• Sid_yah_thumb
    Isiri "Remembers the Lost" Het-Heru Silent Strider/F/Galliard/Athro
    "Learn from the past or die by its mistakes."
    Description:Isiri stand 5'9" and is considered rather tall for a woman of Egyptian descent. Her hair is long and dark, her eyes brown with subtle hints of gold and green, offset by her tan skin. She carries herself in a casual fashion her form and build that of a runner. Typically she is dressed almost like ...
    Background:Thanks to her family being kin and garou she grew up with a certain awareness that something was different. Aside from when she was talking to people that others couldn't see, had playmates that were only visible to her. Frequently she traveled with her parents as they were part of a "Doctors wi...
  • 20090824033038_adult_lambo_thumb
    "I can still walk forward"
    Description:minus the attachable horns and the red lightning that picture is close to who my character will be dressed. more will be added once i finish creating him.
  • Mv5_thumb
    Edward Silver Fang, PureBreed 3/M/Stkr/Ahroun
  • Gregory_clark_thumb
    Gregory "Guiding Hand" Clark Werewolf (Child of Gaia)/M/Thurge /Fostern
    "When you learn to heal, you learn to harm just as well..."
    Description:Clark (Yes, if using his homid name he would prefer you use his last name), otherwise known as Guiding Hand, stands at 5'9''. Physically, he looks to be in his early 20's with a few hints of early gray peppered throughout his hair. He dresses somewhat sloppily for a homid born, preferring loose f...
    Background:Despite strong hints of Clark being able to hold his own in a fight, his background is rather tame. The only son of a female Garou(whose name is Guards the Garden) and a male Kinfolk (Richard Clark) Clark was raised with ever mounting levels of affection. Never hiding the nature of their garou ba...
    Details:Clark owns a rather well equipped cabin/laboratory just outside the border of the Ocala National Forest, where he works for the State as an Ecological Biologist. This cabin is open to anyone in the Sept as well as the surrounding packs of wild wolves. Having installed several lupus sized doggy do...
  • Siegebreaker_thumb
    Siegebreaker Metis/M/Ahroun/Fenrir/Fostern
    "You're not very good at this whole 'violence' thing, are you?"
    Description:Height: (homid) 8'1" Weight: (homid) 550lbs Hair Color: Blonde. Siegebreaker's bodyhair is very patchy except for the top of his head, which it looks mostly normal. He wears it chin length. Eye Color: Soft Blue This gigantic man towers above the rest of his pack like an oak tree over sh...
    Background:Crinos Statistics - Height: 12'9" Weight: 3800lbs Appearance: fucking BIG and UGLY...
  • Darcia-wolf-2_thumb
    Lucas "Justifies The Means" O'Connor Lupus, Philodox, Fianna, PB:5/M
    Description:(Pure Breed:5, Merit:Reputation, Enchanting Voice) Appears to be around three or four in lupus years, In his homid form he appears to be anywhere from 21-24 Lucas displays extremely dark red hair, so red infact that it appears black. He is quite large for most wolves and resembles the old d...
    Background:Born of the rough coat Under the Half Moon Smile of Luna, Fostern of the Garou Nation, Warrior of the Fianna. Lucas named by one of His homid kinfolk after a brave hero of the Fionn Family from which he was bred. His pure breeding has made his life within garou society with packs and l...
  • Article-0-183f06e200000578-736_306x446_thumb
    Dr. Hobo Science Bone Gnawer/M/Ahroun/Adren
    "Gentlemen I have an Idea!"
    Description:Piss throwing, chainsaw wielding, bringer of certain death.
    Background:I have a PHD in chemistry from Coney Island College. I can do anything with a few chemicals that I could possibly want to but I usually only want things to explode!
  • Julianne_hough4_thumb
    Yellow-Hair Gnostic Kinfolk/F
    "Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway."
    Description:Apparent Age: 17 Hair: White Blond Eyes: Icy Blue Height: 5'2" Weight: 110 Birthday: Unknown Tribe: Silver Fang Auspice: None Rank: Kinfolk Scars/Tattoos: Claw Marks and whip marks on her back. A few look like glyphs. Noticable Traits: PB5 - Silver Fang Appearnce - 5 Gnostic Kinfol...
