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    Elder Truth M/Ldr/Hocus 5, Touchstone 3, Epic 3
    Description:Male Formal Vestments Innocent Face Burning Eyes Fit Body
    Details:Stats Cool (Highlight): +2 Hard : +2 Hot : +1 Sharp: 0 Weird (Highlight):+3 HX Karloff (Jess): +1 Specialist Nicholas, Samuel B. (Joe): +1 Kaiser (Shawn): +3 Moves Seer: you get +1 weird (weird+3). Frenzy: When you speak the truth to a mob, roll+weird. On a 10+, ...
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    Description:An athletic bodied man with a young face, steady eyes, and a fairly good condition set of Marine heavy armor in ancient fatigues.
    Background: Samuel was a U.S. Marine infantry soldier who volunteered with his unit for a special stasis sleep/learning training. For some strange reason when the base was attacked there was a power surge that caused the machine they were sleeping in to malfunction. He and his squad were essentially fro...
    Details:Stats: Cool: +3 Hard: +1 Hot: 0 Sharp:+1 Wierd: nil Skills: Do Something Under Fire (cool) Go Aggro (hard) Seize by Force (hard) Seduce or Manipulate (Hot) Read a situation/Person (Sharp) Open Your Brain (Wierd) Combat Veteran (+1 cool) Leave No One Behind (When you help someone...
  • Myarrid_commission_by_annushkathesetter-d2xoz3p_thumb
    jasmine tiger mutant/F
    Details:cool +1 hard +2 hot +0 sharp +1 weird -1 +2 armor 2 barter moves- merciless and perfect instincts shotgun 4 harm, close reload, messy, armor piercing axe 3 harm, hand, haft, heavy blade

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