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Utter failure, mostly my fault
So after the wall was opened we all shuffled through and started with our exploring. Thinking of mazes I mentioned we should go left and we ended up in a small alcove of a cave. I noticed the lurkers above just in time to get engulfed by one. Wiz. The thing hurt like hell and smelled just as bad. After a futile attempt to escape I realized the only way I would get out of this is to kill it before it killed me, which it could easily do. I began to spin into a ball of bite and claw which it very clearly didn't like as it started to cover me in poison. Eventually I was able to be free of the awful creature and the sight that greeted me was pretty amusing. The "battlefield" was in utter chaos. Esrieb and Valtyra were fighting desperately with one lurker while Alnelini was nowhere to be seen. Evelyn appeared to be trying his(?) best but the fight was not going great. I did what I do and soon the battle was finished.

We licked our wounds and cured the pain that the poisons caused us and we set off further into the cave. Valtyra insisted on sneaking ahead despite our protests and it turned out terribly in every way possible. A loud crunch was heard and I rushed in to see a humongous bear wrangling with our Drider. Things quickly turned south when it grabbed a hold of her and started to crush her. Even with it missing a heart and more blood coming out of its chest than a freshly sprung oil well it was fighting on. I clawed and I bit while the group showed up to help, but this thing had more fight in it than the Japanese during world war two. The stomach-turning sound of Valtyra's exoskeleton and whatever else she's made of cracking will haunt me as long as I exist. I tried and tried to put this bear down but it fought with more resolve than a suicide bomber. Its only goal was to kill Valtyra and it intended to cash the check its mind wrote out. The last thing it did as some kind of irony was it ripped out Valtyra's heart. I have no idea how she survived being torn to ribbons and no heart but my guess is chaos. They can damn it all they want but it would seem that she got extremely lucky or something is watching out for her.

Despite my protests the group rushed back for the entrance once we were able to put the spider pieces together. Once we were let outside Esrieb rushed Valtyra to a temple. It would seem not only her body, but also her mind was in need of deep fixing. After explaining what happened I had a while to think. I have failed left and right. I haven't been able to protect anyone, I haven't done anything to improve anyone's life and I've been selfish. From now on I'm going to do whatever I can to protect those two. They have something special, I might have disapproved in the beginning but they need each other. I have nothing to look forward to, only to see what will happen. While it's entertaining I don't really have anyone to lean on. Nobody to look to for advice or companionship, but if I can keep those two alive though this I think that I'll be happy until I move on. So I spent my savings combining alchemical regents to create things to help us whist we explore and I'm going to do whatever I can to protect this group. If not for my own diversion, then for them. I don't have much of anything going for me in or outside of this world, but they have families and they have each other. All I can do is hope that things go better for my country and that my companions will survive. I may not approve of their choices but I'm going to do this until it kills me, and then I'll keep doing it if I can.
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News from Earth
Browsing the web through the menu you still have, going around various news websites and such, there has indeed been quite a bit of activity.

Europe, from Greece to Britain to Scandinavia to Spain, has been recently assaulted by a category five hurricane. A hurricane that spawned in arctic waters around the north pole. Despite the normal temperatures and incongruity with all known meteorology, the hurricane came with 110 degree winds (Fahrenheit), both hotter than a normal tropical hurricane and impossibly derived from the arctic ocean. Needless to say this caused massive damage across the continent, currently numbered in the tens of billions of dollars. Notably, there hasn't been a single casualty. Not a single injury in response to what was dubbed Hurricane Hell, both because it actually was next to be an H name, and because of it's location, temperature, and impossibility.

Across the world religions, cults, and superstitious people are throwing fits and there are many claims of doomsdays and apocalypses, but this is no surprise. On the more rational end of the spectrum there is mass confusion about this storm, violating not just all known workings of meteorology but even some fundamental laws of physics. Or so some less reputable scientists are claiming.

SETI, the station located in Arizona searching for intelligent life, has recently been reporting multiple odd signals being transceived from space, seemingly around the area near the star Rigel, roughly 260 parsecs away. The signals, radio signals that are as yet undeciphered, have sent a buzzing throughout the scientific and skywatching community. The radio signals are very obviously manufactured, or if not, incredibly circumstantial, according to the readings from the astronomers and physicists examining the radio signals. However, they refuse to give proof of extra terrestrial life until it's been confirmed. They also stress that Rigel's distance put it's at just about 860 lightyears away, meaning the signals are about 860 years old, or were generated in 1280AD. Additionally, with Rigel being a triple star system of super-massive blue white stars, there is no currently known biology that could survive on any planets in that orbit system.

America, despite the recent political turmoil with finally passing the constitutional amendment banning legal marriage and setting up equal rights civil unions and now causing all forms of religious marriage to no longer have any laws respecting them as in accordance with the Bill of Rights, has been surprisingly silent. Very little news has come from the superpower in the last month.

Japan, by contrast, has had a massive economic boon due almost entirely to Mortal, despite the 106 deaths caused by Yamamoto Ishida. Also, it's government has started another political shift, moving power away from the Prime Minister and towards the traditional Emperor (Empress in this case), currently Sayako Kuroda, granddaughter of the Showa Emperor Hirohito. What makes this political alteration strange is that it's being mimic'd in Britain of all places as well, the Prime Minister losing political power and it being largely transferred to King Charles. More than a few countries have been watching these exchanges both nervously and curiously. While both rulers are well-liked and well known to be peaceful monarchs, the mere fact that power is shifting towards dictatorship over democracy (and the people are pushing for it) is cause for alarm and confusion.

