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Day 1
I woke up today. First time I can actually remember being awake. They told me to run and get out. Don't know who They are though. And They always seem to have an opinion. I will have to ask someone how they deal with Them, always talking and what not. But anyways, so I get out from the room and into this gigantic room. (They tell me is "outside." It sounds familiar...) But I get out and then this lizard thing, ("kobold" They called it), straps this contraption onto my back and shoves me off the floating floor (They say it's a "boat") with two things in my arms! So I'm falling when I notice that whatever I am holding is ticking!! So They scream for me to let go, which I do! Then I land on another boat, I'm getting the hang of this know, and I'm put in the middle of a fight with a gun(Yes, yes, I heard you the first time) in my hands and nothing else. But at least there is someone else like me on this boat thing so maybe he might be able to help me out. I just have to make myself useful. I don't want to go to sleep now. I'm afraid I might not wake up. I like being awake. But They say it's safe enough, so I guess it's ok. Tomorrow I am going to try and figure out who I am and maybe even what I am. I see a tattoo on my arm that says XIV. So I guess that's my name. One step at a time.... One day at a time..
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Something's missing...
The glue, the ideal, that thing thing that holds it all together. It's missing, it's not here, at least not present. Or is it because I'm on the outside? It doesn't seem they as a group have a common goal. Hell at this point I have no goals. If not seeing what holds them together is from being on the outside that would explain why they have seemingly ditched me in the sewers. Now I'm covered in filth have no idea what's down here or why we came but now I find myself alone. Do I stay in the sewers and assume I can catch up to them or maybe find what they are looking for, or do I leave and see where my current choices have moved me in my own destiny? One foot in front of the other for now........
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Gears and Googles Gazette, Vol I; Is II
Swoop Bike Racing Incident Claims life...Will claim more in lost food stuffs.

A incident claiming the life of one (and possibly more as a result of the aftermath), occurred late two nights ago when unknown persons riding Swoop bikes were seen zipping through the Merchant Speed tunnels.

Police think the deceased lost control of their swoop and crashed into a passing speed train carrying foodstuffs for colony 64125. The individual whose identify has been kept secret by the family, was killed instantly and the speed train was knocked off of its line and smashed into a second passing speed train resulting in an explosion that completely obliterated all contents of both of the trains.

Police have interviewed several people believed to be involved in the incident but have not named any suspects at this time. Any persons with credible information regarding the incident are asked to please come forward.

Session: Sewer's Have Layers - Sunday, Nov 22 2015 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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What have I gotten myself into?.......
So as it where I managed to join those in living life by adventuring. In doing so I have met some seemingly special characters. Now my intent was to not go back to my natural ways of being a criminal but adventuring in these dark times call for dark measures. It started off honest. I even met a true life lady of nobility and had a date with her, and that's when it went to the sewers. Uncontrollably I allowed myself to join an illegal underground hover bike race scene. But the worst was I couldn't let myself lose the race and the favor of the lady so I killed the man I was racing against. So to redeem myself in some manner(doubtful), I took a job for a missing heirloom. Now 2 of these special people I have met also went with me. When we found the item I was in such a hurry to claim the prize I showed cowardice and let one f these "companions" die as I made my escape. I let the employer keep the gears from my share like some sick cover up to repay the lose of a companion. Clearly once a criminal always a criminal. I'm itching to adventure though, takes a payback job. So me and Spash, who I seemed to spend more time with then the rest of the special people I have met, go to this bar to put the hurt on somebody. Just trying to let off a little steam. No pun intended. So first he punches the wrong guy( freakishly large Druid ) and then while I am grappling the target he knocks me out, thanks Spash. This Druid guy is touching and I feel weird as I come to, I flip the table and bolt. I'm not one for face bashing, to pretty for that. The employer follows me running down an alley back towards his house. It made me mad. So I killed him........ Now I have cover up my mess. This is why I left this life the first time. But now I don't want to leave it, so I shall embrace life as it shows itself......
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Almost bored enough to do it for free!!
So there is s commotion going on and I'm just sitting here listening to it. It's been a few years since I've been in lime light, other then a few bar fights and mugings that have ended badly for the muggers. Time to get the gear out but not enough time to get the rust out or dust off. I gotta see if I can join in on this action......
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