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Glass and Wrath
After the interrogation of the goblin Gresgurt led to a dead end, the heroes are approached to by the Elven outrider Shalelu Andosana. She briefs the heroes about the disturbing situation in the outlands with the goblins organizing and rallying under a mysterious human mercenary group.

When they returned for the night, the heroes are approached by a nervous halfling maid who works at the rusty dragon tavern. She tells them in private of the mysterious disappearance of her employer Ameiko Kaijistu, whom they met the night before. They are handed a letter written by her brother Tsuto, which was used to lure Ameiko to the glass works.

Upon arriving at the glassworks an investigation leads to a suspicious scene. The curtains drawn, the furnaces burning, the sound of giggling, and glass shattering. Their stealth attempt fails as they are discovered by the goblins. held up in a small room, they heroes attempt to bar the door. With several of the goblins falling to blades and arrows, they flee and rally to thier mysterious leader. Reorganized and emboldened, they launch molten glass into the display room. The furnishing catches on fire as the heroes are forced to flee and engage the enemy outside. Fighting on more favorable terrain the heroes are able to rout the mysterious stranger and he is forced to flee.

With control of the glass works re-established, they find themselves exploring a grisly scene. Seated and bound to a chair they find a dead Lonjiku Kaijistu, preserved in molten class. His face contorted in horror as it was clearly poured on him while he was alive. Around him his artisan workers in various states of disembowlment, victims of a clearly bored goblins. After further investigation, they find the basement with bound and gagged Ameiko Kajitsu. Next to her, there is an much older smugglers tunnel which harken back to the kajitsu possible criminal past. Beyond that, there is an even older tunnel leading to something far more sinister.

Anaylzing the documents they discover the leader of the goblin tribes, being none other than Nualia Tobyn, Lurkon's former sister in the priest hood, previously thought dead.

Upon preliminary exploration, they are engaged by a humanoid monster. Jaw broken open with long claws, something that is clearly unnatural.


Goblins (8) 1080 exp.
Tsuto Kajitsu 800 exp
Rescue Ameiko 1,200 exp.
Sinspawn (2) 1200 exp

TBD based on journal entry
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Local Heroes
As the heroes fame rises after the raid from the goblins, they begin to explore the town and different avenues begin to open to them.

Who is Aldern Foxglove?

How did the Goblins infiltrate the town? and when will the elven outrider Shalelu return?

What is the Kajitsu Family legacy?

Why is Broderick Quint so fascinated with the Thassilonian ruins? and what is the new cathedrals connection to its ancient history?

Why did the goblins go after Father Tobyns remains? and who is capable of that kind of necromancy magic?

How is this all connected? or is it?


Skeletons x4 = 540

Tickwood Boar x1= 600

Gresgurt, Goblin Commando = 350

Intervene in Arguement with Lonjiku and Ameiko Kajitsu = 500

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Uncle Belor always said the time would come when I'd appreciate the work he'd put me through. Mornings spent sparring until my knuckles bled. Evenings loosing arrows until my fingers blistered and my arms burned. I could see the doubt in the other guards eyes. Was this really necessary? Sure, violence and danger existed some places in this land, but farfrom here. None touched this Lost Coast. How quickly that false veil of security can be pulled away.

This town still stands because of the discipline instilled in the town guard by Belor. But many questions remain. Questions I must help answer to keep this town thriving. My town. It is what I have trained to do. So many long days have led to this, and I can't wait.

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More death
The private journal of Lurkon.

Chaos always wins. Always. A festival is meant to be a time of joy, of celebration. A time for children to play and women to dance and men to laugh. Instead we got death. Death and goblins. Just like five years ago.

Five years. Sometimes it seems like a life time ago. Other times the mere blink of an eye. Sometimes it burns so hot inside, it is as if I were in the fire myself. Most of the time, I don't feel anything at all. I wish I had been in that fire. But truly, all of me that matters was. Who I was burned in that inferno and all that's left is a blackened timbers. And I lay dead with master Tobyn and Nualia.

At least this time I was here, at least this time I could do something, protect someone. I had hoped, I think, that this festival could mark something, a change, a shift, a... something. But, that was foolish. Chaos reigns. People endure. Hope leads to disappointment so the answer is to cease hoping...

Blood and bloody ashes, this self-indulgent rumination gains nothing and changes nothing. I bet your mother abandoned you because enough at her teat you wouldn't cease your mewling. Hitch up your loins and endure. Endure. Endure.

Bah, the shadow take all of this, I need a drink.
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Personal Journal Entry of Kels

I know my father wanted me to take over the family business....but one can only look so long at a map. So I started working at the tavern every few nights. I thought I would find some fellow adventurers who would take me on as an apprentice adventurer.

Every night I memorized a Magic Missile spell to impress anybody who wanted to see it, but all people ever want to see their waiter do is make their money disappear (I've been having trouble making it reappear...or so I tell them).

Who knew then that adventure would find ME. GOBLINS IN OUR TOWN!

...but strange, now that I think about it they came at such a strange time, interrupting news Broderick Quint was giving me, in fact he was almost raving mad about his research into the Lighthouse....

Regardless, I ran into him in the Old Quarter of Town, he seemed much more calm. He actually ASKED ME, a waiter!, a son of map-maker! if I wanted to come to work at his archaeological dig at the great lighthouse. Something about...Thassilonian ruins....or something. Who cares!?!? At this rate I'll be battling a dragon by next week!

....but Broderick seemed so crazy during the festival, almost scared? I don't know if I want to go to the dig alone, perhaps I'll ask around tonight if anybody wants to come along.

A good thing I had that missile spell ready during the festival, perhaps I should learn a few more for the coming days, don't want to be caught defenseless if more goblins show up.
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