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In search of the Heart
Primvalas 18th cont -

Visiting the Adventure Shoppe, Cat and Ri get supplies and arrows for whatever comes next. Britton, with help of the ladies, finds a reputable contractor who can help with the repairs and security upgrades to the house. A father and son group, called Gar & Sons (biggest son is named Roth) are who the party settles on. Afterwards the group gets lunch in the Market of Fancies before going back to Gar & Sons to discuss final plans. They decide on the premium security package, which includes bars on the windows, reinforcement in the walls and ceiling and more.

The group then decides that enough time has past to return to Deserae's shop. They greet the giant mute out front standing watch and tossing dice. He ignores them. The shop is half in light and half in shadow and while she appears quite serious she is not the dervish of anger and danger that she was earlier.

She offers the group two small sacks, one full of something and the other empty. As Dolan and Britton take the bags, Dolan realizes that the full one is the stone from before. Deserae warns them not to remove the Heart from the bag or the enchantments she has woven about it will fail. She directs them to put the second half of the Heart in the other bag and tells them "Don't fail."

The group heads out and decides to hire a coach to take them to the West gate along the Boulevard of the Fallen. They watch the city go by, past Duke's Reach, the Pale Obelisk, and more. In passing the gate into the Western side of the city, they see that there are no major docks on this side of town. Additionally, the dozen or so guards around the gate on this side are guards, not just a city watch.

There are no beggars in the roads or other random riff-raff of humanity. Many people are mounted or being carried in litters. The streets are clean and people walk about with purpose. The group sinks a little lower into their carriage to avoid attention. Reaching the outer city walls, they are amazed at how big these walls are, some fifty feet tall and almost fourty feet thick. The guards on this wall are in chain and carrying nice weapons. There is some traffic through, but not as much as normal.

Leaving the safety of the city, they see some pasture land, a little bit of grassland and then woods. Big, expansive woods. The group travels for a little while until just heading out of sight of the city. Dolan holds the bag with the Heart, which continues to lead the group as a lode-stone to iron. As the road continues off to the north, the Heart leads them off to the south, deep into the woods.

Cat is able to using her training to keep the group on game trails that continue to lead them more or less in the direction they are being led. As the party moves further and further in, both Cat and Ri get the feeling that they are being watched and possibly shadowed. The road curves and they are suddenly faced by a man in leathers holding a black-powder pistol at them who tells them that they will be relieved of their valuables. As Britton and Dolan loosen their weapons, thirteen more bandits step out on either side of the party surrounding them. After a brief but intense standoff, the groups decide to leave each other be and the bandits disappear.

The group continues on until Cat sees a brief flash of movement that causes her to hold up the group. Taking a moment to careful examine their surroundings, the party realizes that the trees which were once healthy and green are starting to be replaced by sickly and diseased looking trunks. The movement ahead continues and the group readies their weapons. Sneaking ahead the group sees a large open space with sticks arranged in the ground. When one of them twitches, Cat looses an arrow at it. As the arrow hits the ground, a giant insect explodes from the ground to face the group as they realize that the stick was actually one of its antenna.

The group looses a fusillade of arrows and blades at the beast with little seeming effect. It swings quickly to Dolan and clamps him in its arms and jaws, cracking ribs and trying to pull it closer to his mouth. Cat and Ri shoot again as Britton charges the beast in an attempt to relieve the pressure on Dolan's situation.

Britton's sword digs in between the plates of the beast as gore and viscera fly out as Dolan uses the distraction to use his demonic heritage to step into the shadows surrounding him and out of the grasp of the monster.

Its head reared in anger, the beast turns and scrabbles at Britton's armor, but is unable to breach the iron shell to the soft flesh beneath. The group continues to attack the beast from all angles until finally, in a burst of magic fired from Dolan's hand, the monster is felled and collapses in their midst.

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The Return
Primvalas 18th – Shadows are lengthing as the group returns to the Mashta compound the next morning, pre-dawn. Athos is the other survivor from Bloodbane’s expedition. He is Vorlack’s man. The group decides to keep the gem from the skull and Bloodbane’s sword from Lord Mashta. Athos agrees to not tell Lord Mashta in exchange for good words to Vorlack the next time Dolan and he meet. But they return the haunted map, in the magical scroll-case. Tanos is the name of the other fighter Dolan fought in the duel with Adoc. He has been relegated back to the beggar corps by Vorlak since his hand does not work like it used to (Adoc severed the tendon in Tanos’ wrist).