    Background:Rumors: -She is related to a notable Silver Fang. -She is related to Silver Storm somehow -She is hiding something -Her loss of memory is a lie -Is a spy or plant
    Details:IC Knowledge: -She has no scent. (Flaw: No scent) -Has nightmares -Somehow knows when things are talked about without being around. -Has been trained in Klaivescar -Is a klaivesmith -Is Gnostic and able to bond with a totem. *Check Back often for more details as they are revealed thr...
  • Iosifimage_thumb
    Iosif Morningkill Silver Fang Lupus/M/Def/Philodox/Adren
    "Pertinacia Ex Victoria Per Veritas. (Determination And Victory Through Truth.)"
    Description:Pure Breed: 5 (Silver Fang) Fate: 4 (Prophecy regards being a deciding factor in who will lead the Garou Nation into the Apocalypse.) Homid Form: Iosif is a decently tall man, standing around 6'4". He typically wears a midnight blue shirt and a pair of jeans that are well worn, as well as an ...
    Background:Name: Iosif "Innokenti" Morningkill Cub Name: "Whitepaw" Cliath Name: "Noble Heart" Fostern Name: "Silver Blood of Gaia" Breed: Lupus Auspice: Philodox Tribe: Silver Fangs House: Wyrmfoe Lodge: Lodge of the Sun Court: The Forthright Court Camp-Ideology: Royalists Sept Position: Maste...
    Details:Rumors: He is rumored to be a direct, close relative of High King Jonas Albrecht. At times he seems unclear of his Auspice, having possibly claimed to be both Philodox AND Ahroun. He has a prophecy of some form that revolves around him having something to do with the events that lead to ...
  • Werewolf1_thumb
    Death-in-Darkness Lupus/M/Ahroun/Rank 2
    "Death come in many forms"
    Description:Kills without mercy stands just under 6'4 and weighs close to 250 pounds in homid form, red hair, with bright green eyes. His muscles are toned though not overly so The Crinos form, is large fur red and stands on end, his eyes show nothing but malice when he stares at you, nothing hides his pu...
  • 225772_209849062383114_573508_n_thumb
    Helena Krios Homid Garou/F/Theurge/Cliath
    Description:Age: 18 Height (homid): 5'4" Weight: Aprox. 150lbs Appearance: ooo Pure Breed (Black Fury): oo Homid: Helena looks her age, youthful and niave. She has long black hair that cascades down her back in waves when she doesnt have it tied up into a sloppy ponytail or braided into pigtails. She ...
    Background:Helena is very reluctant to talk about most of her past. She readily admits that she is from New York but wont say where exactly. She will often speak of her siblings but only will name her brothers despite having older twin sisters. She only openly speaks of her father, a Kin named Stephan. She ...
    Details:Helena has the Flaw: Notoreity due to her family. This is why she takes pains not to reveal too much of her history or her full name. Her Pack is fully aware of her history and they accept her in spite of it. If/when someone recognizes her, it could very well make her life at the Sept complicated...
  • Maguz_thumb
    Death's Right Hand Fianna/M/Theurge/Athro
    "When the end is nigh, my brother shall reap God."
    Description:Maguz's age is 30 even though he appears to be closer to 40. Premature grey, and lack of exposure to the sun has made him almost have a deathly pallor. Moderately attractive, with an almost animalistic gleam in his green eyes. He is prone to wearing black or other dark colored suits, with a long ...
    Background:Maguz was born to a Fianna Ahroun and a Fianna kinfolk who happened to be a Euthanatos Mage that had decided to settle down and mother children rather than Ascend to a higher state of being. As with most Garou unions, they were not married, which did not impress the mortal relatives of his father...
    Details:Homid: Age: 30 Apparent Age: 40 Ht: 6'0" Wt: 175 lbs. Hair Style: Short, thin, spiky Hair Color: S&P Eye Color: Brilliant Green Skin Tone: Pale creamy skin, that is cold to the touch. All other forms Maguz is furless, with a birthmark symbolizing Death over his Heart, and his tongue is...
  • Daniel-sunjata-4_thumb
    Donovan Reyes Shadow Lord/M/Philodox
  • Osric_thumb
    Sword-breaker Get of Fenris/M/Ahroun/Fostern
    "Ok, who did you piss off now?"
    Description:Osric is 6'5", 285 lbs, Brown hair, One eye grey, the other eye is torn out. Sometimes covered by an eyepatch, sometimes not, the eye has a tattoo of a flying raven over the scars. He wears cammies and a ballistic vest regularly, and is never far from a weapon, be it the .45 pistol at his hip, th...