Valtyra, you are given leave to send pictures to your family, as are others if they wish. (You can write their own reply to you.)
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Finally Free
The room we had been pulled into... was unusual. I had never been part of a summoning spell, but it seemed like if they were going to call an otherworldly being... this would be the place. My mind was a jumble of emtions, terror for one... excitement for another... and thankfully a small amount of comfort from Esrieb being there. I was unsure as to what I was expecting, all I knew is that a being called an inevitable was going to be called and only it could free me from this curse. I wish I had the forsight to at least ask what they were other than being lawfully inclined. Perhaps it would have gone a little smoother.

I asked for a box to set the pearl in, as I knew it spread from touch so I didn't want anyone else to be corrupted. Upon placing it in there, a sickening thought grew in my mind. I realized that I had no idea if this was limited to only my consciousness... what if my other items were just as vulnerable? With a little hesitation in my voice I asked Frellia if she would be able to look at my other items. If any of them were cursed I would be removing them as well. She nodded and did so, detecting nothing but suggesting that maybe I should have the inevitable do it upon arrival.

As he materialized... he did not look happy. He could sense the chaos of the place and looked almost disgusted, but it was hard to tell with a being like this. Frellia explained that it wasn't she who was looking for the spell to be cast but me. I was unsure what kind of language it would like to hear so I went with the most respectful that I could and told the truth completely, deciding that lying to a being of law would have been a rather unfortunate mistake. I may have expanded a few of the details, but for the most part my hatred of the curse... and chaos in general was made quite clear.

It looked at me surprised... clearly it had underestimated the power of this artifact. It seemed to recoil in disgust from it asking me who I managed to aqquire such a thing. I tried to explain that I made it... unsure how, but it was me. I felt Esrieb's hand clutch mine, clearly as worried as I was. Turning back to me clearly confused it did not believe me that I had the power to create this. It then did something I wansn't really surprised at but was still slightly uncomfortable with. It had cast a truth spell and asked me to step into the circle. I did so, only slightly nervous as I hadn't planned on lying to begin with, but also asked upon stepping in if he could inspect the other items of mine to make sure they hadn't been infected. After he had informed they hadn't... the conversation that could very well rock the world had started.

He started off by asking me if anyone else had touched it. I abhored the thought, I had suffered enough by this accursed item there was no way I would even dream of letting this befall another. It seemed to accept my answer knowing that I was unable to lie at the moment and once again asked me about it's creation. I retold him what I had said earlier but went a little more specific into what item I was creating and what became of it. His confused look slightly worried me as he informed me I was indeed telling the truth but was confused as to what I actually was, asking if I was an avatar of chaos... or a protean... I'm not even sure what those are, but it asked me what I was. Again Esrieb's anxiousness made itself apparent as a worried look crossed his face.

I had told him the truth... that I was once human and had been changed to a drider though it was upon my own asking. It was then that I realized a horrible truth... it had been Thuruinn. I continued answering that question as my mind raced. Thuruinn... a near diety being of immense power... and in love with chaos. He had changed me into what I was... did that give me a natural affinity with chaos? Was it because of his touch that the curse had sprouted forth to begin with? Belle had an affinity with him as well... Slowly pieces of the puzzle were starting to form and fit into place. I hadn't had much time to think about it though as his line of questioning continued.

“What is a human?” it had asked. It was then I realized a mistake had been made. The game wasn't supposed to be able to realize what we were talking about when it came to the real world. Maybe it was the fact that I now thought of this being the real one... I had not heard of any way of going back... I wish I had thought about it more...

I found myself not unwilling... but unable to describe what a human is at first. I tried a few different routes as I compared them to orcs and gorillas, and other things but ultimately I think I just ended up confusing not only it but myself as well with my descriptions. After flaining around for a few minutes trying to find an acceptable answer it's line of questioning continued.

"Where do they come from? What do they do? What do they look like? What are they similar too? Are they beings of order? Are they of the material plane? Are they mortal? Are they capable of tapping into the weave? Are they intelligent?" 

I answered everything the best I could... That we just tried to live our lives, pursuing our own goals and ambitions much like anyone here. Magic did not exist where we were from, so technology was our only real way of progressing to a higher existence. I tried to explain for the most part that we were beings of community and order, or at least that's how I like to think of us. Sure we always had our fights... we were stuck in this world because of one of them, but deep inside I like to trust that normally we would do the right thing. I was unsure about what the material plane was so I answered that the didn't exist on this one. I do not know if there are multiple... I explained the life expectancy, was unable to answer the question about the weave, as it's something I have never heard of before and finished by asserting that yes we were intelligent.

It said that earth was uncatalogued... and that there were... far more worlds than I had ever heard of with intelligent life, and that we were just uncounted for. It went on to say this is was now... recording this information. How had the game... recorded that? I was grateful that it went on to say that this information was worthy of it's service. My sigh of relief was interupted by still more questions. It asked why Thuruinn had involved himself in bringing us here and with our transformation.

I answered that we hadn't been brought here by him... it was just he that greeted us. As far as why I had become a drider... I simply stated it had been my choice. He then asked why I had used the device that brought me here. It was an awkward moment trying to explain studying for a role I was to take part in to this being... but I did so, adding on that I had no regret in coming here. Esrieb's hand grew tighter on mine... but this time it wasn't out of fear... it was out of a love. My racing heart slowed down a bit as I relaxed. It clarified my answer by asking if my profession was entertainment. I found myself getting slightly sad as I answered that it had been. My mind drifted back to before this all started and the small amount of fame I had garnered. I had loved performing for the masses and made up my mind after our current mission was done I would do so again.

It stayed quiet for a few moments... the first time I had seen it do so. When it opened it's mouth again it informed my my form was tied to the chaotic planes, and asked which diety I worshiped, either her or on earth. I had admitted that on Earth diety worship was less common as it was here, or at least less practice as the gods of earth had virtually no impact on it. I had said though that at least her Calistria was the goddess I had chosen to serve.. but as of late, I didn't feel right anymore. I had sought out the temple of Arshea and started to learn it's teachings. It had made more sense than the life I was currently living, and thankfully Frellia didn't seem to annoyed by it. It however, seemed genuinely confused at that.

