you have been hired to go to Bartomnal to make a new settlement. After years of being ruled by an evil warlord, bartomnal has lost its warlord ruler and is now up for grabs to those who have what it takes to forge their own path.

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a recap
Alisious received the stag lords journal in which he learned there were spies sent to their village. He decided to keep this information to himself as to not arouse the rest fo the party with out having a firm lead. after a few weeks of searching he had no leads. One night while dining with Samantha he let it slipped he was searching out these spies. the next thing he remembers is waking up in a cave tied up and groggy. It seemed that Samantha fearing that he would figure out her true identity drugged him and got her sister Jackie to help kidnap him to find out what happened to the stag lord and how much he really knew about them as spies and their previous dealings.

after 2 days of not being seen the party began to wonder what had happened to Alisious. They began to ask around. the eventually came up with 2 suspects. Palton who had been out "hunting" and was acting suspicious and a new visitor to town named Jonsfar. after completing a retrieval mission for Jonsfar they learned he was part of the purity coalition and that he was searching out 2 assassins. it seemed that the signs were pointing towards Samantha and Jackie. They wanted to question Palton first and realized his sneakiness was due to the fact he accidentally killed a unicorn which is bad luck. They then got Palton to follow Samantha back to their lair and were successful in rescuing both Alisious and Jonsfar as well as killing off Jackie. Samantha on the other hand escaped, only the Gods know where and if she will return
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Spider Hunt
To get silk for my robes, i am tracking a spider in the crags of the northern mountains. Qazat helped me to track and lure the spider and I am camped near a tree to fight one.

With Mage Armor on, I see some fuzzy legs sticking out in the twilight. I roll a perception check to see if I can see the rest of the spider with my low light vision.

d20 + 11 => [10] = 21
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 11 => [10] = 21
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magic battle
keven goes first
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a HARE raising night Mare
after a morning of recovering from the festival. The players took to figuring out who stole their gold. They took their horses out back and used a scroll of speak with animals to talk to their horses. After some clues from 2 of their horses they concluded that Twinkleberry was the thief. Much to their surprise Twinkeberry was not a horse at all. He was actually a centaur who used a magic ring to turn his top half into a horse and steal from those who rode him during the day. His name is Krigorio estabol stronghoof or Krig for short. After some negotiations Krig agreed to help in the staglord battle. the spent the day listening to Krig stories and tales of his rouge past. The next day they met with the purity coalition to discuss the raid on the stag lords camp. They came up with a plan to sneak 1 person in on Krig as a horse and then signal everyone else in. hopefully after much of the forces run out to put out a fire on a supply ship that will be coming down the river. They then tried to convince the Purity coalition that they should be in charge of their own fates and not have to answer for the possible crimes they committed but to no avail. They then set off towards the stag lords camp. on the way they came across a large egg. after picking it up it exploded and out popped a Hareajago. a rare race of rabbit like folk. he began to throw egg bombs at them and after some close calls they were able to kill it and continue on their way towards the stag lords camp
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a wonderful feast
Our PC stayed in town and began to plan their attack on the stag lord's camp. after a day of talking to Oleg and stumpy they came away with some valuable information. first stumpy gave them a pretty good layout of what the Stag lord's fort looked like as well as identified the pin they found as one that higher ranking bandits wear that gets them into the inner sanctum of the camp. Oleg lets them know that there is a catfolk man living up in the mountains whose name is Quazat. He might know more about things around here. After day they come to find that Oleg's son Palton is returning from exploring south west and they ask the PCs to kill a boar for the feast. after bringing back a dead dire boar the PCs try to get to know the Purity Coalition a little better. The next day Palton comes back into town much to the excitement of Oleg and Kiara. The PC's talk to Palton about possibly joining them on their raid of the stag lords camp. At the feast/festival the PC's decide to challenge the purity coalition to some skill challenges. First the archers. this would be the high point for the PCs with Aaron pulling out the win. Next it would be the spell casters. Tydris was no match for the power Ni'gath who knocked him out with an ice storm and fire ball. along with some humiliation thanks to ventriloquism and prestidigitation. then Vanek decided he would try to redeem the PC's by taking on both Drawlic and Crow. Even being enlarged by Tydris he was no match for the hammer swings of crow. The feast did not end too bad for the players. Aaron met Samantha, who was pretty attractive. Koth took home the grand prize in Jackie who is highly sought after in town and Tydris got to know Sophie really well. the next morning Koth, Jackie, Aarron, Samantha and tydris went to breakfast before the ladies went on their way. Tydris went to talk some more with Sophie. Vanek came home with 4 "women" on his arms. no one is really sure what happened that night with them.
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