They are greeted by Sinoa, followed shortly by a well dressed young man, obviously Lord Mashta. The young noble begins opening up sacks while the group is holding them. Sinoa asks them to take the treasure inside for dividing. Lord Mashta orders the rest of his servants to help carry in all the loads of treasure. It gets divided out while Dolan presents the scroll-case and ring of the Herald to Sinoa as Lord Mashta watches Sinoa measure out the treasure. Dolan also tells Sinoa about the symbol of the Victorious Remnent found on the floor of the chamber, which Sinoa brushes off as a case of mistaken identity. After selecting their share of the treasure the group is politely but firmly escorted out of the house grounds. They return to the house and arrive just as Britton is waking up and looking around the house.

Carrying armfuls of treasure, Ri notices that Britton looks like he didn’t sleep well. However, his face lights up when he sees the rest of the group. When asked about why he looks like he hasn’t slept well, Britton defers, until Dolan indicates that several of them have been experiencing nightmares lately. Everyone in the group has had nightmares except Cat. Dolan was first, Ri was second and Britton was the most recent. Dolan’s was being chased by chanting voices (using words that caused damage) through the streets of Pinoa. He came upon a humanoid monster with its entrails hanging out crying out “Help me” and with a melted face. It was the same face pressing out of the map when they were looking at Bloodbane’s map. Britton shares that he was observing something chasing others in the city. Unsure of what he saw, but the city was burning.

The group starts by keeping out spending cash, but then stores the rest up in the rafters as Dolan can float up there. They start by catching up with each other, including information about Silverlight being one of the foremost nobles in the city. Silverlight is leader of the Royalist faction, which is the “opposition” party. Dolan lets them know that he passed along a message to Vorlak about this Victorious Remnent meeting the group had heard about. He also let them know that Vorlak had said “Be wary of people assuming you have my protection when you do not.” Vorlak was warning them of the dangers of assumed association. They also discussed the “gift” from the priest of Mother Lothak (i.e. the shark tooth currently on the mantle). Dolan then also shared with Britton about their expedition for Bloodbane’s treasure.

GM NOTE: Early warning system for the Victorious Remnent in the shadow hiding in the throne room?

While sharing Dolan brought out Bloodbane’s cutlass and Ri brought out the gem-stone. Britton takes the sword and holds it while trying to study it for clues. It begins to glow with a dark purple energy that Dolan sees. Britton sees Bloodbane’s face reflected in the blade screaming to get out. He realizes that there is a spirit trapped in the sword. It is Bloodbane. They aren’t sure if it’s a cursed item or if they should keep it or hide it or try to get rid of it.

They put the sword aside and Britton starts studying the gem. He faces a barrage of emotion, images as something within the stone grabs Britton and pulls his consciousness into the stone. He hears two heart-beats beating out of sync. He feels a strong tug in the depths of his soul, pulling him to the north as well as a keening sound like someone screaming but not stopping for breath…ever.
Dolan sees tendrils of magic leach out to Britton’s head. He feels waves of negative emotions pour forth from the gem. The rest of the party manages to pull the stone from Britton’s hands, upon which he falls to his knees dry-heaving. While the entire party recovers from this experience, they decide to take both of these items to Desarae to seek her advice. They travel to the Market of Fancies to reach Deserae’s store. Each member of the group are decked out in their armor.

The reach the shop, but when they arrive the usual watcher is not outside and while there are multiple footprints in and out, no one seems to be around. As Britton crosses the threshold, he feels a little queasy, but is able to push through with little trouble. Moving farther into the shop, neither the big mute, nor the witch are around. The air superheats around them as a rushing flame blows past them and Deserae spins out of a whirlwind as she demands (in a voice almost not her own), “What have you brought into my shop?” Dolan tries to placate her by acknowledging they do not know what they have.

She marches up to Britton and placing her hand on his armor pushes him back several feet. “What are you?” she demands of him. Stunned into silence Britton stammers to answer her. Deserae smacks him across the face while calling him a liar. Grabbing him by the face, she frog-marches him to a chair and shoves her hand down into his open mouth.