The next question took me by surprise. I was not expecting it to ask about the population of earth, especially not when quantified by  "Earth has little divine notice? How many souls dwell upon Earth? Your world must be small indeed to have so little divine attention," I was a little unsure as I gave the answer of seven billion. The confusion became even more apparent as the number I gave was incredibly high. After only a moment or two it collected it's thoughts stating that there must be something else going on as well... It straightened itself asking me to put the box inside the circle and giving me a pocket watch. That... was something I was definitely not expecting. I grabbed the box placing it inside the circle, but asked what the watch was... it seemed... very odd.

It explained that this.... device would help my in the path toward lawfulness. I was extremely grateful for that as all this chaos was becoming not only annoying, but dangerous. It drew it's massive longsword pointing it at me and cleansing me of the curse. I almost fell down crying right there. I was free... No longer did I have to worry about my spells misbehaving. Wands, scrolls, everything would work again. I didn't even have the chance to thank it before it disappeared. The relief that I felt my have resonated with Esrieb as I was engulfed in a hug. I returned it happily before turning to Frellia announcing I would hug her. As I reached my arms around her giving her a big hug I noticed her wince visibly. I was slightly sad that she didn't trust me, but at this moment I didn't care. She had helped me regain both my heart, and removed the curse from me. I apologzied, but was still overjoyed to finally be free. My excitement still bubbling over as I ran back to Esrieb spinning him around in the air, hugging him tightly again. My life was finally mine again! The small elation wearing off slightly I remembered there were still other curses on me. Small ones, but I did not want them to begin with.

I asked if she would remove them and she deflected saying that Millia could do it instead. I offered to pay instead because I wanted her to be at full strength, and I knew we were going back into the dungeons soon. Though a slight shiver crawled up my spine at the thought of that. Upon the completion of removing my curse I noticed my hair was a deep blue, I could live with that color at least... I turned to Esrieb stating that we should go thank the priestess of Arshea for helping us out as well, and that I need to slightly apologize for being as rude to her as I had. He happily agreed as we left the temple.

I wish the story of today ended there... but alas the elation could only last for so long. As we walked along.. there was another emotion that had decided to make itself known. One that I had been so eager to ignore while I was angry and happy, but one that I needed to deal with now. Guilt. I slowed my pace... I knew he could tell it bothered me. I just walked in silence for a few moments, not sure quite where to start, so I decided to just state the obvious.

“Dear... I think we need to talk.” The words feeling heavy as the fell out of mouth, weight down by my conscious. I had turned to face him, I'm sure my face must have been a painting of emotions, unsure which one to decide on. His stutter... one of the few things in this world that I looked forward to, it's comforting consistency. His attempts to improve it... It came out as he spoke.

“Y-y-yea, a lot h-h-has h-happened the p-past couple of d-days.”

“The understatement of our lives...” I had said... remembering the past day. We had started off so full of energy and purpose... and it had lead to that tragedy. My body quivered in fear and sickness as I remembered those harrowing events. “I want to say I'm sorry first of all... I put you through something no good wife should.” The words feeling somewhat foreign rolling of my tongue, almost as if I was undeserving of the title. “You mean far more to me than anyone ever has before. I made a rash decision that should have cost me my life, and that p-pain” An involuntary shudder across my whole body interrupted that sentence before my will power could take back over. “It's something I won't forget, and I hope... I hope you can forgive me.” I had reached out embracing him... the tears I had been trying so hard to hide flowing quickly down my face. “And I'll never leave your side again.

"I kn-know y-you w-w-ere j-j-just trying to h-help the group..s-s-so d-d-don't f-f-feel b-bad. I-I-I'm the o-one w-who sh-should b-b-be s-sorry...”

I had to cringe when he said that. He had done nothing to warrant this... I had been the one to torute him. The one foolish enough to think I could handle it on my own.

“I s-s-should h-h-have w-w-went with y-y-you. Aln w-w-was saying r-r-right before it h-h-happened that I s-s-should g-go ch-check on y-y-you."

I had to remember the chance I had to involve him... We could have destroyed the bear together, and I never would have had to go through that. I had come back to cast a spell to increase my strength... why hadn't I told anyone about my plan then? It would have made things so much simpler.

"W-w-w-as s-s-so s-scared I'd l-l-lose you" His hug warming my heart. I could see the tears forming in his eyes but he was holding them back... It was all I could to do lower myself and hug him even tighter.

“You won't ever have to go through that again...I'll be careful from now on.” My words ringing slightly hollow. I cursed my own weakness. If had been strong enough to fight them... If I had could have just carried the burden myself... I wouldn't have to have anyone else go through this. I stared off into the sky, the sun giving me strength. “We need to get stronger. I was content to just live out this life... but not anymore. We've been through hell these last few days, and I don't want to live in terror, being unable to help others. I want... I need to make a difference.”

"M-m-me t-t-too, e-e-especially a-a-after all they d-d-did f-f-for us. T-th-the-they s-s-s-saved y-y-y-you. I d-d-d-don't know w-w-what I w-w-w-would have d-d-d-done w-w-w-without y-y-you."

His tears finally released themselves. I couldn't say anything for a few moments. We just sat there. Two people. Two hearts. Two Minds. One emotion. The tears streaking down both of our faces combind.. forming a puddle of fear, sadness, and strangely... love. The longer we sat there... the more my emotions changed from despair to hope. We had both survived, though it would be some time before we could recover completely, and we had grown closer. That couldn't be taken away from us. We had each other, and for now... that's all we needed. I opened my mouth as a thought entered my head.