    Background:Osric is very secretive about his past as a mortal, but it is known that his first change came about late in his life and on a operation in Chechnya.
  • Tezcatlipoca_thumb
    Trace the Umbra - Pack Bastet, Garou, Corax/?/Curious/Varied
    "All are of Gaia"
    Description:The members of this pack stand out a bit. It is obvious that three are garou. This is easily seen from their markings,especially the one that seems to be partially cybernetic,one other is a Wendigo, the third a Black Fury, the other two are the puzzle, and well the large inky black panther with a...
    Background:This pack formed before the Ahadi Concord was even dreamed of. It broke many of the standard beliefs and stood strong in the face of hatred and even threats of death. The have fought long hard battles against the Wyrm and have traveled to places in the Umbra that are rumored to be myths. Fierc...
    Details:Keseshweria - deeded- Shatters the Wall - Legend- Swara of Twilight - Born - smooth coat Mike - deeded - Test-pattern Glass Walker - Cyberwolf Athro - Ragabash - Rough Coat Charra - deeded "Howling Wind" - Wendigo - Athro- Ahroun - rough coat Eos Delphinia - "Takes the Wylds Council" ...
  • No_img_thumb
    James Redfeather "A Bone's Throw" Human/M/Theurge/Fostern
    Description:Fostern Homid Theurge Bonegnawer
  • Fenrir_thumb
    Glimmer in Fenris's Eye Get of Fenris/M/Ahroun/Elder
    Description:Full name of Character: Uriens Allwin Nickname: Glimmer in Fenris's Eye Race: Get of Fenris Homid Occupation/class: Ahroun Elder Social class: Lower Middle (appears to be) Age: 90 How old they appear: 40 Eye Color: Blue Hair color length and style: Long Red/grey Pulled into braids ...
  • Zylo_thumb
    Eyes of Anubis Lupus Silent Strider/M/Ldr/Galliard/Cliath (Rank 1)
    "The cycle of life and death continues... We will live... Our foes will die."
    Description:Lupus Form: Zylo appears as the epitome of pure breeding within the Silent Striders tribe. His ears are large, his body and features jackal-like, though bearing more of the size of a wolf. His fur is shorter, black and glossy. His eyes are bright golden in tone, with a gaze that seems to pierce i...
    Background:Basic Info Breed: Lupus Auspice: Galliard Tribe: Silent Striders Rank: Cliath (1) Noteworthy Traits Pure Breed: 5 - Looking at him, you would be surprised to find out that he wasn't an Egyptian Prince. Further, in his wolf-like forms (or Crinos Form) you could swear that he was a walking ...
  • Lavender_thumb
    Lavender Homid/F/Theurge/Cub
    Description:Homid: Lavender in barely over 5 feet tall, scrawny and underweight. It is evident that she has seen many hungry days. She is rather adorable with black hair and big, expressive, innocent green eyes. She is shy and quiet. Lupus: White fur with black paws, tail, and ears. She reminds people of ...
    Background:-No Pure Breeding -Pitiable -Spirit Magnet
  • Kitsune_kichi_thumb
    Yukiko "Fox Witch" Garou (Uktena)/F/Theurge/Fostern (Rank 2)
    ""I refuse to die.""
  • Abby1_homid_thumb
    Abby Garou (Homid)/F/Philodox/0
    Description:Standing six foot three inches, Abigail is of a lithe build with defined muscles through her shoulders and upper arms. She has long platinum blonde hair which falls to either side of her face, with some over the top of her above-average breasts. Tied behind her, her hair falls to her center bac...

Retired Characters

  • Antonio-banderas1_thumb
    Mario Vega "Truth Rising" (Retired) Shadow Lord/M/Ragabash/Cliath
    "As a man once said, the truth remains the truth. Even if you don't believe it."
    Description:Homid: Fairly normal looking, always confident in what he does, though seems reserved in what he says or what he's thinking. He is the embodiment of the "strong and silent type." Height: 6 ft. (182.88 cm.) Weight: 179 lbs. (79.83 kg.) Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Black Skin Color: Olive Eth...
    Background:He lost his mother at his birth, and his father broke down. Sending him around the world to learn how to fight and survive. Traveling over Europe, Asia, North and South America, he spent a considerable amount of time in Japan and India. When he finally reached 12, he returned home to Spain. Ha...
