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Case of the Century
Today is the day. Today is the day that I was going to make history. I received a call from a man in jail named Horatio, who desperately urged me to investigate the case at Elsinore Castle. This is one of the biggest cases of the century. The King of Denmark, Claudius, was murdered along with his wife/sister-in-law, Gertrude, his nephew, Hamlet, and a man named Laertes. Fortinbras, now the King of Denmark, accused Horatio of the deaths and had him sent to jail. I believe he did this just to get rid of anyone that was associated with the king and his family. It is my job to figure out exactly what happened and my gut tells me that Horatio is innocent.

I immediately head over to the prison to speak with Horatio. “I didn’t do it!” he blurts out. “I know, I believe you,” I reply, “but I need to you tell me everything that happened in order for me to prove your innocence.” He says it all started when King Hamlet was murdered and King Claudius took over. He says that King Claudius and Prince Hamlet were both plotting ways on how to kill each other. “This is where Laertes comes in,” he says, “King Claudius hired Laertes to kill Prince Hamlet.” “But why is Laertes dead?” I asked. “During the duel between Laertes and Prince Hamlet, Laertes cut Prince Hamlet with his sword,” he said. I cut him off, “But that wouldn’t kill a man.” He continues, “Ah yes, but the sword was coated in poison.” It all started to make sense! I made a note to head over to the lab next to see the autopsies and evidence from the crime scene.

Horatio continues,” Hamlet grabbed Laerte’s sword and returns the favor.” “What about the King and his wife?” I asked. “You mean his sister-in-law?” he snidely remarked, “Gertrude drank of the poisoned wine that was meant for Prince Hamlet, if he were to emerge victorious from the battle. This was the King’s idea. As for King Claudius, he got what he deserved. Prince Hamlet stabbed him with the poison covered sword and made him drink the rest of the poisoned wine.” I wrapped up the interview and told him that I would be back after I took a look at the autopsies and evidence to back his story.

I raced over to the lab. I felt like my heart was beating faster than I was driving because of how close I was to solving this case and freeing Horatio. I first looked at the autopsy reports and sure enough they were all poisoned. Even better, they were all poisoned by the same poison. So far Horatio’s story checks out. Next I make my way to the evidence room. I find the box of evidence from the case and remove the cup and sword from the box. I send it down to the lab immediately to check for any trace of poison. The results came back positive for poison. I checked to see of the poison from the evidence matched the poison from the autopsy reports and they did. I also dusted the evidence for fingerprints; neither the cup nor the sword had Horatio’s fingerprints. They both, however, were covered in the fingerprints of all four victims. This along with his story proves Horatio’s innocence. The real murderer is King Claudius, though there is nothing we can do about that now.

I head back over to the jail to give Horatio the good news. I inform him that a trial is being set up and should happen within the next few weeks. I tell him of the autopsy reports and the evidence and that they both had poison just as he said. “I am confident that you will rightly be set free after the trial.” “Thank you so much,” he replies, “I knew you could solve this case and prove me innocent.” I started to head home when I received a call from my boss. I have been promoted!
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Tragedien af det danske Kongerige

March 6, 2014

I’ve been debating with myself for a while as to whether or not I’m gonna include the bloody end of the Danish kingdom in my museum. I usually like to put things in here that are somewhat unknown, but lately I’m thinking that this could be too good of an opportunity to pass up. I’ve been reading in the news that the Danes believe that keeping the ill-fated sword and cup in their possession is what keeps all the ghosts haunting their castle, so they’re going to auction them off. I’ve had a friend offer to help me bid on them, and it could be a major exhibit to further put my museum out there for everyone to experience. I’m just gonna have to look into other artifacts that I could use in addition to the sword and the cup. The main story of this event that happened goes like this:

            “The King of Denmark has been murdered, and his ghost haunts the castle still. His wife married her brother in law after her husband was killed. The poor prince, Hamlet, is slowly being driven insane. Perhaps it’s because of grief, maybe there’s different reasons; it’s unclear exactly what the cause is. There was a play performed, which is still performed to this day, and it was greatly upsetting to the King, and it seems to have been a breaking point as all the murders happen soon thereafter. Hamlet soon kills Polonius, a councillor to the King. Hamlet’s lover, Ophelia, was Polonius’s daughter. Driven mad by the fact that her lover killed her father, she commits suicide. By this point, the King has devised a plan to kill Hamlet. Hamlet and Laertes, Ophelia’s brother, will compete in a fencing match, in which Laertes will have a sharp sword edged in poison. If that doesn’t work, the King will have a glass of poisoned wine that he will offer Hamlet a drink from. During the match, Hamlet was cut by Laertes with the poisoned sword. Hamlet got the sword from him and cut him with it as well. During this, the Queen had taken a drink of the poisoned wine, and she then dies. Laertes ends up confessing to the whole ordeal, and Hamlet is infuriated. He stabs the king and then forces him to drink of the poison as well. The king then dies. By this point, the poison has worked its way through Laertes, and he dies from it as well. Hamlet knows he is about to die, and so he tells his friend Horatio (who was a witness to all these events and is the main source of knowledge about the whole story) to live and let everyone know what happened. Hamlet finally dies. The kingdom is shattered, so Norway sweeps in for an easy victory.”