“When this is over... I want to train. I want us to fight together. I want us to protect each other.” My words were interrupted by a small lump still in my throat from the crying, but the last words, containing all of my conviction. “If we fight together... We'll both make it out alive.”

My mind was made up. I would not imagine to be able to do things on my own for now. I would become stronger, no... WE would become stronger. We would train until we had the power to move the mountains themselves. It was time to return to the cavern, and this time... it would be different.
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A Whirlwind month.

Well after last night, Valtyra and I woke up entangled in bed together, and soon got up and got ready for our day. Millia noticed the new rings and thought it was adorable, asking if we got married (we hadn't ...yet), Belle brought up a good point, mentioning children. Both of us would kind of like to have kids some day, but sadly its impossible as things are. I would likely have to change both race and gender, which... I find myself reluctant to do. The other options are powerful magic, and fleshcrafting, which carries with it its own serious risks. I don't want Valtyra to have anything bad happen to I'm reluctant on that as well. Valtyra seemed flustered by the attention from millia, and it was really quite cute, as Millia gushed over Valtyra's reactions about the ring. There were some apologies for the tensions during the past couple of days, and then Millia announced she was moving. We later found out she moved in with a priestess of Calistria, and we helped her pack. We just continued talking, until we heard Aln yelling like a small child with a child molester chasing her "STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER" It turns out a tiefling has greeted him and she freaked out. Said tiefling was a crossdressing male, who apparently was a player like us, albeit one that hadn't had the same...experience as we had. Aln had decided to screw with him, when he asked if we were players...and despite the obviousness of Aln's lie, couldn't figure it out. I think he may be just a BIT dense. It was pretty funny though. Belle apparently caught the loudness, and was loud and aggressive for the rest of the day. We settled things down, and got various curses removed, and Millia ended up exhausted by the time she was done. Belle kept yelling most of the time as introductions were made with the new guy.I do kind of wonder whether Belle is bipolar. I tried asking about going hunting with my tiger, but I'm not allowed to leave the city for any reason.

After that, Valtyra went off to go do some stuff, and I went to go check up on Shira. Was happy to see the stablehands are taking really good care of her, but thought she was odd, because of her having...both parts. Stupid wall. Met back up with Valtyra, who wanted to go ask a magistrate some questions. The Magistrate apparently hadn't believed there was a drider in the city, and was rather startled by her appearance. It was a little funny, but I'm glad it didn't go badly. Valtyra talked with her about marriage, adoption, and surrogate parents. We talked about that for a while.

We met then back up with Millia and Belle, who apparently was still in a loud aggressive mood. We then headed over to millia's new place. She is now living with some calistiran priestess named Heira. We talked about millia a bit, and Belle was rude the entire time. Valtyra teased Millia a bit, after it seeming like she had ended up having sex with Hiera the night before. Belle was rude about that too, and it was kind of annoying. But it was kind of a moot point, because they werent really in a relationship, as opposed to our original thought. Not that it would have been wrong if they had, Valtyra and I got together rather quickly, and...It's the best that has ever happened to me. But I Digress. I'm guessing Hiera is supposed to be a mentor of some kind for Millia, as well as make sure she stays out of trouble. Heira served some conjured food, and it was really good. I even got some to give to Shira which she really liked when I gave it to her later in the day. Belle finally left, still yelling, mid way through the meal. Heira then asked how we met, and luckily Valtyra said something, because I didn't know what to say without mentioning the game. She also asked Valtyra why she was special, which apparently means "why aren't you a rape monster?". Despite the question, she did seem more tolerant than the rest of the drow we had met. Valtyra explained some stuff about her life (in game) before this, then I was asked how I got to Feydal, and had to make up a bullshit excuse about being a wanderer. The topic of conversation then moved to the dragon, as we tried to explain what had happened again. Soon after we had to take our leaves, and go back home.

I fall asleep cuddling with Valtyra, only to be woken by a very loud roar. Recognizing it as the ravener, we get dressed and head out, however Valtyra ends up putting the guard on her back and running to the temple. She is WAY faster than I am, and by the time I caught up she was at the temple already, especially considering as I had stopped to grab Shira. So I eventually made my way there, as the Ravener attacked spewing acid over the city, only to be stopped by a magic force field. Tiny drops of acid did get through in places however, so i made sure to take cover as i went through the city. Outside, however it cut large swathes through the land...I can only imagine how many animals were killed by it. The ravener tried again with the acid, deepening the large trenches around the city, as yet again only small drops get through, the rest, sliding along the force field. It then tries to attack physically and hit the barrier face first. It seemed to hurt itself in the process, but mended quickly as we watched. There many many many drow in the area, with bows and spells at the ready, waiting for if the dragon got through the barrier. I happened to notice the barrier got bigger in our vicinity, and made the realization it might be tied to us, with the likely reason that some was getting through being that arune was likely dead. When we arrived at the top of the temple, A drow wizard was there and used powerful magic, opening a rift in the sky, which tried to pull the dragon in. it failed however, and soon the dragon fled, just after Valtyra gave a rousing speech to the drow gathered around. I was really proud of her, as it seemed she had even helped them see past whatever racial misgivings they had in this moment of crisis.