  • Osric_thumb
    Osric Hargrave / Sword-breaker (Retired) Garou-Get of Fenris/M/Ahroun/Cliath
    "Ok, who did you piss off this time"
    Description:Osric is 6'5", 285 lbs, Brown hair, One eye grey, the other eye is torn out. Sometimes covered by an eyepatch, sometimes not, the eye has a tattoo of a flying raven over the scars. He wears cammies and a ballistic vest regularly, and is never far from a weapon, be it the .45 pistol at his hip, th...
    Background:Osric is very secretive about his past as a mortal, but it is known that his first change came about late in his life and on a operation in Chechnya.
  • Psx_20140524_235730_thumb
    Sten "War Walker" Olafson (Retired) Get of Fenris/Ahroun/Metis/M
    Description:Sten is about 6'4 inches and all muscle. He is metis born and has no hair anywhere on his body. He has tattooed his entire body with ancient norse runes that tell many stories of great battles. He is almost always in galabro and appears almost normal in this form except for the increased size an...
  • No_img_thumb
    Black Talon (Retired) M
  • Index_thumb
    Sean "Speaks in Riddles" MacDonald (Retired) Homid Uktena/M/Ragabash/Caliath
    "We entertain for an evening, though in the morning we are forgoten"
    Description:Homid - 6ft tall, rather average build, dark red/black hair, brown/green eyes and always in what ever is most comfortable to wear at the time. Lupis - Average size, dark red/black fur, green eyes
    Background:As a young child and being raised as kinfolk, Sean was always interested in the art of slight of hand. When he was 12 his father gave him his first magic kit, you know like the kind you find at Wal-Mart or Target. Sean practiced with that until the props broke and went on to work summers at th...
  • Blackwolf_1__thumb
    Black Talon (Retired) Shadow Lord/M/Def/Ahroun/Cliath
    "The Rite of the Winter Wolf sometimes needs encouragement."
    Description:Lupus Form Homid Form Crinos Form
    Background:Born to wolf parents somewhere in the Carpathians, Black-Talon was a really early bloomer...meaning his first change happened when he was only a year and six months old. He was quickly brought to the Sept of the Shady Summit, located near Bukovina. He took to his Ahroun training instantly and by ...
    Details:Age: 3 Years old
  • A-member-of-the-pack-black-and-red-wolf-club-23795260-276-183_1__thumb
    Largest of Manbane's Brood (Retired) Red Talon/M/Ldr/Philodox/Fostern
    Details:*Huge Size *Physically Impressive *Purebreed 5 (Red Talon) *Spirit Heritage: Volcano
  • Antlerwolf_thumb
    Gendry "Bound by Brothers" O'Flaithbertaigh (Retired) StagChild/M/Stkr/Ragabash/Fostern
    "Fortuna Favet Fortibus"
    Description:Pale of skin, red of mane and with eyes the hue of a cold pint of ale, Gendry O'Flaherty (as he's known by non-Fianna) wears his Celtic ancestry like a cloak. With equal prominence, he also bears the mark of his incestuous parents' breech of the Litany. O'Flaherty was born sporting an impr...
    Background:On a moonless October night, in the ruins of the ancestral fortress of the O'Flaithbertaighs, Gendry, spawned of sin and shunned by the light of Luna, entered this world. The night was Samhain... The elders were torn with how to treat his breech of the Litany. It was customary to cull the Met...
    Details:*He does not like to be called by his Deed Name. *He eats exclusively meat to compensate for his deformities (though he secretly sneaks vegetation when roaming the woods.) *He refuses to wear clothes. "I'm not a fuckin' Homid, now, am I, ye cunt!?"
  • P_rico_1__thumb
    Dopesmoker (Retired) Bone Gnawer/M/Galliard/Adren
    "Fuckin' bitches, cashin' out we do that alot Smokin' dope and passin' out we do that alot That life what we about, bitch we do that alot We hit the club, show out, bitch we do that alot"
    Background:Home Sept: Sept of the Bright Tunnels, Chicago, IL (Former) Sept Rank: Gatekeeper Known affiliate of both The Hood and The Swarm camps. One of the wealthiest known Garou.
    Details:*Outspoken hatred against the Glasswalkers has consistently prevented him from rising in rank *Follows both Rat & O'Mighty Dolla *Owns a Fetish Refrigerator *Takes a personal interest in the lives of every kinfolk he meets

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