It’s a little bit confusing to keep up with everything, so I’ll probably just highlight the event around whatever artifacts I manage to obtain.

March 10, 2014

Well, my friend and I went to the auction yesterday for the sword and the cup. There was a major competitor for us, and it got a little expensive, but we finally won! A battle well fought. Although I might have to up security as well… but I digress. It’s worth it. Now I need to obtain more pieces to help fill out the exhibit. I’ll have to think about what else I’d like to feature.

March 13, 2014

I found a painting of Queen Gertrude’s remarriage to her brother-in-law, the new king, Claudius. It was a portrait they commissioned of them together standing at the altar.It was at another museum I had gone to for a conference. I might try to buy it off of them, or I might just see if they’ll lend it out for awhile. It wasn’t on display, just sitting in the archives, so maybe they’ll be more inclined to get rid of it. At this other museum, they brought an interesting fact to my attention. They had a wall full of news articles about the Holocaust instead of pictures and artifacts. I think this might be a good idea to show all of the other happenings to see how they were covered in that time period. After all, there were no artifacts to be had from King Hamlet or Polonius’ death. Also, I’ve read articles about Hamlet and Ophelia’s insanity during my studies of this historic event. And what better way to show Fortinbras’ threats and eventual capture of the kingdom? I think it could be a very interesting way to present this information.

March 15, 2014

I’ve killed two birds with one stone. Well, maybe not one stone, but at the same time. As I was finding all of my news articles, I received a call from the museum I had visited telling me that they’d gladly lend me the painting of Gertrude and Claudius for as long as I needed, since they currently have no use for it. I also saw two other interesting mentions of other things that could be useful in my exhibit. I saw mentions of a love letter between Hamlet and Ophelia, and of a legend passed through the Danes of King Hamlet haunting the castle. I’m sure I can find the legend online, and I can mount it on a ghostly background to emphasize the eeriness. I’m probably going to have to settle for a replica of the original love letter as well. So, I suppose that’s what I’ll spend my time on tonight.

March 18, 2014

I had told a close cousin of mine that I was working on this exhibit, and she said she had been to a production of the play that was supposedly the same play performed for Hamlet during the time all of these going ons were occurring, and she bought the film of it. She offered to let me use it as a showing for my exhibit. I might just put it on a projector and keep it on a loop showing in the exhibit hall. I’ve also been searching for something to portray Ophelia’s death, and I found a beautiful portrait by John Everett Millais that I want to buy and put up. I’m in negotiations with the owner at this time, but it seems to be going in my favor.

March 20, 2014

Well, I was able to procure the portrait of Ophelia’s death yesterday. I’ve been putting up the artifacts as I get them, so the exhibit hall is now complete, and I’ll be opening it up next week. I’m giving it a little time to make sure that everything is put up to my satisfaction. I’ve also given some thought as to what I’m going to do next to top this exhibit. I think I might dedicate a large section to Edgar Allan Poe’s life. Of course, I’m also a fan of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s life and writings. Who knows what I’ll get into next?
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Case #13565
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 12/12/2006
Case Reopened: 03/01/2014

I can’t even believe this is happening. The irony of this case is excruciating. Why are we even opening it up again? It’s clear that Mrs. Minnie Wright killed her husband, Mr. John Wright. She had strangled him with a rope late at night. A man named Lewis Hale showed up at the house the next morning and questioned Mrs. Wright about where her husband was and she said she that Lewis Hale could not see him, then said that he was dead. This happened 8 years ago, and the department is still up in arms about it. Mrs. Wright admitted herself that she killed her own husband. Really it’s the ladies who showed up at the department with fresh evidence that made the chief re-open the case. Mrs. Nadia Peters and Mrs. Courtney Hale arrived at the department late yesterday with information that had not been seen since the murder itself. I really feel like we should charge them with tampering and holding of evidence. They decided they couldn’t live with their actions any longer and after 8 years gave us even more to this case. It was a sewing basket with a box in it that had a dead bird.