Once the dragon fled, we asked about the shield, and the wizard said she had nothing to do with it, furthering my suspicion that it was us, that somehow caused it. I believe it may also have to do with that weird...aura? I guess that surrounded us after the dragon's original death, that made all the animals flee us, and stilled the water around us. After saying this the wizard disappeared teleporting away. We got interrogated by the High Priest (Frellia) again, who asked us where the wizard went. She didn't know what the shield came from, and was apparently angry the Archmage (wizard) left without talking with her.
Frellia was still trying to figure things out, and I offhandedly mentioned my previous thought about it being us. She rounded on me, looking angry as I attempted to explain, mentioning how it got bigger when we arrived, and the weird effect that scared away wild life when the ravener first came back, and how I hadn't yet seen any birds since we arrived. We discussed it among ourselves, before the High Priest went downstairs, and saw the wizard from before, who is apparently named Vecuria. They yell at each other for a minute, until Frellia says Calistria was silent on what happened (She's a goddess of some kind). After a double take, Vecuria asked about that, as it seemed to surprise her. Then everyone's attention went to us. We were to be interrogated again, and were teleported to Vecuria's tower. Vecura got ready to question us, asking the same questions we had been asked reapetedly, to Frellia's obvious irritation. Frellia then got up and did...something..I don't know what the spell was. They really don't like each other. Anyway, they had Millia put the crystal on the table, and they examined it. Vecuria Studies it as Frellia tries to contact her god again, to no response. Valtyra comes up with the idea of trying to commune with Tiamat, who is apparently the goddess of dragons.

Things get discussed more, and it appears the city will be contacting the other cities for aid. We also find out we still can't leave the city, because it's possible we are maintaining the barrier. MIllia brings up wanting to go home, and mentions someone named Sharles, which confuses everyone. Belle in her normal manner, says she moved in which a priest she was banging, which was kind of funny, but it embarrassed Millia. She leaves with the high priest, the archmage makes some catty remarks about the high priest, and then they both come back in. Belle goes on about doing research, and things wind down. We are allowed to roam the city, as long as we don't leave or get ourselves killed, and stay out of trouble.

Valtyra ends up putting me on her back, as we go pick up Shira from where she had been left by the temple. It was the first time I had ever ridden her like that, and it was a little difficult to get used to, considering I'd never even ridden horses, but I enjoyed being so close to her, hugging her tightly until we got home.

The next day, aln had her...elemental baby (ick), and two days later there was a wasn't too bad, but I has never been in one before, being from Michigan. It happened in the middle of night, so we were all awake. Everyone is nocturnal, which suits me rather was always a night owl. Anyway in the next few days, all hell broke loose all over the world. Some lich came back, multiple wars broke out, entire countries went silent, and two well connected countries sent please for aid. A few days later 39 Women vanish, but luckily no one cast blame on Valtyra. I'm really glad that guard can vouch for her innocence. During that time i trained Shira, with a variety of new tricks, splitting my time between Valtyra, and my tiger. 7 days after the dragon attacked, it returns attacking for over an hour to no effect before fleeing. 3 days after that there is another, much stronger earthquake. 5 days later, 31 more women vanish.

In this month or so, we grew closer to the crystals we had picked up, as they gave us more of their power. Valtyra had made several items for us during this time...but sadly things didn't go as planned. The magic necklace she made for my tiger was ok, it just turned him Blue...other than that it worked fine. Valtyra, had apparently managed to mess up horribly on her pearl of power however, as it now warped her magic and everyone's around her. Valtyra is none to happy about this, and tries to have Millia remove the doesn't work at all however. After discussing the curse for a bit Millia asks when we are getting married, which flusters Valtyra and she grabs me and starts to head out the door to go see Vecuria, but belle interrupts, telling us a few things, and showing off her breastplate made of dragon bones. Belle and Valtyra discuss their homelands, and soon the topic movies to the abducted women. I suggest trying to speak with see if they saw anything, but it seems the guards tried that already, along with speak with plants and stone. We also met Sharles, who is apparently a pleasure snake. Was still a bit weird. I kind of get it, forked tongue and all. There was a bit of ribbing directed at Millia, as she apparently didn't know this. I really enjoy speaking with animals. Valtyra then was ready to go to see the wizard and tried to convince Millia to come with. Then she dropped to the floor, when Millia demured. I thought she had collapsed, and the pearl did something, but she was just acting...i didn't like it though, because I was worried something happened. We then visited Vecuria, who also couldn't remove the curse. Then she dismisses us, not really giving a crap.

We leave and on the way back, Valtyra turns to me and brings up Millia's mention of marriage. She asked about making it official, and I was overjoyed, just hugging her impulsively and saying I'd love to. Then I remember, I'm not too good with big ceremonies and things, and attempt to convey this. She agreed, wanting it to be a more private thing to avoid all the attention, and we started discussing Arshea. Apparently she wanted to change her religious affiliation as her views changed. A minute or two of discussion later, and the two of us very excitedly make our way to the temple of Arshea, where we are officially declared Man and Wife. A few short days later, before a
honeymoon can be properly done, there is another earthquake...this one stronger than the others by far. Some buildings are knocked down, and 44 more women vanish. The ravener also returns, circling over the city.

The next day everyone gets a note, and has to come meet at the temple. I wake the others up with some difficulty, and then we head the temple. Aln said she was going to draw diks on my face later, which annoyed me, but I think he forgot about it in the days to come. Anyway we head to the temple, where we see the city was sent reinforcements. We find out more about the sinkhole, and some magic wall blocking the drow from exploring further. We get asked to go check it out, and Valtyra brings up prep...and possible rewards. We go down inside the sinkhole and immediately notice, that the darkvision most of us took for granted, doesn't work here. We then talk to Vecuria, discussing the magic wall and any rewards and things. Valtyra finds out the wall can change what it does to thwart enemy attackers, while Vecuria jots things down like a giddy scientist. I really don't like her attitude, she doesn't see people. I tried to bring up the idea of prep before going in...but we get rushed in as Vecuria parts the wall like the Red Sea. Putting a telepathic bond on Millia so she can communicate with us once we go inside.

