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The Mystery Killer
I am one of the leading detectives that have to reopen and solve old cases. I was brought to an interesting case from 1916. This case is about the death of a farmer name John Wright. Mr. Wright was found in his bedroom with a rope around his neck. His wife Minnie Wright was charged with the killing of her husband, but she was found not guilty because there was not enough evidence to put her as the killer. This case was then put to the side to never be opened again until today. Since it was 1916 it was hard to solve a crime like this. They did not have the technology that we have today, but I believe that I can try to solve this case and find out if Mrs. Wright was the killer. It should not be hard because we still have all the evidence with us and we might be able to find DNA. But it will be a little tough because this happened almost 100 years ago. First off before I start I need to find out if there are any witnesses. I needed to find any neighbors that might still be alive or any friends, but probably not. Mrs. Wright said that the night that her husband was killed, she had been sleeping and that someone must have broken in and killed him. First off, I believe that it would be hard for someone to come in my house and not make any noise and kill someone that was sleep and she did not wake up at all. When the sheriff and attorney got to the house, Mrs. Wright was sitting on the porch with a straight scary look like she was very upset about something. There was not much evidence in this case, but the evidence is the rope that was around his neck, the empty bird cage, DNA on the bed sheets, a quilt that was unfinished. Since this case was from 1916, I could not go back to the house because it was torn down. But I thought about that the neighbors of Mrs. Wright, the 2 women that was in the house that day, I wanted to see if they had children that are still alive and that might know something about it. So I found one of the children that was still alive but she was a very older lady that was over 100 years old but still in good health. I had to find out anything that her mother could have told her about the death of Mr. Wright. I found out that her mother did tell her what she heard from their house and about what happened that night and her mother told her not to tell anyone. Mrs. Wright and Mr. Wright did not get along very well so her best friend was the bird. She loved that bird so much but one night her mother heard them arguing while sitting on the porch looking at the stars and Mr. Wright said that he would kill that bird and she said if he touched the bird she would kill him. The next day the bird was gone and Mr. Wright was dead. Her mother told her that the next day they she found the bird dead and tried to hide it from the sheriff. Just because she said she would kill him did not mean that she did, so I need evidence, but that would help me. I took the rope to get tested for DNA and the dna shows that the fingerprints on the rope did belong to Mrs. Wright. But I thought that the rope might had her DNA on because the rope might have belonged to her. I even took the birdcage to look for fingerprints of Mr. Wright, to see if he did reach in the cage and tried to grab the bird. At this point I could not find that one clue to place her as the killer. I looked it this case even more and tried to go over the evidence over and over again to find if there was any possible clues I could use to declare that Mrs. Wright was the killer. After about 2-3 weeks working on this I got put on an important more recent cause that I needed to solve and get that killer off the streets. Since this case was years ago and the alleged killer is dead I was forced to close this case again unsolved, but hopefully one day I will be able to reopen again and solve this time.

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