The scene of the crime now is irrelevant due to the house burning down about 3 and a half years ago. So this case must be solved strictly by evidence. I decided it was time to reexamine the report and pictures of John Wright’s body. The strangle marks around the neck show to be concurrent with the idea that he struggled. The lacerations dug deep into the flesh at the front of the neck proving that he tried to pull away from Mrs. Wright. The pictures were of a gruesome detail and the look of horror that plagued his face is one of those things that stays in the back of your mind. I re-read the statements of Mr. Hale, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters. The investigation 8 years ago was previously handled by the late Sheriff Henry Peters and the county attorney George Henderson. Their statements show they documented the case extensively well but yielded no evidence as to what occurred that evening. All the ladies wanted to do was meander about trifles.

The ladies wanted to take items from the house during the investigation. For some reason the people in charge let them. I don’t understand why the ladies held the evidence from us in this way. I guess that’s the job of a psychologist to determine. Anyways, three days later the lab report of the bird showed that he was strangled, with a rope that had the same diameter of the rope used against Mr. Wright. Had she killed the bird to practice? I couldn’t really analyze the bird anymore so I decided to read the case report of Mr. Wright. According to the people around him he was a very harsh and angry man. But before this day Mrs. Wright was a sweet and pleasent old lady who bowed to the whim of Mr. Wright every day. I decided to bring the ladies in for questioning. If they were going to hold evidence from us, the least they could do was assist in the investigation. I commenced to ask them a series of questions.

After the interview I concluded that this bird had in fact been Mrs. Wright’s pet. She had raised it and sung with it each morning. When the investigators were speaking with them they grabbed the sewing box that the bird was placed in as to remove any evidence that could hurt her. Due to the harshness of Mr. Wright it’s what kept her sane during her life. The ladies said they felt so horrible for not stepping in and intervening while her husband was alive that the last thing they wanted to do was let her go to jail. But when the investigation had went on and she went to jail anyways, they were too scared to turn over the evidence. They believed that she had killed the bird as practice to kill Mr. Wright. I on the other hand believe that he in fact killed the bird with a small string of rope in the barn in a fit of anger. She became so upset because that was the only thing holding her to a grasp of life, so when the bird was killed the went crazy and killed her husband.

To end this case I believe that there should be no changes made to the case as it stands. Though he was mentally and perhaps a bit physically abusive she did still kill him. Therefore the case should remain a homicide case and there should be no parole.
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Mystery Murder on the Farm
By Clark Kent

INDIANOLA -- Saturday night a horrendous murder was committed. Mr. Wright, who was a farmer, was strangled in his sleep by someone using a rope. Officials originally believed that it was a burglar or burglars who broke in, but there is no evidence of a burglary. The murderer entered the room where Mr. and Mrs. Wright sleep and strangled him. There is nobody in the area that has been found who can witness the murderer exiting the premises. After being questioned by the authorities, Mrs. Wright swore that she woke up to a slammed door and saw a flash of light and then all was calm. She said that she tried to wake up her husband but he did not respond to her, which was when she realized that he was dead.

After further investigation, it is believed that Mrs. Wright has murdered her husband. The discovered evidence is not conclusive to her guilt, but the authorities said that there was something that did not fit in her testimony.

A very suspicious circumstance to Mrs. Wright’s testimony was that she was lying in the bed at the same time her husband’s murderer snuck into the room and strangled him, but she did not wake until the murderer was exiting the home. To make things even more suspicious, according to the authorities, there were no signs of forced entry.

Women of the community have begun to suggest that Mrs. Wright was possibly being highly controlled by Mr. Wright and that they have not seen her out-and-about since their marriage. But is this a motive that would suggest her murdering her husband?

Unfortunately for Mrs. Wright, signs point towards her guilt. Her beloved pet bird is missing. The cage was broken and the bird was gone. Is it possible that Mr. Wright did something to her bird? This could be a possible motive. Furthermore Mrs. Wright is known for her quality sewing, however, detectives discovered that the day before the murder, her sewing was all out of place and poorly done. It appeared as if she wasn’t focused on the task at hand and perhaps was thinking about killing her husband. But why exactly would she kill her husband?

A crime scene detective, Misako Ishida, took a shot at answering this question.

She said, “It is quite possible, but not confirmed, that Mrs. Wright felt like she was being metaphorically strangled and she was filled with unpleasant emotions such as anger, depression, and stress. She then literally strangled her husband, the man causing all of these emotions, because of his firm grasp of control.”