We search a bit, finding some blood stains, then get ambushed by flying manta rays. They drop on Belle and Aln, one tries to drop on Valtyra, but fails. I start firing at it, and have shira attack it, angry it attacked her. Valtyra soon gets poisoned, as she starts to look weaker and weaker, only hastening my efforts to kill the damn thing before it killed her. Belle ripped into the one holding her with teeth and claws, but aln...aln jumped into the mouth of the one grappling him. which confused it...a lot. It was starting to look really bad, with the new guy/girl Aveline not being able to use his spells near Valtyra, and his magic hair not doing much, aln getting swallowed, Valtyra being repeatedly poisoned, and Millia's punches not doing much. I continued to try to take out the one attacking Valtyra, as it tried to grab her again and she just bursted out of its hold. Millia managed to heal the damage she took in the attempt thankfully. The one I've been shooting gave up on Valtyra and went for Millia picking her up, as I still focused fire on it. In a flurry of arrows, fangs, and claws Shira and I take down one of the Rays, and it drops Millia on her head. Belle goes nuts on the one shes stuck under, clawing at it. Millia tries more healing, making it through Valtyra's chaos aura. Valtyra tries to stab it with a lightning bolt, but it doesn't seem to work too well. A few moments of hectic combat later, A HUGE laser bursts out of the last one, and Aln gets out saying "surprise motherfucker" as it explodes behind her. We then get to work healing each other, going outside of the chaos aura to cast, and walking back over to the group. Luckily Valtyra gets the effects of the poisoned removed as well. After that is done we search the room, finding a few baubles, and Millia isn't feeling too hot.

Little did I know, something mindbreakingly horrible would happen soon
Valtyra went ahead to scout, and even though I listened REALLY hard... I couldn't hear a thing. She came back, casting something before heading away again. Aln said I should go with her...and she was right...completely right. The following events could have gone so much better...if I had just listened to the goblin. I then hear two sounds...that I will never forget. The roar of a giant angry bear, .... and the sound of my wife, screaming in pure pain. We rushed to her aid, only to find her being squeezed to death by a huge bear, it's heart ripped out, but still alive, squeezing the life from Valtyra. I angry, more angry than i've ever been, and more scared. I enraged, yell for Shira to attack the bear, as I desperately try to heal her. Wild magic goes off as a random book animates. The bear then squeezes her again, almost pulping her with a bear hug as I helplessly looked on. She was almost pulped, but still screaming, as i begin to cry uncontrollably as i still tried to heal her. Aln, Aveline, and Belle attack with shira, as Millia and I work on healing Valtyra. ....Then another image I shall never be rid of for as long as I live...the bear bites her in the chest, ripping out her heart...swallowing it, as her own ear piercing scream is joined by my own. The bear falls to their attacks, as I was still trying to heal my bleeding, disemboweled, but still screaming wife, begging for help as I cried. Everyone starts using all their magic to heal her, and I start dumping my healing potions down her throat. I didn't know how she had lived at the time....but I was just so glad she was alive...and so so scared. I resolved I was never gonna let her out of my sight again, as I clung to her for dear life. I as so afraid that I thought if I let go for even a moment, that I would never see her again. Still crying, we made our way back to the Wall. Valtyra just stared ahead, and I feared she would never be the same again. That i wouldn't even be able to talk with her any more, her stare was so blank and made me scared. The next few minutes were a blur, as Valtyra and I just clung to each other, scared out of our wits.

We get escorted to the temple of Arshea, where I beg her to help Valtyra, but find myself unable to explain what happened, taking a minute to try and compose myself enough to speak coherently. I managed to relate the story, still clinging to my wife as the Priestess tries to check her out. She puts Valtyra in a nice dreamless sleep, and i was going to watch over her...but the priestess put me to sleep too.

I wake up the next morning, curled up with my wife in the temple. I asked the priestess if she managed to fix everything. I did get some good news, that she wouldn't be so unresponsive. However, when i asked about her heart, I found out things weren't nearly so good, but that we had to wait until she awoke to address it. and then I got another bad announcement when I asked about her heart. Apparently even in the land of magic, some thing's are very very hard to do. I started to cry again, but the Arshean priestess told me to man up, and that Valtyra needed me to be strong and confident. I wanted to be, but i was just so scared, and worried, terrified I would lose her...and I've never been the best at Hiding what I feel. I tried to dry my eyes before Valtyra woke up, and about 10 minutes later, she did. I made sure to be next to her, and tried my best to look brave despite my crippling fear. She asked if i was there as she awoke, so I grabbed her hand, making sure she knew I was right next to her. I was so glad to hear her speak again, as she hugged me. I just held her closely, never wanting to let her go. She told me she wouldn't ever leave my side again...and I told her I wasn't going to let her.

Soon after Valtyra starts talking with the priestess about her heart, and we find out it was a wild magic curse, that made her unable to die for 3 days. It's ...a beneficial...yet horrible curse. Unable to die despite massive pain...yet it's the only reason my Valtyra was still alive. Several options are brought up after this. A Mechanical heart, which i didn't think existed in the game. I briefly thought of looking up schematics, then realized how different a drider's heart must be from a humans. The priest mentioned fleshcrafting, which could also have its own negative side effects as mentioned before, a cloned heart, which we did not have time for, and becoming an undead. That option appalled us both, and neither of us wanted that to happen. Another Option was death, then resurrection, but i was unsure if it would being the way we are. The last option was the most enticing: a powerful regenerate spell, to regrow her heart.

With that in mind we head to the High priest. When we get there, i see Valtyra looks angry, and sure enough she confronts the high priest, and i explain what happened...when she takes my sword from my belt and stabbed herself where her heart should be, eliciting a scream from me. AFter some heated discussion the cleric casts a powerful regenerate spell on Valtyra, leaving her whole once more. I was incredibly happy, because now i wouldn't lose her in a day.

Soon after we find out how to finally remove the chaos curse from Valtyra. We eventually find out we need an Inevitable, a being a pure law, wielding an axiomatic weapon (a weapon enchanted with law, to remove the curse. We were ushered to a summoning room, covered in lead and silver, with a magic circle engraved into the floor. Valtyra put the chaos pearl in the box, and then asked Vecuria to check the rest of her items in case the curse had spread. Luckily, it hadn't. Then the summoning ritual began, as I tried to reassuringly squeeze the hand of my lover.