Everyone in the room is both stunned and horrified at this turn of events as Deserae's arm goes down his throat up to her elbow. She pulls her hand back out holding an ectoplasmatic red mass that has coalesced around her hand. Briton spits blood and then collapses unconscious on her floor. Meanwhile Deserae begins chanting in a tongue none of the others have ever heard at the crystaline mass. At a point where she utters a Word of Power, the crystal shatters into dust.

Turning to the rest of the group, in a normal voice Deserae says, "You need to tend to your friend." Dolan moves quickly to Britton's side and begins healing him using his magic ring. As the group settles down and begins to try and process what happened, Deserae, in a very conversational tone states that the group has obviously been in an adventure, including dealing with some things they should not have.

Dolan explains that the went on a treasure hunt for House Mashta, which is how they found these items. Deserae says that no one should have what they brought back. She goes to the counter as Dolan and the rest of the party come over to show her their items from the hoard.

She takes the sword of Bloodbane, talks to it briefly and puts it on her shelves. She talks to it in a very familiar way even though Bloodbane sailed over 200 years ago. She then turns to look at the stone laying there.

Sighing she asks them where they found it. Dolan and Cat tells her the tale of finding it inside the skull of Bloodbane. She starts chanting over it as the gem begins to glow angrily. The group sees something vibrating inside as a blue nimbus forms around Deserae's hand as she places it over the stone.

She tells them that this will hold "it" for now, but that the stone needs to be healed before it can be safely disposed of. She further explains that it is part of a whole that must be united.

Britton hesitantly announces that she was feeling tugged in a westerly direction before Deserae took the thing...out of her. Deserea looks at him and informs him that the feeling he had was from the stone trying to change him into it's bearer/avatar so that it could be reunited. She reminds the group that they owe her a favor for previous services rendered.

She tells the party that the stones need to be found and brought back for safe-keeping. She also tells them that the name it is most commonly referred to is as "The Sundered Heart" which refers to the sound it makes (like a beating heart). Britton slowly realizes that this stone is most likely the Heart of Dur, which is also known as the Sundered Heart.

Members of the group remember hearing the name and Dolan remembers hearing that the name was associated with a giant serpent that was slain by St. Midrian III, a saint of the White Lady, for whom the monastery outside the city is named after. No one has been able to locate the heart since St. Midrian slew the serpent almost 500 years ago. According to legend, Midrian brought the Heart back to the Priory and destroyed it. But it's on the East side of town and Britton is feeling tugged to the West.

Deserae tells them that the Heart is far older and more powerful than the serpent that St. Midrian slew. She tells them that the pieces of the Heart will start to call out, both to each half as well as to potential tools that it can use to bring it together. She tells them that they need to find it and bring it back to her and offers to bind the half they have so that it's power will be muted. Telling them come back later that afternoon, the party leaves to resupply.
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The Hunt for Bloodbane's Treasure pt 2
Looking around the room for remains, Dolan spots skeletal fingers poking through the piles of coins they were standing on. They move to the side to avoid disturbing the corpse.

Ri steps up to the dias next as neither Dolan or Cat have returned yet. Ramona ties a rope around her waist, "just in case" and then Ri drops. She is passing through the water as hands grab her feet. Startled she opens her eyes and mouth expecting to breath water when she realizes that there is only air. Upon reaching the ground next to Dolan and Cat, they all take a moment to quietly and quickly evaluate the room and its contents. Dolan puts on his magical spectacles and is almost blinded by the amount of magical energy resident in the room. Cat pulls one of her elven swords and immediately there is a soft glow surrounding her and showing them the piles of coin and treasure they are standing on. Ri pulls on the rope three times to let Ramona and the others know she is still alive. Dolan moves around the room looking for other exits and scoping the room for treasure.

Ramona is the next person down the rope into the room. Once he is settled, he tosses out 5 glow-stones around the room which provide limited illumination as more of the group come down into the room.

Dolan searches the room and is unable to locate any other exit beyond the hole through the fountain. Cat locates a spot on the floor that looks like a trigger of some kind. She realizes after studying it for a moment that the stone is a match to the one from father out into the complex. Pressing upon the trigger she disappears, surprising everyone in the room. When she transports out, she is on the stairway leading away to the eel room. Stepping on it again she returns to the treasure room. After a brief moment of excitement, Cat is able to share her experience with the group.

