"Eidir, a land of ice and snow where nature runs wild and magic dwindles. The gods are silent, some believe they are dreaming, I often question if there were ever any gods at all. Years I have spent exploring these unforgiving hinterlands. Many have I seen born and many more have I watched die. All this time I carry on, knowing that in the end I am bound to a similar fate...How long will it be until my sun fades?"

- Excerpt from the journal of the Hollow Wanderer

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"Beyond the Frozen Veil" is a dark fantasy campaign using a heavily modified version of the 4th edition D&D role-playing game system, which takes place in the home-made arctic setting of Eidir. The campaign focuses on an immersive style of play and often has players using a combination of wits and brawn to survive.

An always dangerous land has become exceedingly so in recent months. What will you do when danger threatens the village you call home?
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