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Woman Creeps Her Way to Insanity
By Clark Kent

A woman goes insane in her summer home! Her name is Jane. She is a married woman, with one child, and a sister, Jennie. Prior to moving into the home for the summer she was diagnosed by her doctor husband, John, with the illness neurasthenia. Neurasthenia is a medical condition characterized by lassitude, fatigue, headache, and irritability, associated chiefly with emotional disturbance. According to John, the “rest cure” was all she needed. No work, no writing, no playing, no nothing. Just plain ol’ rest.

Jane’s husband took this very seriously. So seriously that he had their child stay with a relative and Jennie keep up with the house. Jane was kept in a room with bars over the windows and yellow wallpaper on the walls. The woman described the wallpaper in her secret journal as not only ugly, but oddly menacing. It was reported that John was afraid that she was getting too fixed on it and it turns out that’s exactly what happened.

As Jane secretly wrote in her journal, it appeared that her condition worsened and that isolating her from everything caused this, according to psychologist. Also, psychologists stated that Jane began to become more and more focused on the wallpaper than her surrounding life. The wall became the only thing that the woman was writing about in her journal. She narrated in her journal that she was seeing a woman creep around the room in the walls. This only progressed and one night she tore the wallpaper off of the walls in order to free the woman! On top of “freeing the woman”, she too began to creep around the room and reported that John had fainted when he saw her doing so. However, John was killed in the event and didn’t “faint”. It is believed by detectives that Jane killed her husband. They don’t know the cause of death, but they speculate that she killed him while out of insanity.

Would you call her insane? Or perhaps something else? Psychologist that have been assigned to her case report that it could be a few things that she could be suffering from. Diseases such as hysteria (exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement), or postpartum psychosis (a group of mental illnesses with the sudden onset of psychotic symptoms following childbirth; irritable, extreme mood swings, and hallucinations). She now resided in a mental hospital and is undergoing tests by doctors and psychologists to pinpoint exactly what the illness is.
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