Worlds are pressing up against and pouring into each other, great and old empires have fallen and been replaced with huge tracks of, now, often alien wild. Civilization has been pushed back into great pockets of city states that suffer under their own weight.

The world is a terrible, broken place and you can either be the light to guide it back on its track or yet another villain.
This is a high magic, high life setting which will incorporate many of the third party publications for D&D 4E as well as tweaked 3/.5 system books.

I have no set story ark at this point as I am merely creating a sandbox for you to dig around in.

Magic items will be common, wealth won't be -too- hard to come by...but expect everyone to be working against you in come capacity and for fights to be hard.

There will be lots of mundane loot as well, much of it no used to you for anything other then selling.

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