it. Since the deal went off without a hitch and we're all happy about how things turned out, I think I'll just throw this information out there for you all to chew on. So, here it is:

Golaanis is working with the githyanki. And when I say "githyanki," I don't just mean he's working with some random pirates or something. No, he's involved with the main githyanki population, this great military force in the deep Astral Sea based out of their ancient capital, Tu'narath. He is conspiring with the Lich-Queen Vlaakith, herself. And if you don't know, this means that he's probably got something going on with Tiamat, too, since she and the githyanki have been allies since the beginning of things.

I don't know why he's involved with them or what their goal is. I suppose Golaanis could have good reasons for it and maybe has good intentions, but I doubt it. He's a slaver, an assassin and a thief. He's a drow -- need I say more? Even if he doesn't worship Lolth, he's racially predisposed to being evil because that's just how they are. And githyanki are the same. Don't trust him. It's a bad idea to trust drow in general, but especially that one.

But -- hey, I'm not going to tell you who to hang out with or how to live your lives. You gotta make your own decisions and your own mistakes. Anyway, we're heading back to Fallcrest for a while. We'll donate Lucullus' gold to the House of Knowledge. If you're looking for us, check at the temple of Pelor.

Have fun in Moil. I hear that place is hardcore.
Session: Game Session - Friday, Aug 21 2015 from 9:00 PM to 1:30 AM
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Is there anyone left to kill?
Because they kept on coming and coming.

It was a wonderful thing when Shardrin and Hakka showed, but they seem to have brought along with them more adversaries on their tail. It was a long and exhausting battle. The struggle may have taken a real toll on Kaylee's faith in Pelor (whose light seemed to abandon her in our hour of need).

The soldiers of Thessalis may not be the sharpest swords on the rack but I have to give them credit for their single minded devotion to their rulers. As an old soldier, I sympathize and admire these poor lads. They were misguided...and paid the ultimate price for the blood cult's deceptions. [Iroh resurrects the one soldier who hit him "with his last breath" after things calm down. Let Bruin use this gesture as a symbol of his mercy and a peace offering]

How Bruin will root out the undesirable elements (blood elementalists) is up to him. We have the proof of T'laan's treachery. How the people of this planet choose to go forward is up to them. There is still this conflict between Houses that I don't quite have a handle on. We've captured someone of some importance? I don't trust him...he's duplicitous...he splits into two!


Don't care much for politics. I have a song for to compose for the bards of Thessalis!

Session: Game Session - Friday, Jun 12 2015 from 9:00 PM to 1:30 AM
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Too Clever?
It may be that we are guilty of being too clever in our search for T'laan. Our tour guide did tell us that the Governor did reside on the third floor of the castle, as did Bruin, as did his mentor.

Yet we were also told that underneath the castle was a crypt. Isn't it logical for a vampire to reside there? And perhaps the source of the darkness would be there as well? We went with a hunch and decided to explore the basement rather than climb the stairs from the second floor to the third.

We have had many encounters. The guards are now armed with alchemy - poison and fire bombs. In the basement we've battled ghouls and zombies. No sign of a vampire or the source of the darkness yet. I do hope we weren't being too clever. After all, T'laan hasn't revealed he is a vampire. Wouldn't it be odd behavior to be living in a basement crypt if you're presenting yourself as "normal"? And isn't it odd that the crypt seems half finished and nobody ever comes down to the basement? Are the guards complicit in T'laan's actions or are they genuinely in the dark? We know some of the guards are werewolves (and probably in the know) but what about the rest? I have a suspicion that some of the guards are just guilty of being ignorant. How big of a problem does Bruin really have?

The crypt has been much disturbed... It appears that the corpses have been reanimated my necromancy. There is an odd golden thread running around the basement coursing with necromactic energy which we managed to snap. Hopefully this will lead to good results.

In any case, had the basement been part of the tour, maybe things wouldn't have come to such a state of affairs. Our party needs a rest...but that looks very unlikely to happen.

Session: Game Session - Friday, May 01 2015 from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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