The case is still under investigation and no conclusion has been drawn.
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Case #13564
Aggravated Assault, Attempted Rape, Possible Murder
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 10/04/1992
Case Reopened: 02/12/2014

Today is a day that I didn’t want to deal with. These cases can be the hardest to work with. A case that happened 20 years ago is a little more difficult to work with, due to a lack of fresh evidence. But it is my job to unearth that new evidence. I began looking at the current case. There were three teens, three adults, and three victims. The teens were all charged with aggravated assault as well as murder. Jeff Hardwell was sentenced to life with no parole, Jacob Duey was sentenced to 48 years with no parole, and one teen named Digby Jones was let off with a slap on the wrist due to his parents being wealthy. Jacob Duey, the youngest of the teenagers, has filed for an appeal. At 47 years old, he is still fighting to be free. I re-opened the case to figure out, with our new technology, what really happened.

I decided to retrace the kid’s steps up the mountain. I took a sample kit with me, along with a written version of his testimony, and a shovel. The crime occurred at Wakan Lake, otherwise referred to as, “Greasy Lake” by the young residents. The teens drove the vehicle belonging to Jacob Duey’s mother. It was a 1975 Chevy Bel-Air. I parked in the exact same place that was recorded by the detectives 20 years ago. According to Jeff, they pulled up to a vehicle that was already parked there, thinking the vehicle belonged to someone they knew. The vehicle was later identified as Michael Cortone’s blue 1957 Chevy. Michael was fooling around with his girlfriend in the backseat when three people he didn’t know started to honk, scream, and hit on his vehicle. He was justifiably upset and exited his vehicle.

He began to fight with the teenagers. Jacob Duey said he had lost the keys when he exited his vehicle so they were not able to escape. I noticed that, in fact, the grass does grow tall here and it would be quite easy to lose something. Jacob reached into the vehicle and grabbed a tire iron to defend himself. He hit Michael on the head with a very hard blow. Michael was knocked out, but at this point, the teens assumed he was dead.

I decided to leave the area as there wasn’t much more I could decipher here. I needed to go to the coroner’s office and see if the office still had the DNA records of Alan Wake. When the scene of the crime was investigated, there was a dead body near a motorcycle in the shallow area of the lake. The teens were found with nylon underneath their fingers. The girl that Michael was with had her clothes ripped off by the boys. They attempted to rape the girl while in a haze of violence.

A few adults showed up at Wakan Lake and scared the teenagers into the woods. The unidentified adults then destroyed Jacob’s mother’s vehicle. The adults never turned themselves in to face charges of vandalism. Michael ended up having a major concussion, but made a full recovery later. The girl immediately called 9-1-1 to report the teens had attempted to rape her. The teens were picked up within 2 hours of the call. I went to the coroner’s office and requested a DNA test using the blood that had been taken from Alan Wake’s clothing. Upon running the sample through the database at the department, I found that it did not match Jacob Duey’s DNA. I had discovered a new suspect. The sample actually matched a man named Jonathon Watkins. I was able to utilize new technology that had not been available when the crime was committed. Alan had died from a .38 caliber bullet. I decided to get a search warrant for Jonathan Watkin’s home. When we searched his house, a gun was found that still had traces of Alan Wake’s blood on it. The evidence was clear and it was determined that Jonathan Watkins had killed Alan Wake.

I was able to conclude that while the teens may not have committed murder, they did deserve time for aggravated assault and attempted rape. I will bring this report to the judge in hopes that he will grant an appeal for Jacob Duey. He and his friends did not kill this man.
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Epic × 3!
Dead at Greasy Lake

The case we decided to open is the case, “Greasy Lake.” This is the case of some teenagers guys, these guys were so called bad guys. They loved to hang out and drink. On a certain night they decided that they were going to greasy lake to drink and have a good time. This case was years ago but it was said to never solved. So I decided to reopen it back up. This was a mystery case that was never solved. As I read over the case is starts as three teenagers approached a car that they thought it was friend that they know and started to mess with the car. The man that they thought was their friend got out the car very angry and started attacking the boys. One of boys during the fight got a tire iron and knocked the man unconscious. Then the boys saw a very attractive lady and started to rape her. All of sudden another car lights scared the boys and they run different ways. One of the boys ran into the swamp and there it was the body of a dead man. Since the body was found in a swamp it was hard to find DNA on it. At the crime scene there were a total of six car tracks and the spot that the body on the unconscious man. The first thing that I decided to do is make sure that the teenager boys were not part of the murder. As I was walking to the swamp lake i saw a bag with something in it, as I picked up the bag is was a gun. I thought that the dead man was shot and put in the lake. So I sent the gun to be tested for DNA and DNA came back that it was the fingerprints of the best friend of the dead man. So too declare that the murderer was the best friend I had to find some information on the friend. So I went to the friends that came that morning looking for the dead guy. Come to find out that the night that he went missing they got into a big fight and they both were last seen together. His friend died a year ago so it will not be an arrest. So I declared that the best friend is the murder because of the DNA, the fight and that they were last seen together. CASE CLOSED.

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