Ramona and three other members of the group are down in the room with the group. The Herald and two others are up above the fountain. The group begins filling sacks full of treasure while Ramona appears to search the room. Unlike the others he is not filling a sack, but deliberately looking for something. Even when Dolan tosses him a sack to test him, Ramona does not stop his search.

Cat climbs back up the rope and notifies the Herald and other two with him that there is a secret way out from within the treasure room. All return down and continue filling up bags with loot. Dolan is looking for jewels while keeping an eye on Ramona with a dagger tucked near at hand.

All of a sudden Cat, Ri and Dolan become aware of a slight twitching as the skeletal fingers begin to move and several piles of treasure start to shudder as things awaken to the desecration of their slumber. With a shout to Ramona of “They’re heeeeeere” the party draws weapons and prepares to fight.

From the middle of the room, Bloodbane’s skeletal form rises from beneath his treasure. He is covered in an eldritch energy that forms muscle on his bones, armed with a cutlass. The walls move as more of Bloodbane’s crew arise from the friezes on the wall to protect their captain and their treasure.

All of the adventurers except Ramona, Herald and the group freak out and begin trying to escape any way they can, dropping treasure bags and weapons in their panic to get out. Those adventurers in their right mind engage the skeletons and Bloodbane using a variety of weapons including bows and swords. Several of the skeletons drop quickly as the group fights to get free so they can focus on the captain. Meanwhile, the Herald, while attempting to stave off death at the hands of the dead pirate, is cut nearly in half with one mighty swing of his cutlass. One of the group climbs up the rope, through the fountain and runs away. The rest of the group continues to fight. After dropping the rest of the skeletons while Ramona and the rest of the men from House Mashta are killed, Bloodbane then turns his attention back to Cat, Ri and Dolan. Dolan sneaks in an attack while Bloodbane is not focused on him, scoring a mighty hit and drawing the ire of the undead captain. The ladies continue to pepper him with arrows, with Cat managing to disarm the skeleton until he drops to the ground, the light going out of his eyes. The only other person besides the group left alive is one of the hired hands that Dolan recognized from Vorlack’s organization.

Both Bloodbane’s skull and sword glow with weird magical energies, even after the captain has been defeated. Cat goes to crush Bloodbane’s skull and is thrown back in a flash of energy as the skull splinters with a fist-size gem that glows with magic. She picks up the gem and puts it into one of the sacks. The group continues looting the rest of the treasure hoard and the bodies of their fallen comrades. They make a number of trips to cart out as much as they can (22 loads of treasure between the players and the donkeys). They manage to get back to House Mashta without any further misadventures and split out the loot there with the surviving members of the house and Athos, one of Vorlack's men who also survived the search with them.

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The Hunt for Bloodbane's Treasure
Primvalas 17th –

After a hearty breakfast the group heads to Ulen’s to pick-up their armor. Cat and Ri are given his Armwell armor (allows user to reduce wounds from one attack to 1 wound – cost 3AP, once per day). Dolan is given his Shadowskin armor (no Cunning penalty to wear, +2 Cunning and once per day can Chameleon). Ulen lets them know he will wait till he meets Britton in person to give him his armor. The day passes uneventfully as the group gets ready for their expedition. They decide to take their elven swords with them.

Meeting up with the rest of the group at the Mashta household there are approximately 12 other people (at least seven of whom are part of the household) going including a Herald of the house, Ramona (the trapper) and several lower level hirelings, with one member someone Dolan remembers from Vorlak’s place. There are several mules who go with them as well.

The group heads into the foothills on the northern side of the city and walk for several hours before making camp till moonrise. Dolan, Ri and Cat decide to visit with other members of the group swapping road stories. As the moon comes up over the horizon, Ramona and the Herald go off away from the group slightly to look at the map. Looking through his magical glasses, Dolan realizes that Ramona is wearing some sort of magic item and that the map is magical. He sees the face from his nightmare earlier from underneath the map, trapped as in a pane of glass, the melting face scrabbling at the map as if to get out. He quickly whips off his glasses and refuses to tell the rest of the party what he saw.