Then it appeared, a black being, covered in golden armor, just about as tall as Valtyra. It didn't seem happy to be here as it asked why it was summoned by a chaotic cleric. It looks to Valtyra, as I realized this could go VERY VERY badly. It looked into the box, flinching and averting its gaze afterwards, before demanding to know how we got it. Valtyra then told it she made it accidentally, and I was immediately fearful it might attack. It did not believe her, and asked her to submit to truth magic, which she agreed to. It also confirmed none of her items had been affected by the curse. She repeated herself, but it still was incredulous, not believing someone could make something so chaotic, with a screw up, and thinking she must be a chaos avatar or protean. She mentioned being changed by Thuruinn from human to drider, as I got even more worried about what a being of pure law would do to an associate of the chaos lich. Then we both realized a mistake had been made...we had just told a creature of law that we were creatures that don't exist, while in a truth spell that we willingly submitted ourselves to. Frellia also looked highly interested in this.

I then find out how hard it is to explain a human to someone who has never seen one. Elves in Mortal are very different from Tolkein elves, being more inline with old World of Warcraft elves than anything, so i couldn't really compare them with much. The Inevitable then pelted us with questions trying to gather information.

"Where do they come from? What do they do? What do they look like? What are they similar too? Are they beings of order? Are they of the material plane? Are they mortal? Are they capable of tapping into the weave? Are they intelligent?" It asks all of these questions, one after the other with the calm seasoned voice of a being long used to interrogation and questioning.

Valtyra responded with her own rapidfire set of answers
"They come from earth, they mostly just live their lives, they can do most anything you would imagine like anyone here, but there is no magic where we come from. Everything is built using technology. As far as what they look like, Take the upper half of my body but continue it down into two legs. Also they only have two eyes atop their head and their ears are rounded. To draw a somewhat similar comparison take a Gorilla and remove all the hair except for those on the top of it's head. They stand up straight with no hunch to their back, and are somewhat similar build to those of the orcs. Their skin can range anywhere form a dark brown to a pale white." She pauses to take a breath. "They are beings of community and order. We have many laws in our lands and they are enforced quite well. They do not reside on this mortal plane, and they are mortal, with most only living around sixty to eighty years. I am unsure of what the weave is so I cannot answer that. And to finish it off, yes they are intelligent."
"Also they do not have fangs like I do... They have quite normal teeth and are omnivores."

I didn't really agree with us being beings of law and order, as chaos was also a major part of earth life, with crime and all.

Anyway it didn't know about earth, and mentioned a fuckton of other planets being recording, and apparently thought the new information was payment enough for the curse removal. It also wanted to know how we got here, and why Thuruinn did it. Valtyra mentioned the Lightline, though not by name, and talked about how she became a drider of her own choosing. The inevitable asked why she used the device again, and Valtyra admitted her background as an actor, and that this was just supposed to be prep for a role. Then spoke about being stuck here with no way back, but not regretting it a bit. I agreed wholeheartedly, clasping her hand a bit tighter. The being asked about Valtyra's former profession, and for the first time I saw Valtyra a bit sad and missing her former life as an actor...Maybe i can find a theater or something she can work at...or invent mortal's equivalent of voice acting.

Anyway it then said her soul was aligned to the chaotic planes or something...and asked her who she worshiped. She mentioned worshiping Calistria while she was here, but not being religious on Earth, much like myself. I like the faiths of Arshea and Calistria personally some of their tenets mesh well with my views, and I like the clergy I've met for both churches. They seem less judgemental than Earth religions. She also mentioned a shifting faith to Arshea.

Apparently because we said earth had no divine ...intervention i guess?, that it must be small. It was flabbergasted on finding there were 7 billion people on earth. The Inevitable then gave Valtyra a gold pocket watch which would help her become more lawful? (not really sure what that means), and removed the curse before departing.

Valtyra and I, were ecstatic however, finally rid of the curse, and she was whole again. Just a few hours ago I was petrified with fear, and scared to my wits end, but now I was happy. Very very happy. I hugged her exclaiming how glad I was it went well. Valtyra hugged me, then went over and hugged the High Priestess startling her, then going back to hugging me. She spun me around, like a parent swinging her child before pulling me into another massive hug. I loved seeing the smile on her face, it made everything feel better, and made my worries melt away.

After that she had her curses removed, and then left. On the way to go buy some supplies before we reentered the cavern (which I'm still kind of dreading), she slowed down, me still on on her back, hugging her. and said that we needed to talk. I worried there was a new thing tugging at her mind, but simply replied that there had been a lot going on the past few days. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.

She thought the same, saying it was "The understatement of our lives..." She then apologized, saying she almost got herself killed, making me sad, as i didn't want her to blame herself, because I felt I was to blame, for not being there. She shuddered as she continued, telling me how she will never forget it. If I could I would help to forget that...I don't think it's something that one should have in their mind, that kind of pain. She then asked me to forgive her, making me feel more guilty, as she told me she would never leave my side again as she hugged me, holding back tears. I stammered my way through telling her, that i felt it was my own fault, for not listening to the goblin and going with her, and how scared I was of losing her. I then clung to her more, fighting back my own tears, as i flew through the days emotions. She seemed to get some of her resolve back, as she promised to be more careful, wishing to be stronger and help people. I did too, especially after all they did for us, taking us in despite their initial prejudices, and the overall friendly of the clergy of Arshea and Calistria. I really don't know what I would have done if they hadn't been able to help her. I hugged her closer, the tears i had been fighting starting to stream from eyes, from even the thought of losing her. She mirrored my feelings, also being afraid to lose me, and she soon brought up us finding our own way of doing things, a combat style that compliments each other, knowing that if we can work together in everything, we can make it out alive. I had already started working on this, My tiger in front with her as i fired off arrows, but i was feeling i wanted to be there, next to her instead now. I would work on my swordsmanship, as well as my archery so i could protect her in battle. We professed our love for another again, as we headed off to Arshean Temple to thank the priestess for her work.

