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This expedition is provin...
This expedition is proving more perilous than I first anticipated. Though my captivity with the Deurgar was a grueling experience, I was more worried that we would be taken to a slaving town, and that my name might be traced back to where I "belong". The Queen is best left thinking I am dead, consumed by the Forest. The idea of returning to her is more frightening than anything those dwarves were able to do to me.

It would seem that in my absence, the dwarf called Torrian managed to get himself killed. We are, however, apparently not without hope in the matter. His brother is here, assisting us with any necessary revival proceedings. Of this I am glad, for I rather liked that dwarf.

In any case, once this favor for Stronghart is complete I must disappear again. Perhaps I'll head across the sea to an entirely new landmass. There I should be safe from Her prying eyes and talented henchmen.
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Thoughts From The Previous Night
This whole place is weird, thought Lobi, as he prepared for bed. At first I thought I'd just be able to come here for a few days, find a couple of survivors, maybe, and get out with some rare magical items for Master. Now, I'm not sure what to do. That stupid drider keeps after us, the only magical item of note is shattered into a bunch of pieces, now theirs all these people. If they weren't enslaved forcefully, I wouldn't much care. Also, we still need Torian back. Torian, why do I care SO MUCH? It's not like he's my family, which I still have little to go on. But I do care.

Lobi then let out a sigh, and rolled onto his side where he couldn't see and one. What am I supposed to do, Master told me I would face challenges like none before, but this whole place is bringing something out in me I think, and I like it. But why? Why do i feel different? I still miss my family, but I also don't feel so lonely anymore. Is it because of the others, or because of some of the good that I've done? Why?

Lobi's thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of someone slamming their mug on the table and rousing with some fellow drunkards. The sound then started to repeat in his head, forcing him to remember his dream the other night. That dream, what was that about? Why couldn't I understand dad, and why were we in a storm in the ocean, I've never even been to the ocean. Realizing the hour, Lobi rolled back on his back and prepared to sleep. If I'm going to be any good tomorrow, I'd better get some rest. I hope I'm feeling better in the morning, blasted spiders, I'm going to kill that drider if its the last thing I do... I wonder if I'll have another weird dream.

Lobi fell asleep shortly after that, waking in the morning rested, slightly healed, and with no dreams to mention.
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The Secrets Kept From Lobi 3
"Oh Aldo, what are we going to do?" Poggy asked now with a clear realization of who Rinor really was.
"Don't worry sweet heart, we have a plan." Replied Aldo as he tended to the two other halflings lying against the wall on the other side of the room.
"Are those the Cottonlows, why are they here?" She asked, wondering what in the world they could do to escape the estate with their families. "Aldo, please, what are we going to do?"
"The elves he sent me to rob made these rings." He started. "They knock you out for just under an hour while they give you knowledge of who Rinor is. We are going to free all the others, get into his armory, and fight our way out. The Cottonlows are his librarians, they have extensive knowledge of the magical texts he keeps. We need to know what spells to expect, and, there's something else."
"What is it?" She asked after a few seconds pause.
"We all, um, all of his slaves" He began. "Have magical blood of some sort. That's what he wants, the magic in our blood. Our parents, and the parents of everyone else here, have never been buried. He harvests all he needs from the bodies, and burns the rest before they turn to old, or their powers awaken. That's also why we need them." He motioned over to the unconscious halflings. "We are going to need our powers, and they can help."
"What about the kids." Poggy asked worryingly. "We can't just put them in danger like this."
"It'll be worse if we leave them here." Aldo said. "And we arn't going to have them all fight, just the older ones, most will escape through the tunnels with those who cant, or wont, fight. Pale and Lobi are both out right now, but Pale was supposed to return tonight. So we will wait till he returns then get the other kids, we'll have to find Lobi later. Until then we will study with Vole and Kott when they wake up, which should be soon. Oh, I forgot, the elves gave me something else." Aldo opened a bag leaning off of the table sitting in the corner of the room, and pulled out a few scrolls. "These scrolls are meant to advance our powers once we unlock them, they could only give me so many, but with a little luck, these will be all we need."
"Hey, Aldo?" Said a voice from behind him. "Are you ready to start?"
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An Old Entry
In the very wee hours of the morning, just before sunrise, I can watch the dew drip from the leaves on the background of a slowly brightening sky. I think that, without this for solace over the past few months, I'd have probably gone crazy by now. As the sun bursts over the canopy and falls on my face I feel a momentary flutter of happiness...but it is, as always, overshadowed by the thought of Her guards making ready to come after me once again.

I do, however, think the Forest is on my side. It's been sixty-eight days and I haven't been caught yet...the guards always seem to lose my trail in the undergrowth, or be diverted by some wild animal. In addition. I have had no trouble finding food and water. It is as if the Forest wants me to escape. I am glad of this, for in all honesty I think these trees would make a much more terrifying enemy than even She does. The Queen has Her iron fist and Her torture chamber, but the Forest has the raw, untamed forces of Nature itself. I'd rather tussle with a mortal any day.

All I really know is I've got to keep running. My choices at this point are to continue my flight through the foliage, or to be caught and put to death. I much prefer the first option.
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Lobi's Dream
After settling down in an unusual place for the night Lobi's mind is wracked with worry. As the others are elsewhere, Lobi is caught in a dream.
"where am I?" Lobi asked, recognizing that his voice echoed unnaturally. "Hello!". He shouted with no reply. He gazed down a dark hallway that reminded him of Rinor estate. With the exception of the light coming off the torches being grey and dim, everything was starting to look normal. So, he began down the corridor, every footstep echoing slightly. Once he would turn a corner the torches behind him would flicker out, and the ones ahead would spring to life.
"Hello, is any one there?". He shouted, this time greeted with a reply of skittering. At this, Lobi went to draw his rapier, but gasped at the realization that he had no weapons, or any of his armor. Lobi began to run, and as he did the skittering grew louder, and more recognizable as giant spiders.
Turning at what seemed like the hundredth corner, Lobi could see doors, as he approached the doors, he recognized faces carved into them. Torrian, Eyvan, Veezna, Per'ial, and his family were all looking back at him, each face with its own door. All of a sudden, a voice shouted out.
"Oh my, what a delicious predicament, hmm." Lady Avernus said with a coy but deadly tone.
Lobi turned to run, but was met with walls were there were hallways a second ago.
"Oh no, you'll have to pick a door, my little morsel." Lady Avernus said, laughingly.
Lobi looked up at this, and fell over with fright. Above him was Lady Avernus's face, accept it was the size of the room he was now enclosed in, and out of her mouth thousands of giant spiders were crawling out, and beginning their decent down the walls.
"PICK ONE, IF YOU DARE!" she screamed, almost bursting Lobi's ear drums. The pain was so disorienting, that Lobi could barley make out his father's face on the door. Weak and struggling, Lobi opened the door. Instantly, he was filled with energy, as well as the sight of lightning, and storm winds that should have blown him over, but instead were supporting him. Looking around, Lobi was now surrounded by an endless ocean that had endless storms occurring all over. In the distance, a figure appeared. As it drew closer, Lobi began to recognize the figure as his dad, but when Lobi tried to get near, his father would stay the same distance. Then his father spoke, but all Lobi could hear was thunder claps, and at that, his father turned to lightning and shot right into Lobi.
Then, Lobi awoke.
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