Ramona calls the group to move on and they travel for a while until they find a tree whose bark glows white in the moon-light. The group heads in and goes down, deep into the group. After the first accident (in which the group’s locksmith is squashed like a bug by a giant stone block), Cat becomes the trap expert and starts leading the group. Down more stairs and hallways the group continues. They enter into a large room, narrowly avoiding the pit trap (mostly, one member of the party falls and dies). As they cross into the room they become aware of a pattern in the flagstones, a mosaic of large black bird surrounded by a white circle. Once Dolan realizes what it is he pulls Cat and Ri away from the patter and to the side of the room so no one steps on it. The rest of the group follows suit. Dolan also notices slight movement in the darkness but can’t pinpoint anything. Ramona acts like he senses something too, but no one sees anything. The group continues on.

Several more members of the party are caught by deadfalls, flameshoots and other dangers before the group comes to a large underground lake whose far shores are lost on the other side. The Herald activates a magic stone and tosses it into the reaches of the lake which reveals a set of glowing stepping stones underneath the water. The group moves along the path when Ri sees small ripples in the water coming from both sides towards the path. Dolan floats himself up above the water to avoid the danger while Cat, Ri and the others start running from stone to stone. When they realize they are being cut off, Ri and Dolan take a stance and they realize that they are being chased by large eels. Ri shoots the two that attempt to charge them and kills them both. As they float downwards into the deep, their bodies are shredded to bone by small things in the water. Nobody can get a good look at them. As he is flying over Dolan realizes with a shudder that the group is running along the back of a giant serpent of some kind. Ri and Cat dispatch several other eels as the group races on. However there is little time for rest as the group is also attacked by giant spiders as they reach the shore. They manage to dispatch the spiders with little issue and then continue on to a door that has been bricked up.

While trying to figure out what to do next when faced with this seeming dead end, both Ri and Dolan see a vision of the skeleton walking through the group trying to tear the map from Ramona’s hand. Dolan also admits to Ri that the skeleton is what scared him in his nightmare the other day. Both of them see the ghost start taking over the Herald as Cat pulls the map out of his hands. Dolan manages to knock the Herald unconscious and drive the spirit out as the group sort of sits there stunned. They manage to avoid starting a fight with the rest of the group by explaining to Ramona about the spirit and the map.

After several attempts to knock down the brick wall, Dolan uses the mage glasses and discovers the wall is an illusion. The group marches through one by one and finds that it opens into a large room with several braziers unlit. The room is tiered and polished. There are bas reliefs along the walls lining the room and the design is older than the rest of the complex. Once Cat lights the braziers with a flaming arrow, they make out a raised dias of some sort at the far end of the room. There is nothing else in here.

The group moves cautiously forward and as the near the dias they discover it is a pure obsidian throne with a winged figure behind it. There is a mummified skeleton sitting in the throne with a crown on its head and a long sword in the seat next to it. Ramona pulls the crown from the corpse and tosses it to one of the porters, "Not a bad start" he says. After looking over the corpse, Cat discovers that the sword is actually a locking mechanism that, when tripped, opens up a secret door behind the throne.

The doorway is trapped, but after a quick scan, Cat is able to disable the trap and the group moves forward unhindered. The room is octagonal, but the only thing in it is a fountain pool approximately 10' across, full of water. Not finding any traps around the edge, Dolan realizes that there is an enchantment on the water. Ramona uses one of the group's halberd to try and determine the depth but is unable to do so. Cat realizes that the water may not be as deep as they think and after Ramona calls for volunteers to go swimming, Dolan, Cat and Ri step forward. Cat goes first, steels herself and holds her breath going down. After a brief dip, Cat drops through the water barrier into a darkened space below the fountain. It's open but the only light currently comes through the watery barrier above.

While the group waits, the time passes where Cat would have come up if she was out of breath. Dolan jumps in next to see what happened and comes down next to Cat in the open room. After establishing that both of them are okay, Dolan draws upon his demonic heritage and changes his eyes to see in the shadows. Upon doing so he realizes that they are standing on piles of coin and treasure in a room piled high full of jewels, coins, rugs, etc. He quickly realizes they must have found the treasure room of Bloodbane.

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Finishing up the night
Evening of - Primvalas 15th
Dolan shadow-steps out of the guardhouse and is met by Olaf who when asked, leads Dolan to a warehouse where there appears to be a gladiatorial match going on between a giant with a ball & chain for a hand and three orcs. Vorlak is there, seated upon a wicker throne on a dias and next to him is the shark-toothed priest of Mother Lothak that Dolan met a few nights ago.