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Email to players
To: Valtyra, Esrieb, Millia, Alnelini, Belle
From: Yamamoto Tsunigawa
Subject: Status Update

Hello. I wanted to give you all an update on the research on your predicaments and manhunt for my son, as well as a few other important details.

First off, the research into your consciousnesses retaining cybernetic form after brain death has yielded few results, but the results it HAS yielded have been extremely interesting. Before I continue I must alert you that these results are extremely classified by the Japanese government and it is only my oath to you that allows me to disobey the mandate I was given and reveal what I can through this secure email. I will ask that you keep it in secrecy.

These are the current results:
1. Your bodies are entirely dead. No form of neurophysical movement, no bio-electric responses within the brain, no cellular activity of any kind has been recorded since 45 minutes after your deaths.
2. You are unequivocably still alive. Test results via advanced quantum observation of your current software forms, modeled into wetware simulations perfectly match each of your neural nets recorded by the lightline devices prior to brain activity ceasing. They are perfect matches, down to a 0.0002453% error margin, 4 orders of magnitude within acceptable ranges.
3. Your neural responses are still perfectly mimicking human thought processes (your individual thought processes) despite lacking any form of chemical integration necessary for human brain function, and importantly, all forms of emotional response. This is NOT programmed into the synthetic intelligences formed of the Mortal SI structure. Meaning, your minds altered the software constructs to act as wetware in a pure software environment spontaneously and instantaneously, seamlessly.
4. We have each recording of this information and over the last 31 days we've discovered that this IS reproduceable, albeit at enormous energy and memory costs, in orders of needing enough electricity (under current tech) to power most of Asia for about 2 weeks, and 84 exabytes of data for memory. Additionally, it has to be done within a time latency of about less 24 milliseconds.
5. In relation to 4, we still have no idea how your minds survived intact. Addendum, we have no idea how your minds survived.
6. Japan, America, Canada, Britain and CERN are working around the clock with utmost secrecy researching this information. I am hopeful that more will come of this soon with the amount of money, time and brilliant scientists on this project.
7. Unfortunately, and fortunately we have found no way to alter, touch, or move your software data packages (IE, your minds). While this means we cannot move you into a cybernetic body and back on Earth, it also means that we, nor anyone else, could, to be blunt, reprogram you.
8. We still have no information as to how or why you six survived when the hundred others did not. What is more strange is that there no information in the logs, nor any information in the server, or anywhere at all really, distinguishing why you six lived and the others did not. We cannot even point to random chance as there's no random factors or differences between your neural nets and the casualities. It is baffling and enigma, but we are still looking.

That is the key information that we have so far on your status. We will continue of course.

The second bit of information I wish to share is the police hunt for my son. He been labeled a terrorist by the United Nations and a coalition effort is attempting to hunt him down. Currently he is believed to be hiding in South America somewhere. What is perplexing is how he's managed to stay hidden for so long and so well. My son is no trained spy or espionage agent, he is a computer scientist and an a software engineer. I can only conclude (and am collaborated with by multiple government agencies) that he is either employed or being helped by others with such training. I've been assured that the US and Canadian forces are getting closer however.

...A few days ago he contacted me via a letter. A letter that appeared in my mailbox with no address, not delivered by the mailman, not delivered by anyone caught on the camera or agents watching my house, and a letter written on, of all things, parchment. The letter merely said:
"I'm sorry Father, but I want to tell you not to worry. Things are darkest before the dawn and to keep chasing your dream. I wish I could've stayed at your side, but I didn't have a choice. Please just make sure you don't leave Hokkaido starting next month.


Though I only was able to read the letter once before it was confiscated and examined, I remember it perfectly. The month starts next week and there is great cause for alarm as no one knows what my son's warning means. I am also troubled by his signature. Though what he has done is terrible, he is still my son and yet... he has left off our family name but continues to show respect and an apology. I do not know what he means by it.

Lastly, I have other information regarding Mortal. There has been some discrepancies in some of the non-player characters within the world. A few of the SI's are... vanishing, for lack of a better word, from the logs and game software tracking systems occasionally, then returning again. This would normally appear to be a database error, except the NPC's themselves are full aware of w/e transpired during their absence from the logs, though all have been very careful to avoid detailing what that IS. The obvious connotations of this are that the NPC's are self-aware of their status, and indeed at least two of them act in that fashion. However, their actions are most puzzling and extremely unorthodox. The reason I bring this up is because of Valtyra's communique with an inevitable NPC last night. Normally safeguards are present to prevent NPC's in Mortal to become aware of their existence. These are obviously failing, as demonstrated last night.

This could be catastrophic for Mortal, as you can probably imagine. Valtyra, I want to make it clear that you are NOT being blamed for this, this is either a software glitch... or my son has gotten back into the system and is removing the safeguards (though there is no evidence of this whatsoever). I will ask that you do what you can to minimize this information getting spread around, though NOT at personal risk to yourselves (again, I am ignoring the express orders of my governments with that statement).

Finally, I want to ask... have any of you maintained contact with your friends and family here on Earth? I am fully aware of your adventures in Feydal and how... hectic your lives are now right now so I can hardly blame you, but Earth has been having some interesting phenomenon itself in the last few weeks. If you have the time, looking at some news websites might interest you.

Your servant,
Yamamoto Tsunigawa
Chief Executive Officer
Lightline Incorporated, 2016.
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