Olaf meets with the blue tattooed man and he calls Dolan over while the fight is coming to a close. After inquiring as to why Dolan wants to meet with Vorlak, the guard allows him to pass. Vorlak instructs him to wait for him in his office at the back of the warehouse. Dolan is escorted there and waits.

Two maps on the wall catch his attention. One is a map of Pinoa that shows probable safe-houses for the guild within the city. The safe-houses form a sigil over the city. Dolan is not sure what it means, but he will remember the pattern. The second map is of the Iron Principalities. It’s an old map (over 1000 years old) and shows areas that no longer exist. It is a work of art, embossed with filigree, etc. It also may be protected by magic.

Vorlak eventually comes in to meet with Dolan. He informs Vorlak about the meeting at the Crossed Bars tavern this evening and Vorlak tells one of the orcs outside to tell Alistar (Vorlak aide de camp) to send a “delegation” to the tavern to investigate. He then asks Dolan what he knows of the Vic Remnant and what his thoughts are of them. He lets Dolan know that they will make things “untidy” if they get their way. He also warns Dolan that the “more excitable elements of the city” need to remember to keep their place. He thanks Dolan for his assistance but also warns him about associating too closely without officially becoming a part of it.

After leaving Vorlak, Dolan is interrupted by the priest of Lothak. He remarks that Dolan is not wearing his “gift.” He also lets Dolan know that he is “intrigued.” Dolan feels a brief touch against his mind and then the priest walks away into the shadows.

Olaf is cheering on Othan the gladiator, the giant with the ball & chain for a hand when Dolan returns. Wins a bet against Tristan. Upon Dolan’s request, he takes him around introducing him to various members of the guild (need list, 3 pickpockets/beggars, 1 roof-jumper, 1 thug). Let’s Dolan know Adoc may be able to train him in the ways of dueling. Adoc arrives, pale skin, yellow hair, silk doublet. He bows to the audience. Vorlak offers a wager to Adoc to duel. Othan, the blue tattooed man, a thug and Dolan agree to fight Adoc. After several rounds of intense sword play Adoc yields. (Blue man is a magic user of some kind)

After the fight Adoc comes over to talk with Dolan. They discuss fighting techniques and Dolan inquires as to whether or not Adoc would be willing to teach him. Adoc agrees to teach (“A favor for a favor”) and will send word through Vorlak. Dolan buys drinks for Adoc but decides not to heal up his wounds. Dolan then returns home and falls asleep.

He dreams – hears chanting as he runs through Pinoa streets, no stars, only darkness in the sky, things are weird and twisted, meets an apparition with face melted away, intestines ripped out, one hand outstretched as it screams “Help Me.” He wakes screaming.

Primvalas 16th cont. -

When the rest of the group gets back, Britton decides to go to his room to read. Ri works on fletching out some arrows for her and Cat. Cat works on scavenging some lumber to help work on the house. After about an hour everyone is startled by the sound of Dolan screaming.

With a quick search through the house Cat and Ri find him curled up in a corner of the house. Dolan apologizes for scaring them but does not tell them about his dream. The group catches up with each other. Dolan tells them about his visit with Vorlak and the ladies fill him in on their trip to the Priory and about the Purifier. They also tell him about the mob and the fanatics of Lothak. (The shark tooth is still on the mantle where they left it)

The group decides to go talk to the Senschal Sinoa of the House Mashta and see if they can get hired on as experts to the Bloodbane treasure expedition. They take a side trip to the baths in order to make themselves look more presentable. After freshening up they head north to the Mashta estate. It takes them about an hour to locate the house (a Rampant Gryffon is the sigil). They are taken into the back entrance by one of the serving boys and brought into the courtyard. There is an active bustle of house members, hired hands, etc. They are introduced to Sinoa and convince him to hire them as experts rather than regular hirelings. (They share the news that they were at least partially responsible for returning Lord Silverlight’s son – which seems to surprise him slightly) The group then heads back to the house for the rest of the day. Ri fletches and Cat/Dolan work on the house. Britton stays in his room.

During the mid-night watch, Cat is scared awake as both Ri and Dolan scream in unison in their sleep. She decides to leave them be and the rest of the night passes uneventfully. Dolan makes breakfast for the group as they wake. When Cat inquires as to about their dreams and screaming, neither of them remember anything.

Session: Game Session - Friday, Jul 18 2014 from 11:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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